What to Expect for the RHOA Season 8 Reunion


The Georgia peaches have given us nothing but tea, drama and intensity on this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. As fans of the show know, the reunions for RHOA have never disappointed and it looks like for season eight the tradition was upheld. Radar Online got the exclusive scoop on what to expect on our TVs in just a few weeks.

This season Kenya Moore and newcomer Kim Fields had some serious conflict so while the two arrived at the taping, it seemed to continue. The source told the site that Kim and Kenya had “separate dressing rooms on opposite sides. There was extra security to keep things in order.”

Fields was clearly unhappy about Moore bringing up rumors of her husband being gay. This was addressed at the beginning of the taping the source claimed. Fields “tore into Kenya for bringing up rumors Christian is gay. They have a family and Kenya’s words have done a lot of damage.”

Apparently Kenya had spoken to Kim about the rumors saying that they were irrelevant to the show and the cast. “She said she didn’t think the cast really cared either way if her husband were gay or whether or not they were having tax problems or any other kind of problems.”

Onto a new subject, it was made headlining news that Phaedra Parks took her sons to see her soon to be ex husband in prison. This was also mentioned during the reunion.

“Phaedra wants the boys to have a relationship with their father, but going to the prison was more than she could handle. Ayden is asking when they can go back to see Apollo.”

Speaking of marriages, Cynthia Bailey’s marriage was also addressed once again. The source revealed, “There was speculation Cynthia would finally leave Peter once the reunion was over. Cynthia is tired of having her marriage play out on national television.”

Lastly, the big question on everyone’s mind is if NeNe Leakes attended the reunion taping.”She brought her own hair and make-up team.Bravo had to pay for all of it. Her involvement was undecided until the last minute.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

  • apple

    Move Kenya to Potomac, Bravo…and let the fur fly. I am all over her malicious and reckless behavior.

    • Sally☕️

      Yay! Then I could watch ATL again! Great idea!

    • geminigirl

      This is seriously a terrific idea! I love this

    • starr

      apple, best idea ever. All for it on my end. Kenya suits the air head snobs of Potomac.

  • Aunt Bee

    ITA with Sally, Gemini and Apple. Kenya is the ultimate mean girl and she needs to twirl to POTOMAC but I bet they won’t want her either.

  • nycbunny

    Tootie is THE WORST SNOOZER I’ve ever seen in my life. Team Kenya.

  • ChristopherM

    I worry about the world when we lament the lack of someone to make things dramatic when they do so by slander and pure meanness. That is what Kenya does, and frankly, I think this show was far better off without it.