Inside Jason Hoppy’s Emails To Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel’s complaint against her ex-husband Jason Hoppy comes after an incident that happened on Friday at her daughter’s school while her boyfriend, Dennis Shields was present. Hoppy allegedly approached the couple after they had dropped their daughter Bryn off and said, “Okay I see. This is how you want to do this. Okay. You can play your game. It doesn’t matter. You can get 10 lawyers. There’s nothing you can do to stop me. You’ll be sorry. You’ve been warned. I can’t help it.”

According to Page Six, Hoppy allegedly said to Frankel’s boyfriend that “she’s pure evil. You’ve been warned. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Frankel then told police she feared for her safety.

The complaint also lists a number of texts and emails sent by Hoppy to Frankel. One sent in August 2016 allegedly reads, “Despite your games. I’ll never let you do to me what your mother did to your father. I’ll never go away.” (Frankel has accused her mother, Bernadette, of “trying to commit suicide in the kitchen in front of me,” and said her childhood was full of “alcoholism, mental illness, and violence.” Her mother has strongly denied these claims, saying, “Bethenny spread vicious and horrible lies about me simply for publicity.”)

In October, Hoppy allegedly wrote to her, “Your definition of harassment is comical. I will continue to communicate with you as I see fit.”

In another incident, he emailed asking for a copy of her life insurance policy. Frankel also claims that between November last year and Jan. 27, Hoppy sent her approximately 160 emails.

A police source told the site, “Bethenny came in [to the precinct] with her lawyer and a few friends. She was making more out of this than it was, that was the overall impression. She’s been involved in a terrible divorce with this guy. And it seemed to us that she was filing the report because she wanted to take revenge on him, get back at him for something he did connected to the divorce. This is common among celebrity types — even C-listers like her — when they’re involved in a bad divorce. We get this a lot. It did not appear to us like Hoppy was going to attack her in any way. He seems like a pretty cool character. But she filed the report and because of that we had cause to arrest him.”

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33 Replies to “Inside Jason Hoppy’s Emails To Bethenny Frankel”

  1. Very famous last words you stupid, idiot cop who if you’re not already, should be fired with your record to total disregard of a very real and oft times fatal result to the innocent person made public in a very, very public way. Billboards, Hoppy! Damn, Bethenney, I hope you have yourself some around the clock protection. This guy is totally off the wall.

    1. Any man (& even woman, for that matter, bcuz it can go either way) who sends that amount of texts & emails in such a short time by a former mate like this, (all unpleasant) is committing harassment.
      Bcuz she didn’t want to meet him, he was showing up where he knew she’d be to “MAKE her talk to him “, & that should be considered a menacing harassment!
      The fact that he also feels HER life insurance information is ANY of his frigging business, I find shocking! That’s absolutely none of his business!!! He knows that HE’S not going to be inheritanting it, right!? So why the hell does he think he needs a copy or to in any way know her life insurance policy information!!??
      Trust me, I’m sure she’s damned smart enough to have someone oversee that her baby girl is taken care of, not being able to trust HIM to supervise Bryn’s inheritance!!
      The fact that he holds so much animosity, anger, bitterness, etc., is alarming enough, but to also be interested in her life insurance, and menacingly harassing her, I personally think is great cause for concern!
      And the fact that any officer out there, is seeing the fact that she’s a celebrity, instead of seeing the FACTS of what’s been unfolding, tells me this officer is in the wrong line of work & should be fired! And especially so after making a public statement like that! What a loser!

    1. It’s actually typical in divorce cases. Wherever there is a support obligation (child support, alimony, to pay kids’ college, etc…) that obligation is often insured via life insurance with the other parent/ex spouse as the beneficiary. Generally, divorce orders provide that the beneficiary may request proof of the coverage every so often (quarterly, twice per year, etc…) to ensure that the life insurance policy is in effect. While there may be some harassing e-mails by Jason, this one is probably something he is entitled to ask for. However, given how hostile this divorce is, it would have been better to have the request go through attorneys.

