Which Housewife Does Kellyanne Conway Remind Andy Cohen Of?

Andy Cohen is “obsessed” with Kellyanne Conway who is a counselor to President Trump.

Andy appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and talked about which housewife Kellyanne reminds him of.

“Favorite statement ever made in the history of ever,” he shared. “And you know I’ve been saying for a year, I was calling all the debates ‘Housewives reunions’ because they were, and their parallels to the Housewives and a lot of things that happen during the election. And Kellyanne Conway, I’m begging her to just consider a spot on the Housewives, if she gets bored. She’d be amazing ’cause ‘alternative facts’ — I’m waiting for them to bust it out. I’m taping the Beverly Hills reunion in a couple of weeks, and I’m waiting for Lisa Rinna to be like, ‘Well, that’s an alternative fact.'”

“But she reminds me — someone tweeted me the other day and pointed out — do you remember Michaele Salahi [from The Real Housewives of D.C.] who crashed the White House? She actually also really looks like Michaele Salahi and interviewing her,” Andy shared with Seth. “And I was interviewing Michaele like, ‘Were you invited to the White House?’ She’s like, ‘Well, I mean they told us if we came we might have got in’… it’s a circle; it’s amazing. Alternative facts.”

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5 Replies to “Which Housewife Does Kellyanne Conway Remind Andy Cohen Of?”

  1. Well Andy I KNOW this is not a compliment lol I will say if I ever needed anyone to get me out of jail it would be good ol Kellyanne that girl can talk a dog off a meat wagon. Personally I don’t think she does look like Michaele S, although I see a barely there feint Carly Simon come through sorta

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