How Much Money Do The Real Housewives Really Make? New Report Is Shocking!

Teresa Giudice

A recent report from OK! Magazine stated that Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Teresa Giudice’s salary was significantly more than her co-stars. Now, an insider tells RealityTea the magazine’s report was completely false and the speculation continues.

“All 5 RHONJ cast members, Teresa, Melissa, Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy made the same amount this season, $600k. That wasn’t always the case but for season 5 they are all on the same salary,” the source reveals.

“Kim D, as a friend of the Housewives is getting $40k, last year she got $20k,” the source revealed. “Jennifer Dalton got hardly anything (less than Kim D) and Penny [Karagiorgis] got nothing from Bravo.”

Personally, I find it hard to believe Kathy is bringing in the same salary as show veterans Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline.

“Kathy getting the same salary as the other housewives is not something that Bravo was thrilled with but she had a ‘Favored Nations’ clause in her contract,” the source explains. “They don’t pay her sister Rosie [Pierri], but she and Richie are the only things that make Kathy have a somewhat decent storyline.”

“Teresa may love the stories saying she is the highest paid housewife on the series but it isn’t true and you’ll see this season that she desperately needs the Bravo paycheck, which is the only real money she makes as Joe Giudice doesn’t contribute financially and their legal fees are only getting bigger,” the insider adds. “Teresa was not happy about making the same amount as the other cast members, but she needs the show to promote her products so she had to sign the contract.”

“She uses the show to help promote her brands as they all do, but it doesn’t always translate into success or yield a profit. Fabellini was dropped by the original partner Brotherhood Winery for lack of sales and now Teresa is going it alone (that’s why she had to create a new label, which you will see this season),” the source alleges.

RealityTea’s insider also provides information on how much Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards earn for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “Lisa and Kyle made $250k last season,” the insider dished. “Lisa gets another $100k for the first season of Vanderpump Rules.”

“NeNe [Leakes] is the highest paid housewife on all of the franchises and got close to $1million for this season,” the source confirms.

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7 Replies to “How Much Money Do The Real Housewives Really Make? New Report Is Shocking!”

  1. Sorry, I don’t believe it, it just doesn’t make good bu$ine$$ sense & Brovo is all about making bu$ine$$; besides who really cares what they’re making, it’s not me or you taking it to the bank.

    1. I don’t believe it either! Really, they each make $600,000 per season?? With the ratings on each RH show plummeting, you’d think Bravo would slash their salaries. On the other hand, if they are actually making that much money, they shouldn’t have any money issues, and I’m surprised that they need other business ventures that they so desperately push. Scale down and stop pushing your crap!

    2. Reality tea is full of shit as far as salaries are concerned. After Brandi opened her big fat mouth on Howard Stern, that information is locked up tighter than a drum. I do not believe kathy would make the same as the others. No way.

  2. I don’t believe this article for a second. I guarrantee they don’t all make the same amount and if they did it would not be 600k. Also you can tell its false because the article says last season Kim D. made 20k which is untrue as this is her first season on a bravo contract therefore her first time getting payed

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