      1. He already got 4 years of spousal support in the amount of $12,000 monthly, while she paid the mortgage, & all the bills from the apartment he refused to leave that SHE paid for. So, hey!!! 12 grand a month with no bills, wow. That is some allowance to use for spending money. There is a half-million American dollars just for starters! She also had to pay HIS legal fees and he took about 1/4 of her net worth out of that divorce. I think he has enough money to now harass her with court orders and going psycho. I am sure she has her life insurance properly up to date, with a trustee she trusts to handle Bryn’s estate if Bethenny dies before Bryn reaches majority. She lives a pretty simple life for a many times over-millionaire. She works because she likes to work. Why is she always being bashed for that? Not that you did, Maya. It’s a way of life. It is good for Bryn to see that one does not sit on their ass and fill out lottery tickets, or hold up the smart one in the marriage for all of her money. She loves her daughter. Love is not a Noun, it is a Verb. Just FEELING love is not lovING someone, love is an action, a continuing action. She made it so she can spend all her time with Bryn when Jason didn’t have her. She will have to make some serious adjustments now, because if I was her I would NEVER allow Bryn to go with him alone, anywhere, ever again. And, put a couple body guards on her all the time. He has now shown what he is capable of.
        Also, If that was an order in their divorce, she wouldn’t have mentioned it as something out of the ordinary. If that psycho knows anything, it should be that Bethenny has the college all figured out and paid for. Her life revolves around her family, as it should. Bryn is her family. She has a life, he should have gotten one by now too. Bryn would have always been a part of his life had he just followed the rules, and the law.

  2. Bethany you don’t need protection from Jason Hoppy…you’re pissed because he will always be in your daughters life and you can’t erase him! You’re pissed because he got a portion of your fortune and you couldn’t stop him! If I were hoppy I would always record your interactions because you are vindictive and unstable. He needs to have a witness to any interactions with him and keep careful records on your emails. All one has to do is watch your interactions on the RHONY and see how emotionally liable and violent towards people you’ve become! You took this shields guy from his wife because you didn’t want to be alone and wanted the happiness they had! Shame on you! It is apparent that no one will ever be able to make you happy! You are a miserable human being and your daughter needs her dad because he’s the only stable parent he has! I hope you get some help!

    1. Wow, project much weirdo? Hoppy is a whackadoodle and a poor excuse for a business man. It would be best if he just crawl back to his parent’s farm, stayed in the basement and kept away from Manhattan.

      1. I said the same thing! apparently ohio here is one of Jason’s family members or something, homegirl has written 3 paragraphs on every Jason post and has called Bethany every name in the book….she mad for real like Bethany owes her money

  3. This man is off his rocker & seems spiteful as well. That police officer that dealth with this so casually, is no good at his job & his position should be reviewed. He should not be a law enforcement officer.

  4. Lemme guess – the “police source” is male. They should be formally reprimanded for making these types of comments, especially to a public source, as it effectively supports all (male) stalkers and dismisses all (female) complaints of being threatened and in danger by ex’s. Ridiculously irresponsible.

    It’s important to note that Hoppy is unstable at this point, and perhaps becoming deranged. It’s difficult to imagine living day and night, for years, with the raging hatred and unrelenting obsession he has for punishing her. Stable people would never allow themselves to live that way…it’s not living, it’s just day after day, obsessing, raging, plotting, over and over and over.

  5. The cop is right. This has all been carefully staged and manipulated by Bethenny to play out while filming RHONY. She is violating the custody agreement to torture Jason and will not be satisfied until she has complete control of the little girl and has removed all of “them” from her life. She will try to tie him up in court costs and legal fees until he gives up. He is not stalking her. He wishes he never had to see her again, but he will never abandon his daughter. The line about never doing to Bryn what her mother did to her was a reference to Bethenny’s father, Bobby Frankel, who was kept from seeing Bethenny, by her mother, when she was a child. The best thing for Bryn would be to see less of Bethenny, not Jason. ROL even has a story out today where Bethenny’s mother, Bernadette, is warning Jason to be very afraid of her daughter because she will “take him down”. Bethenny will do anything to get what she wants, including destroy her daughter’s relationship with her father. She has no limits.

