Howard Stern’s Elisa Jordana Joins Cast Of Vanderpump Rules

According to a new report, Elisa Jordana has left Howard Stern to go work for Lisa Vanderpump!

Jordana is a popular radio star who moved from New York to Los Angeles after breaking up with Stern’s right-hand man, Benjy Bronk, and now she is a hostess at SUR.

“Right now I am in L.A.,” Jordana said on the Harry & Rob Show with Rob Shuter and Dr. Harry Fisch. “I just got a job at SUR, Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant. I’m super exited. I’m a huge fan of hers. She’s amazing and I love her. So kind and lovely.”

Jordan confirmed she will be appearing on Vanderpump Rules as a result of her new job.

‪Can’t wait to work tonight at @SurRestaurant! Third night of training! #HardWorkButAlsoFun! ‬

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3 Replies to “Howard Stern’s Elisa Jordana Joins Cast Of Vanderpump Rules”

  1. What a crock! This girl is not a waitress or a hostess or anything in between . She goes from Howard stern to Sur , ONLY because she knows she will be on a reality show! Smh!! Bravo thinks we are so dumb!!

  2. She is much older than the regular crew isn’t she? And yes she just wants the fame. Seems like a step down to me.

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