How Much Of The Palms Casino Does Adrienne Maloof Own?

Adrienne Maloof

On an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville states that Adrienne Maloof only owns 2% of The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Brandi says she was discussing Adrienne’s finances because Adrienne was suing her for revealing Adrienne used a surrogate to carry her twin boys. When Brandi brings up Adrienne’s finances it leads to the argument between Camille Grammer and Lisa Vanderpump on Lisa’s ownership of SUR Lounge.

The Maloof Family is notorious for their many businesses, one of their most well known businesses is The Palms Casino, and when Brandi noted that Adrienne only owns 2% of the casino, we decided to do some research. Keep reading to see what we found!

According to Wikipedia, ‘In 1994 the Maloof family bought the Fiesta Hotel in Las Vegas for $8 million, selling it in 2000 for over $185 million. The money was reinvested into the creation of The Palms hotel and casino.

The Maloofs sold their beer distribution in an unsuccessful attempt to save the Palms and Palms Towers. TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Associates now own 98% (49% each). The Maloofs were left with 2% ownership. The Palms is currently going through a re-branding led by Joe Magliarditi.’

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27 Replies to “How Much Of The Palms Casino Does Adrienne Maloof Own?”

    1. I really am upset that Adrienne’s not returning to the housewives, she was one of the nice real person in the group. I like them all but I feel that she got a bad rap cause of Brandi. Honestly people need to speak up and tell that girl to treat people with respect and kindness. Karma’s a bitch and it does bite. Stay strong Adrienne.

  1. Brandi never seems to be wrong-all her information is correct!! When what is being said is the truth, it tends to sting ears…and pocketbooks. Brandi knows EVERYTHING about everybody, so you better keep it cute or put it on mute. In Adrienne’s case…put it on mute. Team Brandi! (:

  2. No Brandi, you did not bring up Adrienne’s ownership percentage because she was suing you. You brought it up to try to further humiliate her publicly because of your hatred for her. That’s how you roll. We’ve known that since the beginning when you first joined the show. You came in to the show dragging Eddie and Leann through the mud, and justifiably so. We understand the WHY of that. So just be honest about the Adrienne WHYS. I thought you like to be so honest! And so what if the Maloof family has only 2% interest in the Palms??? What does that prove?? Nothing, except the fact that you hate Adrienne and are trying to destroy her friendships with the other housewives. I would love to have 2% interest in a hotel. Two percent is better than zero percent. The only thing you are accomplishing Brandi is making yourself look bad and classless. Frankly, if Lisa drops you (and I really don’t understand why she’s a favorite on the show), you will find yourself outside the circle. And that might just be a matter of time because I don’t see her giving you as much allegiance as you give her. Watch closely. You will see it. So you need to straighten up and fly right.

  3. Brandi is taking things too far now. I used to be all team Brandi but lately she is acting classless and not controlling her mouth. Adrienne should not have sued Brandi, but Brandi needs to stop talking about the other housewives like this.

  4. Brandi is certainly taking things too far. All of this to prove Adrienne’s a liar? Why does Brandi care so much? She’s so desperate for controversy and to secure her place on this show. It’s pathetic.

  5. Brandi should be left alone!!!!At least for now,but to sue means Adrienne is a liar!! When the persons reaction is greater then the problem,they are the problem!!Handle whatever the issue is dont call an attorney!!!Why are people so weak these days!!!

  6. BHW are all fakes
    Who cares
    But the worse is Taylor
    Dear God she had to give up her wedding ring
    Who cares
    She needs to get a real job and work

  7. Brandi has a big mouth – fact. Adrienne’s pockets r her business – fact. Adrienne’s children r her business – fact. Lisa protects Brandi – WHY???????? ps Legally – Brandi probably just got a warning letter telling her to shut up OR then she would be sued. So if she can keep her mouth closed for a while = she should b ok. Brandi MYOB please

  8. Bradni so what if Adrienne ONLY owns 2% of the Palms- whatdo you own????Um that would be zero. And when you have a net worth of over $300 million then you can be whatever you want Adrienne.. Team Adrienne!!!

  9. Totally agree with Toletha! Brandi is needs a broom to go along with her Witch Hat. She is disgusting. Adrienne should be delighted to have so many “HATERS”! Proves she must be doing something “RIGHT”! I cannot imagine why anyone would be Team Brandi. I am disgusted with the show focusing on the Brandi cast member. So much so, that I am dropping this show, from my list.

    Disgusted in St. Louis

  10. What is classless is evident by any non-troglodyte. However, for those of you intellectually challenged; first, this is beyond a show,
    It’s a franchise that excels on ratings. Secondly, there are many truths. Finally, listen closely and watch the women over various seasons and the truth does come to light.

