Inside The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11


The ladies of the OC are back as the Real Housewives of Orange County is in the midst of filming its eleventh season. Though we can only imagine what is bound to happen this season as we think we’ve seen it all, our friends at Radar Online have gotten exclusive gossip on what fans can expect.

We all watched Vicki Gunvalson fight with her cast members over her now ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers’ “cancer diagnosis”, which now we can all say was a lie. The source told the site that Vicki is indeed back for another season along with Shannon Beador who she got into it with the most. Have these two settled their differences for the show?

“Vicki and Shannon are both back on the show for this upcoming season. They have already been going at it about the Brooks cancer drama that happened last season and neither one of them is backing down to each other.” Guess not.

While Vicki and Shannon are in for next season it has been reported that model and actress Bronwyn Jones is joining the cast, but according to the source he role on the show is unclear.

“Bronwyn has been filming with them and it is still undecided on whether or not she will join the cast full-time.”


The source also confirmed that Heather Dubrow, Tamra Barney and last year’s newcomer Meghan King Edmonds are on for season eleven. “The contracts have been signed and they are all back on board.”

Not only did we get the story from Radar but @realhousewives101 shared the news a week ago on the show filming.

Filming for Season 11 The Real Housewives of Orange County has begun, so what’s in store? After their Highest Rated season yet, I’m told all 5 ladies are back and I’m told that 2 girls have been added to the cast. I was first to report(on Twitter) that both @kelly3ddodd(left) and @bronwynleighjones(right) are the 2 ladies. The First major event, a party held by Heather on a Yacht; was filmed last week. All 5 returning Houewives(yes, @vickigunvalson WAS there) were in attendance as was Kelly. While Bronwyn was not in attendance, I am told @jeanakeough(she and @lizzierovsek will be making appearances throughout the season) was there. As always, this is subject to change. Tell/tag a friend below and share your thoughts! #RHOC

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Are you guys excited for season eleven? Happy to have all of the ladies back? Sound off in the comment section below!

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146 Replies to “Inside The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11”

  1. My only way to protest the Liarface being back is to quit watching. Bravo obviously doesn’t care what the majority of the viewers want .

    1. I don’t care for her either but she’s the last original cast member from the first housewives franchise. They almost can’t get rid of her. I wish they would trade her for Gretchen.

      1. Me too. Without VICKI maybe Gretchen would have a fighting chance to make friends with the rest. I could do without Slade though.

      2. Oh heck no! Wretched is unwatchable with that annoying cackle she does after every sentence. I feel a sense of loyalty to Vicki. I think Vicki and Jeana could be a fun duo to watch. If Vicki gets down off her high horse and remembers who she is and that she doesn’t always need a man she could be back to doing the crazy ish she use to do. But please, no more Wretched or Jesus Jugs.

        1. Gretchen was horrible, fake & boring and that was before adding in the Slade Slimey Factor, which made her bits totally unwatchable. Ugh, no Gretchen & her cackle.

        1. Lol. I know it isn’t popular, but I like Vicki, always have. Without her, RHOC would be very boring. I can’t stand Tamara or Meghan. Heather, while entertaining is a ridiculous snob for real. Truly thinks she is better than everyone she encounters in OC.

            1. I hear ya. I have reached my saturation point on Bravo shows. I don’t watch Potomac, Untying the Knot, that Couch one, Top Chef or Newly Weds, the First Year or The Australian one.

              Frankly, I am sick & tired of Ms. Andy’s double standards. If anyone says anything that doesn’t sound like you are ass-kissing gays, he goes on the attack. But racism & hatred spewed against white people by the likes of Phaedra Parks & other cast members, no problem. That’s one reason I have no respect for him.

              1. Krista, I’m down to a couple now. I will give Dallas a go just to see but not holding out on much hope. I’m still sort of liking NY but only just. BH has been a shambles this year with Yo. OC I won’t watch as I said. Potomac dreadful. But I will watch NJ but only for Tre none of the others.

                1. Lol I am so not down with taking on anymore new Bravo shows that I didn’t even know there is a Dallas show. I remember another Dallas show with a gal name Courtney & a sexually confused former college football player, can’t remember his name but I guess the show never took off.

                  1. I know! It’s only from here that I knew! I prefer animal or homes/gardens programmes, these I won’t give up! The rest can go! Xo

                    1. I love my animal programs too. Also some of the cooking shows, history & cable news. Birds of a feather even if I like Vicki and you don’t. I can allow for one small lapse in judgement lol. And honestly, from firsthand accounts, Heather from OC is a real snob, a look down her nose kind. Terry too, but she is said to be much worse than him.

