Heather Thomson Talks RHONY Season Finale!

Heather Thomson was one of the three new housewives we were introduced to this season on The Real Housewives of New York. Now that the finale is over she is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about Samonja, Aviva, and her lessons learned throughout her first season on The Housewives.

Heather writes, “Tonight’s show opens with the gang coming together to support Carole’s charity at a fun table tennis tournament at Spin NY. This place is so cool. Susan Sarandon (yes, the actress) is a partner in the space and you see lots of people of all ages and tons of hipsters there any given night of the week. But tonight, I was bringing my “A Game” to support Carole and go for gold. With any other group of friends this would be an easy night of laughing and maybe a couple of pitchers of beer, but not with this crowd. There are landmines set all around the room. Aviva was still steaming about Ramona kicking George out of her event from the day before and with everyone here Carole is doing her best to keep everyone separated. I thought it was nice of George to say hi to Mario. George is 80 and his heart is in the right place. He is harmless overall and he seems to be taking it all in stride. I won the tournament just beating Avery, who was so cute and such a great sport. Just a couple more chords on my air guitar paddle and it is time to relax. Carole and I are doing our best socializing with everyone and I walk up on my Jon having a heart-to-heart with Aviva. I think Jon is right about Ramona and I think he gives Aviva some great advice, but I also am getting frustrated with the same ole, same ole from Aviva and clearly think it is time for her to move on to a new conversation. The end.

Aviva stopped by for her fitting for the fashion show. She had a lot of anxiety about exposing her leg, but she was able to put everything aside to help me raise awareness for my charity and you gotta love her for that. I honestly believe she is beautiful, and I think her flaws make her even more so. I gave her a couple of options to wear and I was thrilled she chose the Tsispora Tank, Analeigh Blazer, and Briefie Bottom. I can’t get over her figure. Wow! She really looks awesome!

Aviva took off the jacket. Wow. She doesn’t fail to surprise me these days, but in the spirit of my charity I decide to let it all go with her, but what I can’t stand for is Sonja and Ramona’s incessancy about this damn toaster oven! Not even a congratulations!?! They start right in with it and this behavior at my event is sickening to me. Carole said it right. . .Samonja needs the attention and spotlight all of the time. So, they talk through the runway show and they start up with Gian Andre and they are just a hot mess. Watching the episode with you all, I can see that they were both a little sorry they brought this up and they were back peddling to get out of BUT hindsight is of course 20/20. I had worked so hard on this event and it was so meaningful to me that I finally had had enough of it. It wasn’t the place for this conversation and it was time for me to say it. The good news is that we raised over $275,000 at our event. . .not enough for a transplant, but it goes a long way toward one and I am so proud of our continued accomplishments at Kellner and so grateful to all those who so generously support us.

So, is it just me or is there something truly disingenuous about an apology if you have to ask for it? I for one don’t accept it as being sincere if I have to beg someone to say sorry. I bring this up because I think Aviva needs to stop asking Ramona to apologize. What will it do? Will it make her feel better? In my opinion, she needs to just back down and give this whole thing with Ramona some time. They just continue to circle the drain with these heightened emotions and it’s getting them nowhere.

What did you think of my behavior at the party?? A bit icy, right? Well, I just can’t fake it. My feelings were hurt about the things that went on with Samonja at my charity event the night before and I just can’t pretend everything is ok. I am the kind of person that needs to say her peace and move on and forgive. I have learned not to hold grudges and admittedly sometimes it’s easier than other times, but I can see Ramona trying to improve on herself and I know in her heart Sonja is grateful.

With that, I will leave you with a few lessons I’ve learned this season: Narcissism is a truly a disease and trust me it is highly contagious. I’ve also learned that the best way to be is to just be yourself. That you just can’t sweat the small stuff! The truth will set you free, and above all else ya’ gotta “do you” and “keep it movin” and you all can Holla that!!”

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Photo Credit: Bravo