Horrifying Photos Of A Beaten Adrienne Maloof Released!

Horrifying photos of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Adrienne Maloof have surfaced where she has huge bruises on her back. She is wearing her hair in a ponytail and you can see large bruises all over the back side of her body. Adrienne’s personal chef, Bernie Guzman, released these photos on his Facebook page and he wrote, “Now you know….Everyone else needs to know. It’s a secret I have kept….he must be stopped.”

Due to Adrienne’s nasty public divorce and child custody battle, Bernie is defending Adrienne against her estranged husband, Dr. Paul Nassif. “Adrienne did not put me up to this…..I feel everyone needs to know. I’m sure she will be relieved everyone knows.” Bernie wrote.

“Now you know who and what he really is,” Chef Bernie wrote and said “Adrienne Maloof was pushed to the ground. Punched and beaten. He [Paul] is a beast.”

In the courtroom in Adrienne’s sworn-in declaration, she stated, “Paul Nassif has often shoved me to the ground, pulled my hair and yelled at me. Most recently, in July 2012, he shoved me to the ground with enough force that I hit my head on the floor when I fell. I immediately jumped up because I knew that if I stayed down I could be kicked. He grabbed my hair and pulled. I grabbed his hair, trying to get him off of me.”

Adrienne’s Chef, Bernie, has also come to her defense in the courtroom, stating, “Paul drinking large amounts of alcohol and in particular, scotch on a daily basis. While at the residence Paul had a nightly habit of drinking one-and-a-half highball glasses full of scotch without ice or water…..When Paul drinks, Paul tends to fight with Adrienne. I have overheard many arguments between Adrienne and Paul and during some arguments I have heard Adrienne say, ‘Get off me. Get away from me.'”


Paul Nassif’s attorney has denied any allegations of physical abuse.

I almost didn’t even write this post. It is awful and my heart breaks for Adrienne, her children, and her family. My thoughts & prayers are with them. How awful to go through something like this publicly.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Getty Images