How Much Money Do The RHONJ Make? Bravo Salaries Revealed!


The Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of the most popular shows in the Franchise, and many people wonder how much Bravo pays the women to bring the drama! Now, we have answers for you! In September of 2012, FW reported the following salaries for the cast of RHONJ!

Caroline Manzo- $265,000
Albert Manzo- $12,000
Chris Manzo- $35,000
Albie Manzo- $35,000
Lauren Manzo- $27,000

Manzo Total- $374,000

Teresa Giudice- $355,000
Joe Giudice- $38,000
Gia Giudice- $5,000

Giudice Total- $398,000

Jacqueline Laurita- $240,000
Chris Laurita- $14,000
Ashlee Holmes (Season 3)- $22,000

Laurita Total- $276,000

Melissa Gorga- $65,000
Joe Gorga- $45,000

Gorga Total- $110,000

Kathy Wakile- $50,000
Rich Wakile- $10,000
Victoria Wakile- $8,000
Joseph Wakile- $8,000

Wakile Total- $76,000

As many of you know, the cast members get a raise each Season, so the show veterans (Teresa, Caroline, Jacqueline) make more money than cast members who have appeared on fewer Seasons (Melissa and Kathy). Plus, the more drama the women bring to the show, the more Bravo is willing to pay them! You can clearly see this in the difference between Melissa and Kathy’s salaries.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Lolaz963

    This makes me sick!

  • lol

    wow if kathy and melissa would just get off their butts, they could earn more than that as a teacher in newark!

  • Lee

    I don’t like Mel, but she should be making more than Jac. I think Jac is definitely overpaid for her drunk drama. Hell I think they should pay Joe Gorga more than Mel. Kathy is boring and should be off the show or downgraded to a paid friend.

  • MysteryGal

    Why would anyone showcase their lives on public television for $50k a year?

  • jaja

    lol people actually believe this?

  • Lucy94

    Where’s Melania’s cut? Put her on the payroll.

  • Lilly

    Did Jac not refuse to attend the reunion last year? Why was she not fired like Adrianne? I agree Jac shouldn’t make more team Mel