How Did Dorinda Medley’s Husband Richard Die?


The newest cast member of the Real Housewives of New York City Dorinda Medley has quite the story. She has lived in London, created her Cashmere line, and has a long list of philanthropy work. Medley has referenced her late husband Richard on the show and many fans have asked me if I know how Richard passed away.

Richard was a big wig on Wall Street and the founder of hedge-fund advisory firms, but he was also the former partner of billionaire George Soros.

He passed away at the age of sixty from liver failure.

Richard was reportedly admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital because of a brief illness. He died on November 16th, 2011 as a result of the brief illness. Dorinda has refused to disclose the cause of his death, the Washington Post reports.

In an interview with me, Dorinda said this about her late husband: “It’s not really anything I want to get into. I’ve sort of moved past it. It was a very sad time in my life and it’ll just make me too sad. Early on, I decided I wanted to start with my life from here, moving forward. I decided I didn’t want to overexpose my daughter or make my story anything related to Richard’s passing. Right now, I’m living one of the brighter chapters of my life and I’m excited to have another exciting one.”


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13 Replies to “How Did Dorinda Medley’s Husband Richard Die?”

  1. On the one hand it’s totally fine that She doesn’t want to talk about it.
    On the other it’s being made out to seem like something odd because it’s not know.

    1. What reverent part does it play on the show of how Richard died. Seriously, what would change on the show if Deorinda talked about her husbands death? NOTHING that is what.

  2. i loved how she and ramona have been close friends for years but last week’s show was ramona’s first ever time seeing her apartment haha.

  3. By keeping it a mystery isn’t tgat going to make it more of a “thing” gir prrople to want to find out about? Not that it matters at all- it just piques ones imagination. Anyway, so far I’m really liking Dorinda, she seems fit so well with this group, perhaps because she knows a few of the ladies, but I also think she has a open personality.

  4. Dorinda is like a new breadth of fresh air. These ladies will drag her into their fights sooner or later, I hope not though.

  5. really like this gal 🙂 and her boyfriend and his big personality is just what she needs 🙂 enjoy every day <3

  6. Ah,Dorinda, a woman who behaves on camera as if she is entitled to be rude and stations above the other ‘housewives’. Nasty one minute, crying the next. Are you reading this, Dorinda?

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