Heather Thomson & LuAnn de Lesseps NOT Returning To RHONY?

Star Magazine is reporting there is going to be another big Real Housewives of New York cast shake-up. The report claims, “In a last-ditch bid for ratings, Bravo and the show’s producers are making yet another cast change, swapping Heather Thomson and LuAnn de Lesseps for real estate mogul Rachel Glazer and stylist Mary Alice Stephenson.”

An alleged “insider” claims, “Heather and LuAnn weren’t adding anything to the show.” The source also claims that production “hated” Heather Thomson because she was so boring, while LuAnn kept the juicy parts of her life off-camera.

“LuAnn has an incredibly interesting life — off camera,” reveals the supposed “insider,” who explains, “She slept with a bartender on the St. Barts trip, she went through a divorce and her daughter kept finding herself in trouble, but LuAnn wouldn’t allow any of that to be on the show.”

“She assumed that because she was a veteran member of the cast, she was untouchable — but the truth is, anyone can be fired if they don’t add to the drama of the show!”

Gossipcop.com checked with their Bravo insider who tells them this story is completely FALSE. Another false report from a magazine!

Photo Credit: Bravo