                    2. Krista, Do you get Birds of a feather in US? I didn’t think you would be able to understand their Essex accents. I will also allow for you lapse of judgement!!!! I agree about Heather, The People I know with real money never talk about it!

                2. Potomac is dreadful, perfect descriptive word. I love BH this year, and I am holding out hope for Dallas. Sometimes the chemistry is just right, never know. I will be watching NJ and OC too, just zipping Viki, Brianna if she is on, Melissa and Jo. I can’t wait for the boards after the season premier of OC an NJ! Off to garden now. Beautiful 55 D. and Sunny.

  2. I like getting involved and partaking in discussions about my favorite TV shows and this of course includes the Housewives but now that I know Vicki will be back this season I will refrain from reading any comments or engaging in too many convos because I can foresee the tidal wave of hate this woman will be getting and quite frankly it makes me nauseous.

    1. ISME, You obviously haven’t had a family member with NHL stage four. If you had you woul feel like a lot of us do! My son was ten years old when he had it, luckily he pulled through but with lifetime repercussions. One of my closest friends died from it. It is one of the most vicious cancers to have!

      1. But (for the last time) you don’t know that Vicki knew Brooks was faking cancer, you can only speculate that she did. And for god sake’s it’s not like she actually gave somebody cancer even if she knew Brooks was lying or like she started a gofundme account and stole people’s money. If you analyze the situation, Vicki had just lost her mother, was CLEARLY emotionally unstable and was CLEARLY in love with Brooks. She’s filming a reality show, there’s supposed to be drama and the producers picked up on Brook’s bullshit and had the ladies turn on Vicki. For the last 10 years Vicki has been on your television screen and never once was seen as a conartist or a TRULY malicious person, otherwise she wouldn’t have been on the show this long! The reason I stand by Vicki is because it seems as people are enjoying taking out their pent up frustrations on her and other housewives for that matter as if she killed somebody; spewing their hate across the internet like Vicki’s not someone’s mother or grandmother. I get it you’re offended and you hate her, don’t watch. Let the people who do want to watch though, watch in peace.

        1. For my last time, I won’t watch, I am entitled to say what I want as long as it’s not about another poster, Yes she knew, she lied from the start, I’m not getting into an argument with you about it it’s not worth my time or yours, but if you don’t want to read what people have to say that have suffered or are suffering with cancer don’t read the blog as it will be full of it this coming year!

        2. ISME I admire you for defending VICKI. That is your choice. But she was defending him way before her Mother died and in truth I have never liked her as she was always mean to the new girls. As a Cancer survivor who has lost many family members and friends to that horrible disease I cannot like her at all now and will not be watching.

        3. I do see where you are coming from, ISME. It is difficult to read horrible things about someone we like and we all have to at times. Some of my favorites are hated also. I am a Theresa fan, a Kyle fan and a Tamra fan. Shannon too at times, and I have been a fan of Viki’s before, not now though. Most of the posters who I am thinking of anyway, don’t spew hate, simply criticism toward Viki. They also have said the same always about Viki, and before Viki’s Mom died and before Brooks. Viki was very deceitful and back stabbing toward Tamra, for example, for years. That was my personal issue with her back then. Whispering in the ears of new girls to keep her OG of the OC status in tact was something I never cared for in her. Assuming Tamra’s reputation was already in the crapper and lying outright about someone she calls a “friend.” We obviously are not some of her friends, but they are, and she professes to be the friend of many she speaks poorly about, I have defended her on several occasions when the other person was, IMO, in the wrong. I don’t like cowards, it is the characteristic I most dislike in anyone. When a housewife whispers in the ear of a new friend to make it seem as though they, the one whispering, is doing them a favor, then going to the one they talked about, and whispers in their ear about what the other one said ………………So, for me, it has simply added to what I already disliked about her with Brooks. No, she didn’t cause cancer or kill anyone. And if this is being said in a year and a half from now, this exact argument against her, after she apologizes and if she changes and becomes a better woman, I will be thinking what you are thinking now. Hopefully you will continue to defend her and point out what others might not be able to see in her. That is one thing I gain all the time from others here, a totally differing opinion with logic and thoughtfulness. It becomes about more than the housewives, but about issues we all face in life.

        4. I am also a Stassi fan to show you how many almost hated reality cast mates I go to the mat for. I guess I just see the other side with relationships. But Viki, BG, Kim R., and Keenya, they do mean, cruel, vulgar things and say mean, cruel vulgar things to and about others for the singular purpose of HURTING them. Now, that’s how I see it. Let’s hope she learned and grew and can come clean to gain back some of the relationships she has cherished in the past. I hope that for her, as I do anyone who lives what I see as a tortured existence.