  6. That is like approximately 2 emails a day! For THREE MONTHS. I would be frightened too. And, Bethenny is not a “C-lister.” I could care less about what kind of celebrity she is. Anyone who wants to see how really in love she was, and him, and the way it went, even on camera, like her 40th BD party, get the spin-off.
    Anyone who has ever been in even a controlling spousal relationship will FEEL the subtle way he tried to take her life over. She begged him on her 40th BD not to surprise her, put her on the spot, make her BD and HER the center all night. Even during the party when he surprised her that her best friend flew in she was getting emotional & begging him not to surprise her in front of everyone, but he still kept it up & up & up all effing night. A spouse, IMO, should do what the other asks in these things whether THEY understand why or not, simply BECAUSE I ASKED! Both ways, no matter who asks. They were not 20.
    By then one would think all of the immature crap would be gone, married before or not. 39, jeeze. My kids were 19, 17 and 15 when I was 39. I sure as hell was grown up. My two step kids, who I adore were 23 and 21.
    Things like when they were at dinner when she was 7 months pregnant, he was talking about the second baby. SECOND BABY. She said “no, one child is all I am having.” On the way home with their newborn infant, he was still talking SECOND BABY. Now, I don’t now about you all, but I got the chills when I watched that & when I see that kind of irrational behavior. A normal Mom & Dad are all in to the INFANT RIGHT THERE. Not the next one. She didn’t see it then. Many women do not get out of a marriage like that. She was damn lucky she was any kind of lister, or he might very well have gotten violent.
    160 emails in 3 months is criminal, I don’t give a F who you are or what kind of divorce you had. Apparently there were daily texts too, saying that kind of thing. He was raised with loving parents, that does not make HIM normal. She was raised in horror, and that made her into the wonderful, loving Mom she is IMO. My Dad was a bigot. When I was 5, I knew there was something wrong about what he said. I made promises to myself that I would NEVER do so many things that were done to me, and I NEVER did. I have wonderful, normal, working, passionate loving children. The 3 that are married have wonderful marriages. My upbringing did not become theirs. Her on TV personality and her business savvy are not her as a Mom. Countless is exactly what B said she is, and her daughter is a lovely young woman. Fortunately Victoria’s Mom’s “ways” did not become hers either. Fair is fair.

    1. Yes, during that birthday it seemed like he completely disregarded her wishes and…perhaps *wanted* to humiliate her in front of the guests and the tv audience. But what made my skin crawl was him basically forcing his parents on her, their relentless insistence that she now regards then as her FAMILY, etc. BOUNDARIES, people! I got pissed when my mother in law told me to call her “mom” – i already had a mom.

      I’m skeptical whether he was really raised in a “loving” family, b/c there is so much disrespect with all of them. Surely losing their son/brother plays some sort of role in their behavior, but nowhere near the level of weirdness from all of them.

      Jason went for how long refusing to talk or text or be in any kind of contact with her at all – now the divorce is final and he’s all over her? He’s a sick, sick man.

      P.S. For the people who keep attributing the remarks to a cop, the piece doesn’t say it was a COP from the police dept who gave out the info, it was just someone there. Big difference.

      1. Thank you, lizlemon, for making that clear about the police department, I did not notice that. That is how rumors get started and become almost like a fact. I read the article, too, and just didn’t catch that. I am so glad someone else saw that amount of “family” time as excessive. 2- 3 day weekends a month! Jeeze. And every holiday, and every time Bryn made an achievement his Mama had to know right away. Now, that is weird. I got the impression, even from his own interviews on BEA, that she listened better than he did. I believe she gave it everything she had, & I am one of the odd ones who doesn’t see her as cold at all. She constantly works on herself, which is more than I can say for most of the housewives in every franchise.

      2. I guess it depends on your upbringing and cultural background. My mother wanted her sons in law to call her mom. It was respectful in our family and just that way for generations, but she never met my spouse since she passed while I was young and single. My sister always called her MIL ma ma. I called my MIL mom once when we were leaving and my hubby said by mom and I did the same and she shunned me. She said you are not my child! She also shunned my kids for the most part. I believe that calling a MIL mom is respectful but never a disrespect to your own mother. Others, like you, see it so differently. I think the more family the merrier, and I wish my children’s only living grandparents were there for them like family and not strangers, so I do not agree with you or 3 D’s on this. I see Bethenny as inconsiderate of others.

