Heather Thomson: Sonja, Ramona and Aviva Live By A Double Standard


Heather Thompson is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss part one of this year’s RHONY reunion. Thompson explains why she believes Ramona, Sonja and Aviva live their lives with a double standard.

Heather writes, “Here we are sitting pretty on this stage — divided by two couches — and it’s funny for me to watch Andy introduce us all. I really felt like, “Ya dat’s right, we’re New York City baby!” And I think the taglines this season were in keeping with the show. It’s silly. And no matter what, people will either love your silly or hate it. In the beginning, I actually hated all of the taglines too (except for mine of course), but I came around because at the end of the day, they’re funny!

I mean can you believe “The Gordon’s Fishermam,” who was Carole’s blind date, and the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” man (Fabio), were both on RHONY? We have fake fishermen, fantasy romance novel hunks, fake engagements, a promise not promised, and the baptism of a new girl — who Aviva calls a rookie, nice. (What makes her an expert on reality personalities anyway?)

There’s a lot I don’t understand, but one thing I can tell you is that Aviva Drescher has more double standards than prosthetics. And what’s shocking, she has no remorse at all. On the couch, as Kristen recaps the moment where Aviva so motherly drops the F-bomb, I notice one thing — Aviva isn’t even listening. She is sitting there thinking about what to say. It’s a game of chess to her. So here’s her next move: Kristen is a rookie, and if she was as seasoned as Aviva, she would know that, “We normally don’t have confrontations when children are in scene.” No. Checkmate there, Aviva. She fails to recognize she’s the one who was out-of-line. Where does she come up with this sh–?

Oh no, wait! Et tou Singer? Liquid on liquid? It was a “hard molded plastic glass.” How else do you say it? Among a slash and another double standard (grabbing someone’s arm or throwing a hard plastic object), we have a revelation — Ramona forgives. However, that doesn’t mean she should expect others to forgive as easily. . .

So then, onto blowies, threesomes, crying orgasms and long and short. . .gossip.

Bottom line, I’m inspired by people who stand up for what they believe in. Sure, it’s devilish to have a laugh behind someone’s back, and we’ve all done it, but you stop at the nervous giggle. You don’t ignite the flame, and you don’t create the gossip. It’s just in poor style. On the one hand, we protect someone in the group — like Ramona reminding Sonja that she’s on national TV and has a daughter or supporting Aviva’s father George (to a point). But then there’s the morsel some find and can’t wait to chew on, and spit it back, regurgitated into a larger form. It’s that confrontation armed with the evidence. Gossip created, “the word on the street.” Proof in prescriptions. Proof in “Harry lies,” and a massive scandal. . .which it is not. It’s having a job and not wanting to do the work. Do you notice how we all get physically stressed when Aviva speaks? It sucks..

Meanwhile. . .Sonja is planning our next trip. Can I get a lifeboat? Where are we? In the land of charming? No, we are not. Parts of the reality we are in are comical, and parts of it are totally frustrating, and that is real.

Lady Sonja J Morgan, however, is certainly charming. And she’s funny and smart and a performer at heart. She’s beautiful. Creative and sensitive. Sonja’s totally free on the one hand and then wants to be private on the other. And while all of the before mentioned can be interesting qualities, when I am with Sonja, they are to the extreme. She puts on her “party personality,” trying to be the comedian, victim, and business woman all at once. The Nigerian Football Team has to be my favorite of all — but now she’s a lifestyle expert? No, she’s a house flipper. Will the real Sonja Morgan please stand up?

By watching myself I’ve been able to uncover my co-dependent streak. We all have one and Sonja makes mine come alive. Sonja’s been sucked-in and although I don’t judge her, I do have an opinion and I think she should change the direction of her yacht.”

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10 Replies to “Heather Thomson: Sonja, Ramona and Aviva Live By A Double Standard”

  1. Love this woman! She’s fucking honest and that is most refreshing!


  2. Kristen needs to get her act together and get some plastic surgery on her mouth. She is immature and abrasive and the reason I will no longer watch this show.