          1. I remember. You knew right from the very beginning. There were times when whiskeydick wasn’t around that I found Viki somewhat endearing. She had a way at times that showed who she was inside. The zip lining, white water rafting trip for example. I’m going to be watching and zipping her like I do Yolanda, Kim R. BG, Ramona, J and M Gorga.

          1. Of course it was. It was a funny episode and Sally doesn’t get to see WWHL, as she lives in Scotland, so, I wanted to tell her about it. No one here, or very few, know anything first hand and all of this is all opinions. All of this, and all of the other reality blogs, are many, many differing opinions all speaking to each other. I thought Debra was hilarious, did you see it? I hope you get to as I think you would have enjoyed it. She went after Kathryn in the first minute, and I love a person with a strong opinion who is willing to state it up front and without being what my Mom called “wishy-washy” All in good fun.

            1. I did see it & Kathryn is very shallow & thirsty and thinks spending thousands of her husband’s earnings on a handbag makes her special and better than other women. It makes me think she is stupid.

              1. Yes, that kind of stood out. I think Kathryn is so used to speaking like that about money and how to spend money that she didn’t expect it to be see for what it was. A bored housewife spending her husbands money and, for a few more years, providing eye candy to walk on his arm. When her looks are gone, which won’t be long now, I wonder what she will trade for the handbag money.

        1. Starr, I am so very sorry about your brother that was so tough! Xoxo just after my son was clear my friend got it, wrong treatment and she didn’t make As you know It’s a particularly vicious cancer. I am very lucky to still have my boy! This is why I won’t watch Vicki again. I will read blogs but that’s it.
          Blessings to your brother up there somewhere! Xxoo

          1. . Thanks Sally, everytime I think of him, my heart breaks all over again. But, He’s in Heaven now, like your friend & great memories we do have. But really so happy your son was spared. I went through a similar thing with my youngest son, chemo was horrible. But thank God he made it through as well. I’m eternally grateful to Our Lord for that. I, too feel very strongly about the Brooks/Vicki scam. Knowing the facts, I’m wondering why she would agree to return. I would cover my head under many blankets, never to surface.

            1. Starr, we miss them all the time, it’s tough! I wonder if they have met up there? I am so so glad your son was spared! We are both so lucky to still have them! What a vile disease it is!
              Do you remember ‘river’ who commented here before Christmas? I know she had cancer but haven’t seen anything from her in ages! Xo

              1. I think all of them, including my DeAnna, are watching us all talk about them, laughing together and watching over all of us. Something inspiring happened to my Daughter today that showed Divine Intervention. I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if all of them had a hand in it and many other wonders of daily life. ❤️,,❀, to all of us and them‼️

                1. You are right! I hope my friend who couldn’t ever be a mother which she hated but I hope she is looking after Deanna for you! She was only 5’1″ but a powerhouse and motherly! Xoxo

      1. When you have dealt with that particular kind of cancer, you will think differently. And anyone who defends anyone who lies about having cancer is just as vile.

  3. I swear to pieces if this drama starts off with cancer gate I won’t watch I won’t I won’t I won’t ! I’m going to Aunt Bees house to hang out.

    Oh Good Mornin Bonnie Sally! ❣ ❌⭕️

    1. Good morning Miss Moneypenny, I won’t watch Vicki ever again, it’s too personal for me so I will join you at Bee’s! Xo

          1. That’s OK Sal I will go snatch some goodies from my BIL’s wine cellar and we will have a good old time if you ladies don’t mind spending time with “an ancient Troll” (hi Alex)

            1. I had totally ignored his/her silly comment! Needs to go back home to his/her Mammy!
              I will bring some good old Scottish goodies and a nice Floors Carrot cake!

              1. Guess what Aunt Bee and Sally ? Perfect then, I just made 2 batches of Scottish biscuits yesterday! They’re all lined up waiting for the caramel to top then dipped in milk chocolate. We call them Twix candy bars. Sinful but will go well with your wine and my tea. Thankyou for generously opening up your home, sweet Bee ❣

                Totally ignore the bullies. They’re just restless ghosts to me. *poof*

                  1. 3D baking is my absolute passion since I was a young girl. I think I was 6 yo when I tried making peanut brittle. I took the icecube tray from the freezer smashed some peanuts and peanut butter together scooped in the cells of the aluminum tray and froze it. My first test kitchen failure and what a frickin mess lol. I used to have my own little side business baking years ago.
                    Would you like to learn how to do make homemade French pastry? I just made puff pastry and croissant dough a few months ago it isn’t difficult, but time consuming!
                    Ok so matter of fact I have to go finish up the Twix or Millionaire bars – they’re always saved for friends and family I wouldn’t want you to think I’m eating all of them. Well not every single one. ; )

                    1. Desserts are not my forte. I did just make homemade pizza dough this morning and missed some comments until now. I use several types of flour and let it rise all day with some kneading of course. I will make pizza tonight…one veggie and the other…anchovies…Yes, some of us like anchovies…I don’t love them…like. My version makes the anchovies on the pie much tastier too. I have decorated a few cakes in my time and baked pies from scratch, even the dough…but just not a passion for me. I admire those who truly do bake. I am more into the main courses.

