Inside Meghan Edmonds’ Feud With Jim’s Ex-Wife Allison Edmonds


Viewers have been watching Meghan King Edmonds and her husband Jim on this season of RHOC and a lot of people have had opinions about the couple’s marriage; including that Jim comes off controlling. But an insider is revealing that Meghan often fights with her husband over jealousy.

“Meghan doesn’t like when Jim talks to other women,” an insider reveals, adding that this is especially true when it comes to Jim’s second wife Allison. “Meghan sees Allison as a threat.”

Jim and Allison are the parents of their two sons Landon and Sutton, and insiders tell RadarOnline that Meghan’s comments about being a step-parent have really ticked off Allison.

“Meghan talks about the children all the time, but she rarely sees them,” says a source close to Allison, who split from Jim in January 2014 (just months before he married Meghan). “She portrays herself on the show very differently from who she really is.”

“Meghan has no respect for Allison, and does what she wants when it comes to Allison’s children,” the insider explains. “She posts photos of the kids on her social media. When Allison told her she was upset and asked her to take the pictures down, Meghan refused.”

“Allison is a very private person, but Meghan doesn’t care. She does whatever she wants, and completely disrespects Allison’s wishes when it comes to her kids.”

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33 Replies to “Inside Meghan Edmonds’ Feud With Jim’s Ex-Wife Allison Edmonds”

  1. I don’t know the history between these two but never a good idea to fall out with the ‘real’ mother! She makes the decisions not the step parent.

  2. He should go back to the mother of his two young children.

    And if Meghan was sneaking around with him behind wife #2’s back as rumors are, she deserves to get the same treatment back anyway.

    1. If he was He is a sleaze! But, I don’t know if it is true but Alison was dating prior to him dating Meghan just something I have just read as I was getting confused with wives! Lol I still stick by my earlier comment Meghan should always defer to Alison re the children!

      1. His divorce may not have been final. I bet they had been separated just not finalized the papers. The stories I have read say his divorce was finalized 4 months before the wedding. When money and kids are involved a divorce can take years. Who know the real story. I do know Megan should be careful what she says because wife #2 can use it against Jim in court.

      2. ITA. Meghan needs to just shut up. If she didn’t want to deal with exes and their kids then she shouldn’t have married a man who had so many of them! The children already have two parents and Meghan isn’t one of them!

  3. the ”real” Mom has the final say… if she doesn’t want her boys pics plastered on the internet then Meghan needs to take them down…. Meghan – you need to respect your elders….

  4. Geez Meghan, those are HIS kids. No matter how pretty or smart or helpful or great you are in the sack, they will ALWAYS come first to him. Or they will come to first to him if he’s a good Dad. She needs to get her priorities in order. She is NOT number one in his life.

  5. Meghan must really be insecure, worried he’ll leave her for another wife? If that is how she got him, she should be worried.

  6. I’m wondering if this woman is using steroids. I saw a pic of her, in work-out attire and she is VERY muscular. Her arms and abs look just like a man’s. She also has a very male sounding voice–it’s lower than David Beador’s, actually. All that, in addition to her aggressive behavior. Something is not right with this woman.

    1. I love you and your comments Queenie :). You always have an interesting perspective or sonethng really funny to say 🙂

    2. She may just be a gymorexic or perhaps a trans..but I don’t know. She just seems to have a very boyish figure to me and much too a gymorexic…one who works out like mad at the gym just about daily and burns off more calories than they consume.

  7. Let’s stop ‘clicking’ on Meghan stories lol. The more ‘buzz’ she generates, the more bravo will keep her and we will have another Brandi for many years! She’s obnoxious and not worthy so I hope we don’t give her air

  8. I think Meghan is a dumba@$ She has a pea brain. Anyway a couple of things. How old are these two sons?
    Also they are Jim’s kids too so HOPEFULLY there has been a discussion between he and Meghead about posting pics. If Jim says its ok then the issue is between Jim and Allison. Also if those two are over 18 it’s not an issue at all. If they don’t want their pic on FB or Instagram or whatever then the kids need to have a discussion directly with Meghead.

  9. Meghan’s voice and her boyish figure is disturbing. But she should not cross the biological mother, she can make Meghan’s life even more miserable. Won’t b long before wife #4 comes along. She should go back to St. Louis with Jim. Why would she want to b in OC if she wants to see her husband more often? Fame? Camera time? I think I see what her priorities are.

    1. I agree with you Beth. It makes no sense for a newlywed to choose to live away from her husband if she married him for love. She is heading to the exit door in that marriage given his track record, her actions and such a rocky start.

  10. On one hand I think Meghan really just wants the approval of her step kids and trying to cement her role in her husbands kids lives so at least on that level he might respect her. But when she went out to do “surf yoga” with her step daughter and said that she is relating better (thus having a ‘better’ relationship with them) to them than their own mothers, I was appalled. She is an obnoxious know it all and doesn’t care if she steps on toes.

    1. As a mother, I wouldn’t let her step on my toes when it comes to my kids. Meghan better watch what she’s saying and doing. They’re not her kids!!

