Inside Fort Dix Where Joe Giudice Will Serve His Prison Sentence


Joe Giudice may think his 41-month prison sentence is “not a big deal” but according to an inmate at New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix, the facility is no cake walk.

“Fort Dix used to be an Army camp before it was a prison,” a jail insider said. “The staff there will try to treat Joe the same as they treat everyone else, but there will be guys who latch on to him because he is famous.”


“Fort Dix is no walk in the park,” the insider told RadarOnline. “There are often fights between the male prison inmates there.”

“The other prisoners are going to want to test Joe because they think he’s famous, “the insider told said. “Men are much different than women in prison because the men are not at all star struck.”

“If Joe is caught violating the rules inside Fort Dix, he could be sent to a much less appealing facility that is further away from his family,” the source added. “Joe could also be placed in solitary confinement, where he would have no interaction with other prisoners.”

“Fort Dix is more of a dorm style in terms of how the prisoners are held,” the insider said. “Instead of jail cells, they mostly all sleep in one contained area with many beds.”

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5 Replies to “Inside Fort Dix Where Joe Giudice Will Serve His Prison Sentence”

  1. He never said it was no big deal, that came from a source! He knows exactly what it will be like and it will be tough even where Tre was for the first half of her sentence wasn’t a walk in the park and was filthy! Stick with it Joe, sober up !!

  2. It doesn’t matter what he said, his butt is scared. He should be. I’m trying to feel sympathetic for him, I am, but he’s the one on tv acting the tough guy that can beat everyone up. Now he’s going to a prison full of tough guys who are probably anxious to see how tough he really is. I feel bad about the situation but not for the individuals. They took their foolishness on television, then looked down on others, then lied, then got mad at friends for asking questions even though they were selling this information to magazines… I mean come on!!!

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