    In Season 1, Camille was the villain;yet, we had NO clue to the Hell she was going through in her own personal life which transcends into the show. I like Camille, not so much lately but I “get” her. Brandi is Brandi and I love that about her only because it takes great courage to take on not just the bitches of BH, but those that have close to zero brain cells across the country and believe only what they see. Lisa is Lisa and Godbless the British!:). Her demeanor, accent and love for pink is truly prophetic. God love Kim!!! She is the most neglected and concerning of all. Gotta love Yolanda and I’d urge any and all to truly look past the layers because she is a woman that is beyond formidable. Not even those so -claimed wannabes could keep up with her diet, lifestyle, and irreproachable etiquette. Luanne…take note and finally learn something about “class”. As for big lips, Adrienne, Kyle and OJ coattails famed Faye…there is something to be said about bullying; ones’ :15 minutes of fame; and, thoust protesteth too much. It’s not all editing ladies!!! If it walks like a duck; looks like a duck; and, quacks like on too…it’s a duck. Good luck to you all. You all have vertuous ability. Rise above and give us more than the mean girl “schtick”!!! You’re better than that and most BH dramas. Money may no buy you class; however, it sure as hell should considering the disparity 90% in America face in consideration.

  11. Brandi is such a piece of Beverly hills trash….on the opening she says money doesn’t give you class it just gives you money….well she would know….and I cannot believe that those women even begin to entertain the thought of stooping to her low budget trashy level…..she causes way to much drama she is distroying this show….they did not need publicity stunts for ratings these women were doing very well without grasping for straws… you guys might want to enjoy this show while you can because Brandi is going to ruin it…she is beautiful but straight up white trash….I completely understand why Eddie left her…he’s is a classy man and needed a classy lady….shame on you bravo…

  12. If Eddie is classy…God Help Us!!! And if he needs a classy lady then Rimes ain’t it! Cheater will always be cheater, and they both will on each other at some point. Eddie just has a “Suga Mama”.

    Adriene has been caught in so many lies..and she doesn’t like it!!!

    Don’t care what she owns, she lies!

    Brandi…shoots from the hip! refreshing!!!!

    Camille is trying hard to stay revelant!!

    Kyle is just the worst of them all ranking up there with Taylips!!!

    Lisa and I have the same nickname back off Pinky!!!!

  13. Camille brought up that Adrienne was upset with Lisa about not having her daughter’s pre-wedding party (confronting Lisa on the show nastily-this over a year ago, but she still has revenge against her) at her Palms Hotel. Lisa told her her daughter had the right to choose the place she wanted it to be, but Adrienne would have none of that and kept a vengeful grudge. Adrienne campaigned for everyone to attack Lisa at the reunion, which Brandi refused to do. Camille brought it up at the dinner table , not Brandi, and people at the table had a right to wonder why she would be so revengeful over a party not held at a hotel she only has 2% of. Brandi asked a logical question about something that is publicly known. It was a perfectly reasonable and logical response. The public knows they have only 2%–it’s no secret. Duh, it is a business reality written just about everywhere. Adrienne, the new Queen of Mean and Deceit, must have some hold over these lackeys.

  14. Say what you like about Brandi but she seems to have her facts correct. You may not like the delivery but she’s often spot on. I love her! I think she says what these “aspirants” want to put to the side. The idea of Kyle Richards air kissing on both cheeks like she just left Downton Abbey is hilarious. She’s a poseur as is her husband. Kim was a drunk as Brandi said she was. Adrienne put on a front about her marriage clearly since she is divorced now and she bought a cast off boy toy. Hysterical!

  15. Brandi is an idiot. On one side she’s crying that she’s being sued and ‘oh who will protect my poor children’ yet she doesn’t have the sense to stop talking. If you really care about protecting yourself and kids from a law suit keep Adrienne’s name out of your mouth!!

  16. Brandi was WRONG! Adrienne does not own 2% – she owns LESS!! Her family owns 2%, thus meaning she owns whatever fraction of that they cut her. Granted I’m sure it’s plenty of $$$.

    TEAM BRANDI ALL THE WAY! Down with the Hoof and Faye and her big fat d*ck on the table

  17. Brandi is stupid Lisa is Phoney I like Kyle she’s real Lisa is jealous of her Yolanda is a sneaky liar poor Kim and Taylor

  18. the comment whether it was made intentionally or unintentionally it was the truth because I investigated it because my parents are in professional sports and sitting there acting like you own something when your only own 2 percent probably amounts to owning one bathroom. They sold the Sacramento Kings and are having enormous financial business troubles and are being known as having shady business dealings on every account so whether Brandi said it or not it is in fact 1000 percent true they only own 2% per cent and the The Palms has gone under an amazing renovation since the new owners put in a 50 million dollar renovation if you watched season one and they were at the pool you look at the pool now and its under the most amazing renovation to look like all the other casinos that have pools that are in themselves their own club so I’m glad that Leonard and associates
    bought 98 percent of the palms because now it looks absolutely amazing and not look like a hardwood suite palm casino it actually looks like a classy casino.

  19. I did enjoy adrienne on the show i would love to see her come back to give lisa a real challenge. Its sad how brandi treated adrienne when adrienne introduced her on the show then she sold her out to team up with lisa -now its going to bite her in the ***. Brandi blows in what ever direction the money flows…so basically her opinion is now irrelevent to most of us viewers now that we see how reckless she really is…she is fun, so there is no reason for her to have to try to slander someone for attention ..that goes for lisa as well she got rid of adrienne then she was going after kyle…didnt work!!

  20. The ENTIRE family only owns about 2%, Adrienne only has about 0.2% ownership. So Brandi actually gave her more credit for ownership than she actually has.

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