Heather Thomson Reacts To Dorinda’s Apology


Heather Thomson is taking to her blog this week to react to Dorinda Medley’s apology. Thomson reveals what was going through her head when Dorinda apologized and admits that she will proceed with caution with Dorinda in the future.

“These are the things that count. I am so thrilled to support Smile Train and my friend Kristen with yummie jeans at this meaningful event. Smile Train is awesome and to be a part of Kristen’s journey with them as an ambassador–throwing this amazing evening–fills the soul. To make such a huge difference for someone else by doing so little is something we all can embrace. I am so proud of Kristen and honored to be a part of Smile Train. Please visit their website. Smile Train changes lives–completely.

In addition to the pairs we all decorated, proceeds from the evening were for Smile Train. It was a great turnout and a beautiful event. Jon and I were so touched by Kristen’s speech. Smile Train’s sustainable model provides training and funding to empower local doctors in 85+ developing countries to provide 100% free cleft repair surgery in their own communities. It’s really an amazing charity. To help raise more awareness and funds, right now on yummielife.com every pair of jeans sold until 7/25 will mean $10 to Smile Train, and we are also giving you $10 off your order for giving back. So #ShopForACause and find your new favorite pair!

This great cause also has brought about the mending of some fences. I was really happy to talk to Dorinda at the event. To this day, I am not sure when I became condescending or judgmental, and I’ve never been condensing to her. So it was with caution that I accepted Dorinda’s apology, and that’s what you see written all over my face. No airs. There’s really nothing I can do about Dorinda’s attitude towards me, because it seems to be in constant flux and just a rollercoaster of emotions. Even apologies are a place to be criticized. Upon further reflection, I’ve concluded that Dorinda is actually playing the judge, the preacher, and the jury, and so she’s taught me to proceed with caution. We had a wonderful new friendship for months, and it was real. I hope we can find our way back.

I’m also glad Luann and I made up for the second time. I didn’t have any idea she was harboring anger or resentment, but she is, and there’s a song in it for us all! Stay tuned for more on that one…

I had never been to a psychic before, and Carole made me take it very seriously. I thought it was so nice of her to ask Dorinda to come along, too. It was a good way for us to bond again.
The beauty of life is that you never know what to expect. Enduring pain is something as humans we need to learn to embrace. Dorinda and Carole clearly understand this, and this was my favorite part. This psychic visit was really wild, and to update you all on Jax, we did take a less invasive route, but it wasn’t successful, and we do need to move forward on reconstruction of both of Jax’s ear drums. This whole experience has helped to remind me that everyone has their things to go through in life. Barriers to break through.

You haven’t gotten to see much of my personal life this season but a peek…We celebrated a landmark for our family with Jax turning 10, and Josh and Kristen pulled out all the stops. I wish you could have gotten to see Jax’s whole birthday party with his little sis Ella and the gang–it was very special and lots of fun. And those Taekman kids?! Well, yum! Eboost me up!”

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13 Replies to “Heather Thomson Reacts To Dorinda’s Apology”

    1. I was JUST thinking this!!! We never hear about Ella, and I wonder about her because SO MUCH attention is given to her brother.

    1. I totally agree. Dorinda was one of my favorites. But now I’m starting to wonder if she’s a bit crazy. First thing I noticed is she doesn’t need to drink….ever! She slurs her words, talks with food in her mouth, and picks arguments. Stay away from the dirty martinis Dorinda.

  1. I like Heather but…
    $118 for Pair of Yummy Jeans
    – $ 10 off as “discount” from company as promo
    – $ 10 off going to Smile Train

    $98 gross profit into Heaher’s pocket–that’s gross profit, not net

    $15 cost of similar pair of jeans at Walmart. Who is really being helped here?

    1. I agree with you, I don’t do Walmart jeans, old navy because the short are an amazing fit for me. However I will say my daughter wears miss me, because they are long enough for her and they are at the $100 marker. “Good” jeans have always been around $100. And by good I mean name brand.

  2. Shameless self promotion with codes and coupons and what not… I can’t wait for her next week’s blog titled :”Click on this link here and buy”

  3. Heather, you are extremely condescending. You have a fake “let me help you” tone in your voice. And you are extremely judgmental and opinionated. Not sure why you don’t see this and not sure why nobody has ever pointed this out to you before.

  4. I like Heather and totally agree with her about Dorinda. Dorinda apologizes to Heather, then throws another punch???!!! WTH? Maybe Dorinda is a “median” too? A mind reader at least. Heather accepted her (apparently insincere) apology so shut up already Dorinda.

  5. It started when you opened your mouth, when you looked at someone, when you walked into a room. Gross, please leave.

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