        1. Real Sandy – it’s great that you have your preferences and opinions, but don’t expect them to automatically be the same for everyone. Every person and every situation is different.

          My mom was cool – grew up in Japan in an interesting, more realistic cultural environment, she was smart, educated, strong, straightforward, opinionated, worldly. My MIL grew up in Arkansas w/stereotypical Baptist background and fundamentally repressed thinking and behavior, and was a housewife who followed the same stereotypical “underling woman” rules and role. Complete opposites, and i was MY mother’s daughter in all ways.

          I’d love a big family too, but there has to be trust. It’s a good thing I never thought of her as or called her ‘mom’, though she was loving and I loved her a lot, because my husband died young and for some reason she had photos of all her kids with their spouses, but i was covered in the one portrait she kept out of my husband and me, so only his photo showed. I was the only family member excised -no sign of me anywhere, as if i never existed, despite having kept him alive for years after a serious accident – no one else in his family lifted a finger to genuinely help him. She also went around like a horrible gossip and would tell everyone even the most private things i told her about him. Once I found out i stopped telling her anything. Who does that crap? My mom would never.

          1. It is not just opinion as I stated. It was the culture I was raised in. Obviously, others are not the same as I soon found out. Many feel calling in-laws mom is a disrespect of their own moms. Also, as I mentioned, my MIL was not for it in the least. I did not marry into a close knit family either, but rather the opposite. My sister married a man born in Italy with Italian parents. They were called Mama and Papa (with accents on the second syllable.)
            Here we agree to disagree and I mean the regulars here are aware of that and we respect others whose opinions may differ from ours. i merely said my take on it. I did not see Bethenny as welcoming her in-laws, yet others interpreted it differently. I never ever try to push my views on others just by stating them..This is a forum where all opinions are welcomed, and no one is right or wrong. We are all unique, and I love that we are, thelizlemom.
            I know Japan has a culture of respect for their elders. That is admired by me. I wish it was more like that here among others as well, IMO.

            1. Oh geez, i didn’t intend to come off as so hostile – sorry about that. I’ve been dealing with neurological illness and it affects my cognition. I meant to go back and rewrite so it reflected my true position but i forgot. But what i meant to convey is that we agree to disagree, as you said (that’s why i gave my background story). And FWIW, i didn’t see her as welcoming the parents into her life with open arms either. Who could, given her background? And it turned out she was right. They are completely Team Jason, not trying to be reasonable at all.

              1. I am not Team Bethenny or Team Jason. I think neither of them is perfect. I think Bethenny uses the media to spread a lot about Jason too. I think some of this may be blown out of proportion too. Yet I do not rule out anything from either of them and cannot take sides. I was not there. EverythingI hear is from the media.
                I always think of Bryn first, and I believe she needs both of her parents. I also believe in grandparents’ rights to see grandchildren too. Really, I do not think anyone means any harm to Bryn, but the fighting between her parents is not good. They need to learn how to communicate for her sake.
                I am sorry to hear of your neurological illness. I know it must be frustrating for you. Don’t worry about anything here, okay.

  7. I’m good, 3 D’s Thanks for asking.

    A police source told the site, “ But she filed the report and because of that we had cause to arrest him.”

    She came in with her lawyer and “a few friends” and accused him of stalking and harassment and she formally filed a complaint. The cops are required to put him “into the system” if a complaint has been filed. He has not been convicted, only charged.

    True, we don’t agree when it comes to Bethenny, I am a logical thinker, you are much more emotional, and often blend your own feelings and experiences into the discussion. I struggle with that, and prefer to just stick to the topic. But you are definitely a loyal fan. You must have seen all the episodes of BEA at least 10 times or more. I hope she appreciates you, but I doubt she does.