  11. Last night I was shocked at the conversation between Megan and Jim. She actually said she couldn’t undo the parenting MISTAKES OF SEVENTEEN YEARS ! On national TV! I would be incredible pissed off if I was the family or friend of the dead woman. She just blew one more chance at ever being accepted into the society she thinks will fall at her feet. And Jim, telling her to back off, as though there is no hope of his own daughter ever becoming a positive member of society. Maybe he didn’t mean that, but it sure came off that way. And, I hope Megan never has kids with that guy. When they divorce it will just be one more sad story of a broken home, and child support blahblahblah. If she didn’t want the other women to sound off about the kids, she shouldn’t have brought it up. Does she really think they are just going to sit there nodding their heads?
    Viki still thinks she was a perfect Mom, and good for her. But, her daughter is 100 pounds overweight, which is a bad sign. And before anyone gets all in a huff about it, I see it as a sign of disease. It cuts your life short and is bad for your body and your spirit, no matter how you look at it. It isn’t “baby weight” either. Although she gained a lot more with the babies, she was already quite heavy when they married. I don’t think Megan’s skinny bony self is healthy either, and Briana would never be skinny as she has a voluptuous type figure. There isn’t one organ of the body, or bone, joint, skin, although skin is also an organ, that isn’t affected badly by being so much overweight. I really think it has something to do with eating to comfort herself because of growing up with a completely controlling Mom. I can’t imagine yelling over and over things like “we’re going to MEXICO” at 5:00 AM. When I watched seasons all together it is more obvious how intrusive of a person she is and was. Briana married without her for a reason, she didn’t want her own Mom involved. That said a LOT about the true relationship. When she told her she was happy she shocked her Mom, and that in itself was cruel. Not a good way to start a marriage. Wow, if my Daughters had done that it would have been so hurtful. It would have said a lot about me if they didn’t want me involved at all. It didn’t seem to teach her anything at all, though.

    1. I agree about Meghan. I could not believe she said that! She came out and said it on TV too…What nerve! Then her husband seems to imply that his daughter has no future and that he has resigned himself to that and doesn’t care the least bit about it. It isn’t like he cares that she won’t go to college…or has no guidance at all. Let her just do as she pleases and take up space. If she screws up more…so what I see from him. I don’t like the man at all. Meghan married someone without a heart, and if she cares at all about her stepdaughter, he doesn’t want her to bother trying.
      I don’t like Meghan so much, but the more I see of this fiasco of a marriage and daughter who doesn’t go to school, the more I see an unhealthy situation and no wonder he is on wife number three.
      As for Vicki and her parenting, I just see her as very controlling and she feels like she is always right. Her daughter did become very overweight, but is it stress eating because of years on reality TV with a mom that doesn’t quit meddling? Vicki drives me nuts during the one hour a week, so I can only imagine what a lifetime of screaming mothering can do to a child. I still don’t blame her current weight on her mom. Maybe when she still lived at home, it was worse. Brianna has to want to lose the weight now. She is not a child anymore. I can’t imagine it is easy just being with her mom anywhere now, especially because she is so recognized…and not always in a positive light. I can see how that can be very embarrassing.

    2. Her weight gain started when she started having issues with her thyroid. It is a symptom of hypo-thyroid not over eating. It was one reason she knew something was wrong she put on an incredible amount of weight in less than 4 months.

      1. So, I wonder if she is on Synthroid now. I am. I did not gain tons of weight in a short time either. I just was extremely tired and had other signs, though I am borderline hypothyroid now. I was unaware of her thyroid issue. I would think she could be treated for it with medication and watch what she eats to lose the weight if she wants to be thinner. When I was younger I had a goiter three separate times over years and was hyperthyroid but not Grave’s Disease (treated for it at first) but it was temporary…called possibly viral thyroiditis that cleared on its own. The endocrinologist at that time told me I would become hypothyroid later in life too….the opposite…odd but true.

        1. Remember when she had the cancer scare, it was her thyroid, because she was so hypo, and the girder they feared it might be cancer, so they biopsied it. Your symptoms of hypo or hyper depend on how low or high and how your body responds to the meds. If they went ahead and took it out one of her symptoms she may struggle with is weight. My sister has hypo and put on a ton a weight, our cousin had the samething and their levels were about the same and she didn’t put on any, so it all depends on your body. Some people become very tired, some gain a ton of weight, some have crazy neurological issued. She would be on synthroid or armorthyroid.

          1. Yes, Armour Thyroid is an option though most doctors won’t prescribe it. It is a natural alternative but harder to regulate.
            I have been hyperthyroid and that was terrible too. It is no fun either way. I know the symptoms of both hypo and hyper too. It is years now for Brianna, so she should be controlled by now.

      2. She had said she had been feeling bad for 4 years before they found the tumors. Now, she has no thyroid, and I understand these things can affect your weight, but not 60 pounds of weight. Unless she is on one of this anti-depressants that actually changes your blood sugar and metabolism. Either way, I don’t think it’s healthy for her and I hope she can lose it, for her health and happiness. I certainly don’t judge her, and I think she is a sweet girl, mostly. I think her mom is a hard Mom to have, very self centered, everything is about her, even when they had to biopsy the tumors. About how worried she was! Not about what she could do to help her daughter feel at ease.

        1. Actually yes 60lbs or more. We are not talking 10-20 lbs in a few months, it is large weight gain with trouble loosing weight . I would like to also say being over weight doesn’t necsssarily mean one is not healthy nor does being skinny mean one is healthy.

    3. That WAS pretty harsh. But I also think that bratty stepdaughter has been over-indulged and by not requiring that she at least attend school, do homework or have some sort of responsibility is just asking for trouble. I can’t imagine why JimMEE thinks it’s such a good idea to give her a car and handfuls of money.

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