Heather Thomson Talks Feud With Aviva Drescher


When The Real Housewives of New York City premiered on Tuesday night, it was clear former friends Aviva Drescher and Heather Thomson were no longer on good terms. In a trailer for the season, Drescher and Thomson are seen getting into a heated argument.

“Aviva, when we first started filming last year, was someone who I really cared about,” Heather tells RadarOnline. “We were friends and we certainly have a commonality or thread that you just don’t share with anybody else.”

But Thomson reveals why the situation quickly changed. “When Aviva got so heavy handed at the end of last season, with name calling and she kind of really lost control, what you didn’t see behind the film is that when she called the girls ‘white trash’ and she said all those terrible things about Sonja [Morgan] being an alcoholic and these awful things that I feel are below the belt, she promised me that she had apologized on the show for it,” Thomson explained. “And then when I watched the show, she compared it to Rush Limbaugh’s apology, which was an empty apology. She really never apologized, so I felt a little bit jaded.”

Heather admits she felt deceived by Aviva. “I felt a little bit like I had the wool pulled over my eyes and I became a little trepidatious as did Carole [Radziwill] with Aviva going, ‘Wait a second, Will the real Aviva please stand up?’” Thomson said. “But I don’t judge anybody. I want to always give somebody the benefit of the doubt to redeem themselves. And I give Aviva after last season the benefit of the doubt to redeem herself and you’ll see how that unravels.”

Unfortunately, Thomson said that fans are “not going to see too much of me and Aviva together, that’s for sure.”

And Aviva isn’t the only one at the center of the drama, Thomson reveals. New Housewife Kristen Taekman shakes up the ladies too. “A true beauty is always threatening, isn’t she?” Thomson said. “She’s gorgeous.”

“Sonja and LuAnn have been friends for a long time and there’s some hurt feelings with some situation where they don’t feel like they were treated as close friends,” Thomson said. “So I kind of call LuAnn and Sonja ‘Sex And The City’ drama where you see them have an issue, get through it, overcome potentially, but it does effect where they stand in their relationship and their closeness.”

“Carole Radziwill and I are like sisters,” she admitted. “I can say she is one of the best things that came out of the show for me. I have Bravo to thank for the wonderful person that Carole is in my life. And I love her so, so much.”

Photo Credit: Bravo