                    2. Miss M are you sure you aren’t eating all of them? Huh??? I love baking I have just made a birthday cake for my husbands thirty year old great niece, stressful but I love it!

                    3. Pizza. Who doesn’t love it. Though there are so many different versions. My crust is not superthin or too thick. In Chicago, pizza is in a pan and very deep…so different than pizza I grew up with. I never had it but heard about it. My mom used to make pizza. She once owned a pizzeria…before I was born. I actually taught myself how to make pizza, since my childhood job with pizza making was basically the mozzarella cheese grater…and not much more. I always knew how to eat it, though…no fork, just my hands. 😉

                    4. Sandy, why would anyone need a fork for a nice pizza? I like the thinner not the thick, I love it in Italy very thin and they bring these huge pizzas and I say each time, ‘I can’t eat all that’ but of course I do! Lol

                    5. Sandy,
                      This is what it says about me! As I’m a crust leaver! Lol You are extremely organized, and can keep work and play separate. If we were to look in your calendar, all the appointments would probably be color-coded with planned-out events running well into 2016. Total rubbish! I’m disorganised, well now not at work many moons ago but now I am hopeless! Fun read though!

                    6. Yes, yes, yes. I would absolutely love to learn how to make those goodies, and any others you have in your repertoire. I learned how to cook at 11. Just meals though. I loved to cook all through my young life and all the years I raised my kids. Then I learned to garden and use what I grew. Things were coming along nicely till I pulled that stupid piece of rebar out of the ground, using my neck and shoulders to pull rather than the way I had been taught when lifting or pulling by getting my core even and strong. That changed everything for a long time. Now I am gardening again full force and cook some. I really was a great cook. Dinner food and ribs and soups and stews and Pot Roast with the left overs made into hash. Home made Biscuits and Corn Bread and like that. Cookies too but mainly Bk, Lunch, Dinner since I worked full time graveyard shift all those years. Anyway, I was feeling jealous when you said what you were making. That is what makes me jealous, not money or clothes or botox.

                  1. I can’t make it, just have to buy it as my name is on it! Support the family after all, not that we ever get any money from it! Too far back in history and too many of us!

                    1. The family helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape, that was one of the gifts bestowed. The history is on the label at the back, I don’t mind saying as there are thousands of us in Scotland!

                1. 3D~ I had to post here since no reply on the one I intended to reply to re: baking & cooking. If you seriously want to know how to make your own puff pastry and croissants (they’re very similar in method) then I can point you to many places on the web (I’m a huge YouTube watcher) where chefs and such give great tutorials. I learned from a baker called oh boy, her first name escapes me. I know her last name is Olsen. And she’s Canadian. I’m going to look it up for you, I think it’s Anna ? Olsen. I watched her videos and you can download her recipes. She’s very talented and gives great instruction.
                  I also love to cook as well. And I too made my first real dinner at 11 years old (!) shake n bake chicken mashed potatoes and canned corn, will never forget it. And I just read somewhere you said you’re the youngest of 6. Me, too. It’s starting to freak me out the similarities. 😉

                  (I wish there was a way to email privately, to share recipes, garden stuff, astrology charts, illnesses, etc)

                  1. We could meet on GardenShare if you want to, let me know here or in another page and I will tell you my name. Most here know it anyway as I used to post under it. I was advised to stop and not refer to it for a while so it would be forgotten. Everyone knew who was writing, but I didn’t acknowledge for a while like they suggested. But no problems with stalkers or anything like that, so let me know. It would be fun. GS is a great site too, lots of photos ad garden stuff. Limited characters for writing, but enough to start.

                  1. Oh wow. Thanks so much for including me. I have not ridden on a magic carpet since I was 18. I would honestly love to meet and spend time with my cyber friends here. I have learned that true friendship can be way less formal than I at first imagined.

