How Does Erika Girardi Feel About Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Now?

After this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Girardi is opening up about the status of her friendships with Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp. If you watched this episode you know the ladies traveled to Provence, France and Erika was clearly annoyed with Kyle and Teddi.

The drama began when Kyle and Teddi told Erika it seemed like she was in a “bad mood” and didn’t want to hang out with them. “I’m not in a good mood. I have a vicious migraine brought on by lack of sleep and bitches that want you to be offended by something you’re not offended by,” Erika revealed in a confessional. Girardi became annoyed with Kyle and Teddi after they continually questioned why she wasn’t upset over Lisa Rinna’s behavior when she dressed as Erika for Halloween.

So what is the current status of their friendships?

“Things have definitely blown over between Erika, Kyle and Teddi since the episode that aired yesterday and they’re in a much better place now,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “The ladies had an open, honest conversation and hashed things out because they all really do care about each other and it was important to them to repair their friendship. Erika’s feelings were genuinely hurt after thinking that she was being attacked and Kyle’s comments about her bad mood, but a lot of time has passed since the episode aired and the ladies are closer now than ever.”

Kyle and Erika also joked around on Twitter after the episode aired.

😂— Kyle Richards (@KyleRichards) June 19, 2019


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