Saturday, October 13th, 2012

How Much Are The RHOBH Worth? How Rich Are They?


We love to watch the luxurious lifestyle’s of our favorite 90210 Housewives! I have to admit, personally, it isn’t the drama that draws me to RHOBH, it is their wealth, their beautiful homes, designer clothes, and fabulous parties! So how much are the RHOBH worth? How rich are they?! Who do you think the richest Housewife is?

Ms. Adrienne Maloof! Her opening tagline in Season 2 said, “Having it all is easy, IF you’re willing to work for it!” And Adrienne owns plenty of companies that keep her busy. She is co-owner of Maloof Companies which owns; The Palms Casino & Resort in Vegas, NBA Team the Sacramento Kings, Maloof Productions, and Maloof Music, just to name a few!

Below you will find a detailed look at just how rich the women of RHOBH are! Celebrity Net Worth breaks down how wealthy each lady is!

Taylor Armstrong is worth $400,000.
Kim Richards is worth $1 million.
Brandi Glanville is worth $4.7 million.
Marisa Zanuck is worth $5 million, and her husband, movie producer Dean Zanuck, is worth $20 million.
Yolanda Hadid Foster is worth $15 million, and her husband music producer David Foster, is worth $30 million.
Kyle Richards is worth $20 million, and her husband Mauricio Umansky is worth $100 million.
Camille Grammer is worth $50 million.
Lisa Vanderpump is worth $65 million, and her husband Ken Todd is worth $85 million.
Adrienne Maloof is worth $300 million.

Photo Credit: Andy Cohen/WhoSay

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3 Comments on “How Much Are The RHOBH Worth? How Rich Are They?

  1. laur

    Why is Taylor on the show. Producers r just scared and leave her on…she needs to move back to her resilient with her mom. Ur not Beverly Hills hun!

  2. laur

    Sorry I meant to say she, Taylor needs to move back to her Trailer with her mom! Darn spell check!


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