Inside Meghan Edmonds’ Feud With Jim’s Ex-Wife Allison Edmonds


Viewers have been watching Meghan King Edmonds and her husband Jim on this season of RHOC and a lot of people have had opinions about the couple’s marriage; including that Jim comes off controlling. But an insider is revealing that Meghan often fights with her husband over jealousy.

“Meghan doesn’t like when Jim talks to other women,” an insider reveals, adding that this is especially true when it comes to Jim’s second wife Allison. “Meghan sees Allison as a threat.”

Jim and Allison are the parents of their two sons Landon and Sutton, and insiders tell RadarOnline that Meghan’s comments about being a step-parent have really ticked off Allison.

“Meghan talks about the children all the time, but she rarely sees them,” says a source close to Allison, who split from Jim in January 2014 (just months before he married Meghan). “She portrays herself on the show very differently from who she really is.”

“Meghan has no respect for Allison, and does what she wants when it comes to Allison’s children,” the insider explains. “She posts photos of the kids on her social media. When Allison told her she was upset and asked her to take the pictures down, Meghan refused.”

“Allison is a very private person, but Meghan doesn’t care. She does whatever she wants, and completely disrespects Allison’s wishes when it comes to her kids.”

Photo Credit: Bravo