  3. Heather and Carole are smart and funny and I love Kristen. You get rid of all of these three and I quit watching just as I quit watching NJ without Caroline and Jac.

    Heather you are so right.

    1. Heather, what a fabulous addition! Also like Carole and love Kristin speaking her mind. Have enjoyed Luann being back. Now I wish next season they’d show more of NY and all it has to offer. An exotic trip would be nice, too.
      Sonja has become sad to watch, so desperate.

  4. Heather is just a kick… I love her outgoing personality and she would give the shirt off her back for anyone. Carole she is also amazing. She has such a quick with but she can be a viper if she is pushed. I don’t blame her at all for her issues with Aviva, when you mess with someone’s career you deserve the backlash especially when you don’t have a career of your own. If you look closely at Aviva she really brings nothing to the table. She decided to write a book because Carole was getting so much notoriety with her book Vivy thought I could do that. (please read Carole’s two books they are funny, lighthearted and a great woman’s read) I know enough about Vivy’s leg and daddy than I ever want to know I won’t be spending 15 bucks on her book.
    As educated as she may be Aviva really is not very social smart. She actually is what I call “social stupid”. She cannot be in a room with other women unless she is trying to one up one of them or talking about how she lost her leg. My father was a quad he was hurt back in 1931, the last thing he wanted to ever discuss was his injuries. He hated bringing it up because he wanted people to see him as a person not a disability. Shame on you Aviva. All your doing is trying to draw attention to yourself and it’s a shame. Other than that disgusting father she has ( I would disown him if he ever spoke like that around my friends). I don’t know about anyone else but I have seen enough of both of them and I hope with her canceling all her trips with the Hw’s Bravo will give her the axe sooner than later. Let’s get someone who has a little class. YOu have four Lu, Carole and Heather and maybe Kristen let’s get rid of the dirty laundry and clean house. SOnja’s story line is just going to remain the same. She will continue to sleep with anyone who will wink at her and run her mouth about all these fake companies that she has and make up all the delusions that she thinks make her important. Ramona what can I say. I see nothing there. I hate to say she got what she deserved but you NEVER go around commenting on people’s marriages especially when your own husband is not going to bed with you at night. I think Mario has a lot of women, I think he just got lazy and this time got caught. ANyone see anything different from Ramona this season that I did not? Same ole same ole.
    Keep Carole, Heather, Lu and Kristen and get rid of the others. No way you can tell me that there are no other ladies in New York that can be on the show to flaunt their lifestyles family and MONEY. Listen to your audience Bravo

  5. Melodie you are one smart lady. I agree with everything you said except for LuAnn. She seems different this season but I still don’t trust her. I think put down to “friend of HW” made her seem less snobbish and pretentious.

  6. By the way, did anyone get the math regarding Ramon’s age? The reunion confirmed Ramona got married when she was 37. Didn’t she have a renewal of her wedding vows after 19 years of marriage? That would make her what–56 years old?!? And didn’t she have a storyline the year before last that she may be pregnant? What a liar!!!!

  7. I’ve been watching this show for years. Several things bothered me with this season and the reunion .

    With all the News reports about Bullying and the pain young people are experiencing because they were bullied and finally the country and school are addressing the issue. I find watching HWONY Heather could easily be seen as a Bully. The ladies on the show some call Heather Bossy. Heather won’t let up until the ladies agree with her. Some act like they are scared of her and agree to stay on her good side . That’s just happens when your afraid of a bully. If two other ladies are having a issue Hearher ALWAYS jumps in and it’s not her issue it’s theirs but she won’t shut up she has to be the Pit Bull in the fight.
    I have a child who had the same medical condition as her son everyday my heart was broken because he was bullied constantly made fun of at school and sports. Yes he played sports that was his choice ( I was proud of him) listening to Heather maybe her bossy or bully behavior is related to her son knowing she wants to jump in there and protect him from bossy/bullies she herself has become one.

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