Inside Heather Dubrow’s Birthday

Last Thursday the matriarch of the Dubrow family celebrated her birthday.

Heather celebrated with her husband, children and her mother in law. They all got to wear matching crowns that have come with some glitter, as only Heather would do.

“Amazing birthday dinner … family, food, love, champs, cards, gifts, hugs, kisses,” Heather captioned a pic of the celebration on Instagram.

Her family surprised her with big balloons that spelled out “mommy”

Happy Birthday to me! Thanks kids! ❤❤#mommy ❤❤❤

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“Happy Birthday to the most wonderful wife, mother and best friend a lucky guy like me could ever have! #oneandonly #dreamgirl,” Terry posted on Instagram while showing a photo of herself with Terry, as they got some alone time on her birthday.

Looks like Heather had a very special birthday!

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5 Replies to “Inside Heather Dubrow’s Birthday”

    1. She does indeed. Heather has a very upbeat and likable personality in all of her ventures outside of Housewives, and she and Terry have fantastic chemistry as a united front not connected with the show. Their podcast is really good, and you get the feeling you’re listening to a completely different couple than the whoever those people are on Bravo; they are completely relaxed and easy going, with a cool husband-wife duo vibe that I think you just can’t capture on Housewives – otherwise they would be too boring for the show. I think that if RHOC is going to stay on the path it’s on with only going for fights and toxic drama, the Dubrows need to milk a last season for everything it’s worth as positively as they can, then bail. They have too many other talents and better parts of themselves to offer publicly than the hot boiling mess required to be part of Housewives.

  1. I didn’t read the blog, or wait for the photos to load. I was just watching re-runs of Season 10 while drawing, Shannon’s first season, where Heather starts in on her about the chair, first, then not being there for the oh so important announcement of the first dig into their 30 million dollar house, when Viki and Shannon literally walked up at the same time, calling her “scary angry” and rude. Maybe in real life she is a sweet woman, but her pretentious, uppity attitude, and her “I.m no perfect person” BS, on the show don’t show an inkling of sweet anywhere. I have heard her say she was sorry ONE TIME for outing a private conversation she and Tamra had to Eddie and then squirming out of the email debacle Tamra and Shannon had. Heather was the one who spread the word all over, then had a whole 6 months to think up a cover story while Tamra, who admitted it took the blame. Just like Viki always whispering in everyone’s ears about Tamra, since with her rep Viki knew everyone would always believe everything she lied about. I am glad I stick with those I like, and don’t automatically believe every “Radar of Lies” rag mag story from an “insider.”

    1. AND, at her “hoedown” SHE IS the one who told the operator of the mechanical bull to turn it way up when Tamra got on. Tamra had to go to the ER, and little miss perfect kept saying “who did that?” It’s on film in Season 10, episode 6 at 28:35, she said “turn that up” to the guy, loud as life, then was all over Tamra like OMG what could have happened, who did that? Phony biatch.

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