    1. I don’t need to be appreciated by her. I likely have seen every America’s Next Top Model several times, too. I don’t actually “watch” them after the second time, just listen. The season’s that I like anyway. All my music I listen to here also.
      I do make decisions based on my gut feeling, here too. It has rarely let me down, my gut feeling. I am so spoiled that I can not stand to even zip the adds now. If I am drawing or “coloring” I can’t stop every 6 minutes to zip the adds, so I spend my entertainment budget on the seasons of shows I like, and Amazon also has, for example, the first 12 seasons of ANTM for free. I also liked the Apprentice and all but a couple season of Celebrity Apprentice. Now that I am gaining my strength back, if it is over 40 D. I have the luxury of working in the garden I spent 15 years planting. I haven’t watched a regular TV for a long time.
      For the years since Nov. of 2012 when I had broken my neck I had a pretty long recovery time. 8 months in a coma to begin, so when I finally got home and could speak and move a little, I did get out my computer and I found this blog! I also began ordering things online and that brought Amazon Prime in to my life. I believe many people find a place to communicate in cyber space during times of disability, whether long term or not.
      Anyone who sees “3D’s Forever” that struggle with my writing style can just scroll on so easy. That s one thing I like about this blog. I went to a different one for a few months, but this is the only one I write on now. I do write a lot on the things I am passionate about, which has less to do with anyone personally than it does the principle of the things happening. Fortunately, too, for those here, I only write on maybe less than 1/8th of the articles. I always enjoy reading your opinion, as I am a non-linear thinker & it is genuinely a learning experience for me. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  8. If a police officer ever said she was making it bigger than it really was, I would have asked for his superior and files a complaint against the office. Who the hell is he to make a comment about what she is doing and what is going on with her and her ex. That officer needed to be put on garbage duty and he is never to comment on a case again. That is just wrong. JH is crazy we have already seen it. BF has a biting tongue but she would never act physically against JH but he is crazy enough to do it to her. I feel for her not feeling safe. Everyone needs to put away their daggers and realize that we don’t know anything about their relationship or divorce and yes we gossip on these posts but we really don’t know anything that is going on in their lives. I just hope that they can pull it together for their kids sake.

      1. Does it matter…… Whoever said it, they were out of line. When you get threats and their is a mentally unstable person involved it needs to be taken seriously. Geez that is what you got out of my entire post. Really?

        1. Calm down, please. I don’t understand why my one sentence was so offensive to you. No, that’s not all i got out of your post, and YES, it does matter whether it was an officer or not (especially since you went into detail as to actions that should be taken against the cop, it seemed to really matter to you). I’ve got a brain disease, so I’m sorry i can’t fully comprehend, process, and put thoughts down immediately, don’t take it personally.

  9. A little off topic, I just saw the 100th Episode special for the first time. I wasn’t aware I had it in my vid library. It showed Kelly saying that she thought is was so “unfair” that Ramona was allowed to go out onto the now famous runway walk, than if she’d known she would have schooled her. That is a total lie. She was sitting right there the entire time, when Ramona was asked to walk, when Ramona was in her runway garment, and after during many rehearsals.
    So, she WAS THERE, during the entire process, and therefore could have easily explained and coached Ramona in the ways to walk. That was an out & out LIE, which was just one of many, including her ridiculous, delusional account of Ramona’s vow renewal pre-party, where they travelled on a luxurious yacht to an exquisite home on the beach that was something most people never see, much less stay in. She continues to this day saying she was bullied, and she was the one taking shots at everyone, especially Bethenny. Cruel, unnecessary low blows, with Betheny newly pregnant. No heart, that Kelly. That was a good episode, though, minus Aviva, whom I can NOT STAND, NEVER COULD.

    1. I’ve realized over time, and hearing of Adderall a lot, that i think Kelly was downing the stuff like tic-tacs. In one of the eps she said to one of the other women she should try Adderall (or something along those lines, but the drug was def brought up, sort of like ‘everyone’s doing it’). Her behavior was so whacked and she never seemed to think it was weird or embarrassing later, even in the reunion, plus she would talk so fast it was hard to understand her, she had to have been a total Adderall junkie.

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