How Ramona Singer’s Daughter Avery Found Out About Mario’s Affair


“I know I’m a piece of work but now I’m a work in progress,” her tagline says for this season of the Real Housewives of New York City. Ramona Singer has been through a lot with her pending divorce with soon to be ex-husband Mario Singer, and now the reality star is revealing it all in her new memoir Life on the Ramonacoaster. There is a excerpt revealed from her book via the Daily Dish that tells how their daughter Avery found out about her father’s affair. Read below:

A few days later, Mario got a voicemail from a woman saying that if he didn’t give her money she was going to go to the press. At that point there had been only one article, which had been damaging enough. The last thing we needed while we were trying to salvage our marriage was a full-blown me-dia firestorm. Just the threat of it was so stressful that we got into a huge fight. Avery was in her room on the other end of the house, but she heard us screaming at one another. She told me later that it felt like something out of a movie. She described hearing me yell something like, “What are you go-ing to do? We need to protect Avery,” and her father answer, “I don’t know. It’s your problem, Ramona. Deal with it.” She couldn’t make out a lot of what we were saying, so she crept down the staircase and stood listening at the bottom. That’s when she heard her father say, “Ramona, I am one step away from walking out that door,” and me scream back, “Why don’t you just go f— her!”

It kills me to think how painful it must have been for Avery to hear us say those things. She told me later that at that moment, she felt as if her world had shattered into a million jagged little pieces. She snapped and just ran. She ran out the door, into a torrential rainstorm, and collapsed onto the ground. She pulled out her cell phone, and did what any teenage girl would do when she realizes her life is falling apart; she called her best friend. That’s when Mario must have heard her outside. Avery was screaming and hys-terically crying and, not realizing that she had overheard us arguing, he thought she was in physical pain. He ran out after her into the pouring rain, but when he tried to ap-proach her she screamed, “Don’t come near me. You cheated on Mommy. F— you. I hate you. Don’t come closer. Get away from me.” Mario came to get me and even-tually we got Avery to calm down enough to come back inside. Later, Avery told me that she had asked Mario not to tell me what she had heard, because she didn’t want to upset me, but I think he didn’t know what else to do so he told me anyway.


Life on the Ramonacoaster is set to be available on July 28th via Amazon. Ramona discusses her life from childhood to now, and her experiences on RHONY.

Photo Credit: Bravo