                  1. LOL oh my gosh you ladies all made me smile this morning thanks! Have a great day all and wonderful weekend if I don’t post before❣☂

            1. Yes I think so. I believe it is still a part of FB but that’s easy, I’m sure you know you don’t ever have to post there, it has been so long since I, as Marian Bostwick, has signed up there. But anyway to FB type GardenShare in search and it comes up. See you there, just friend me and say who you are, Jane Bond.

              1. Oh crap then, 3D, I just don’t think it’ll work then. I had such an awful experience when I was harangued to sign up for FB years ago, it did exactly what I hoped it wouldn’t. Everyone from high school and beyond wanted to friend me and I didn’t know how to handle the deluge and just closed it out and ran.

                I did go to the site and it wants me to resign up. Uh uh. So we’ll have to share all things housewives here unless you were open to sharing an email so I can every now and then pop in to share a recipe for baking, gardening, etc. I just think we have an awful lot in common story wise, i.e., my spidey senses are kicking in. I could send my email to the moderator of this site perhaps ? And you could pick it up there if interested, and there’s NO pressure whatsoever if you’re not comfortable with that, M. And just so you know my name *is* Jane.

                No worries. ; ) ☂ Jane B.

                  1. I added The Monkees and Lovin Spoonful there too…just reminiscing. I was thinking about Groovin on a Sunday Afternoon too for some reason…just a nice mellow song…

                    1. Hot town, summer in the city
                      Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
                      Been down, isn’t it a pity
                      Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city
                      All around, people looking half dead
                      Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head
                      But at night it’s a different world
                      Go out and find a girl
                      Come-on come-on and dance all night
                      Despite the heat it’ll be alright
                      And babe, don’t you know it’s a pity
                      That the days can’t be like the nights
                      In the summer, in the city
                      In the summer, in the city ……………. And now it’s stuck in my head.

                    1. I’m replying here as the other one getting so full! Now the song is in my head as I’m falling asleep! Xo

            1. Swing by Newport Beach and pick up me and the 9 cats too! I’ll bring all the pet food! 3D, when I’m in Tahoe next month, I’m looking you up!

              1. N i n e ?! 😮 holy guacamole Gigi you aren’t kidding around! Okay then I’ll put Walter pup in my backpack and Allie cat in my hoodie. Plenty a room. My car’s as big as a whale

  4. If Vicki is back on they will have one less viewer – not interested in watching anyone who would lie about cancer. Especially when she would never own up to it.

  5. So was anyone dropped from the show from the last season? I can’t remember.

    The one who gets on my nerves is that dumb Meghan. Can’t stand that girl or her gay husband.

    Also, I hope we don’t have to hear any more about Brooks. Of course he’s a creep and Vicky was desperate but we all got that so who wanted to hear about it over and over again.

    1. I agree Judy, I hope we never have to hear about Brooks again, but what would be Meghan’s story line? I’m with ya, I just can’t stand Meghan or her husband.

    2. Me too Judge, enough with the Brooks/Vicki deceit of the worst kind. Like you, I cannot bear that woman Meghan or her husband.

  6. If they all start talking about Dickweeds fake cancer and Vicky plays the dumb ass I won’t be watching and I’ll be joining everyone on Aunt Bee:s couch. 😀

  7. I’ve been watching RHOOC since 2009 and at this point am so over Vicki. Tamra holds no relevance as a cast mate either. Last season was the absolute worst. Between the Brooks storyline and the Beador’s marital problems the show became a huge yawn. Bravo, OC is played out!

  8. I can’t believe it if this is true. Bravo is sincerely desperate if this Shannon/Vicki cancer gate issue is still going on for another season. Luckily I have free will and won’t be watching but I do feel a little jilted because like Jane Smith, I watched from the first season and loved it way back when and now they’ve completely jumped the shark. It’s sensationalism and not entertaining…to me anyway:)

  9. I’ve been watching OC since the beginning but I am done. I hope their ratings tank and they go away. Get rid of Vicki and maybe I’ll watch but I will not waste one second watching that lying, conniving POS. We went to an event for City of Hope last weekend and it made me hate both of them 100 times more if that’s even possible. So I’ll read your comments, but won’t be watching.

  10. How the hell can anyone like that dumb blonde twit (best & coolest stepmother according to herself). I despise her. I can’t wait till I read about her divorce!!!! She’s ugly too!

  11. Not looking forward to return of Megan King. I have a feeling now that the Brooks/Vick relationship is over and he’s off the show, if her past behavior is any indication, she’ll just pick a new person to put in her crosshairs and pursue relentlessly to increase her amount of camera time. Beyond that, I do hope Heather switches up her style choices this season as while she admittedly works very hard for her body, I am fatigued of seeing her in minidresses all falling 6 inches above the knees…

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