Hollywood Medium Warns Stassi Schroeder

Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry has dealt with his fair share of celebrities, but now he has the chance to work with Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder.

“I think I read Stassi and Kristen [Doute] both together at the same time and that was a really profound, interesting instance because some medical information actually came through for Stassi, which you’ll have to see,” Tyler told the Daily Dish. “But that was super validating. And I think the two of them kind of came together as friends but the reading just ended up being incredible for the both of them. They both got very specific messages that they both were needing and they were very different messages.”

With Stassi, it seems the message is loud and clear that Tyler is seeing trouble with drinking.

“Your abdomen is really the area I’m looking at, interestingly,” he said in a deleted scene from the show. “When it just comes to medical susceptibilities, just take note of how your body reacts to alcohol.”

“What is that going to do to our friendship?” Kristen said afterwards.

“I should have asked him, ‘But what types of alcohol should I cut out?'” Stassi joked. “‘Can you expand on that a little bit more?'”

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2 Replies to “Hollywood Medium Warns Stassi Schroeder”

  1. After Tyler warned Alan Thicke of a heart problem and then Alan died a few months later from a heart problem, I would probably listen to him if I were Stassi.

    1. the thing is a medium can usually read a person the drinkin’ is a obvious things anyone can and everyone can see that

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