How Teresa Giudice Could Avoid Jail Time


After being indicted on 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion by the federal government, Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, are reportedly coming up with a plan to keep Teresa out of jail. Teresa’s attorney, Henry Klingeman, tells Perez Hilton, “It’s almost invariably true that in federal criminal cases such as this one, the judge requires each defendant to have their own attorney. It reflects the ethical rules so the lawyers avoid conflicts of interest. Even if people are on the same page like a husband and wife, they could theoretically go in different directions at some point in the future.”

Dina Manzo, who is Godmother to Teresa’s youngest daughter Audriana, says she is encouraging Teresa to keep her head up. “She has got to stay strong for her kids,” Dina tells People Mag. “When they are around, it’s all happy faces.”

Another way for Teresa to avoid jail time is for her to not have known what Joe was doing with regards to their finances. A source tells the mag, “She just signed her name where she was told, whether by a loan officer, attorney or member of her family. Joe is the one who will have to walk the plank.”

But if Teresa does have to serve any time in jail, a source tells Wetpaint Entertainment, that without a doubt her four daughters will be in custody of Teresa’s parents. “The kids would go to Teresa’s mom and dad. No question. They’re the only people she’d trust to take care of them.”

Right now, Teresa and her husband are “united in a defense.” But “that could change down the line” the source says.

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  1. Theresa needs to GROW UP. People hurt people. Happens all the time. You’re too damned self-centered. God help you and those around you. You have serious problems.

  2. She didn’t think of her kids when they did what they did. Also I can’t see them allowing the kids with the grandparents on her side if the father has a heart condition and the grandmothers only support financially was Joe and Teresa.

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