Heather Thomson Is Happy She Can Have A Normal Talk With Bethenny


Heather Thomson is dishing on the Turks and Caicos trip in her latest Bravo Blog. Thomson was happy to see that she could finally have a normal conversation with Bethenny and talks about starting her brand Yummie.

“Turks and Chaos:
Turks and Caicos is already off to a crazy start with Ramona and Sonja manically choosing rooms. The house was beautiful and featured seven bedrooms–two two-bedroom connected suites upstairs and three individual rooms on the main floor. No need for room-gate! We eventually figured it out. Radz, Bethenny, and I shared a suite upstairs on one side, and Dorinda and Kristen upstairs on the other. Sonja, Ramona and Luann ended up downstairs on the main floor, and one room remained empty. After all of the eeny, meeny, miny, mo-ing, I’ll take any drink! It’s always so interesting to see what’s covered on the show, because while you might get to see one thing going on, something else you might not see is always happening at the same time. I was much more interested in my conversation with Bethenny. We’re finally talking normally–hooray!

Our first night on the island, I brought the girls some of the newest pieces from my Yummie active collection, and was happy to hear how much everyone was liking my active and denim. Although Bethenny thinks I’ve “suddenly” struck gold with fitness apparel, this launch was not new. I launched my active collection last summer as a natural progression for my brand, not as a response to a trend. But thanks for the suggestion, Frankel, you are one smart cookie, and now everyone can get in on the trend with 20% off my active styles at yummielife.com only for RHONY fans with code RHONYFIT20 (offer good until 6/24/15)! #Holla!

Let’s Get Yummie
For those of you who might not know, I started Yummie by Heather Thomson in 2008, from my own selfish initiative. Like lots of new moms, I was faced with true weight loss issues after childbirth (just ask Sonja). And a trip to the shapewear department looking for a boost of confidence changed everything for me. The garments there then were literally my grandmother’s girdles and anything but confidence boosting. So I took matters into my own hands, leaned on 20 years of design experience, and I invented my original Yummie Tummie® patented 3-panel tank. I knew that if I needed that boost of confidence, other women needed it too, and we’ve never looked back! Today, Yummie by Heather Thomson includes intimates and shape, hosiery, leggings, denim, active, and our newest launch loungewear (coming on yummielife.com this October)!
Launching active wear was a very natural next step for my brand, and I’m loving rocking it myself as I train for an upcoming hike in Breckenridge, CO with the charity that inspired my tagline–No Barriers. We all have challenges to overcome. Obstacles that some say aren’t possible to push past. It can make us feel like our backs are against the wall. A No Barriers lifestyle teaches us to know different. We can face into the storm of life and find our way through. You just need some support to break down those barriers and discover that: What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way.

On July 31st I’m going to be joining fellow No Barriers Ambassadors and participants as we climb to the summit of a 14,000-foot peak in the Rocky Mountains. And you too can join me by signing up to become a part of my #YummieTeam! Everyone who submits a pledge between June 18 and July 17th will have the chance to meet me in Breckenridge, Colorado, where I’ll climb my first 14ers!”

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9 Replies to “Heather Thomson Is Happy She Can Have A Normal Talk With Bethenny”

  1. The most egotistical RH I have seen. Look at this fake evil smile in the photo. How telling.
    What does she offer the franchise? Nastiness through and through.

    1. Absolutely agree!!! While I had been fond of Heather past seasons, it seems her true colours are now emerging full force. She’s terribly annoying. I couldn’t believe how she kept pestering Bethenny at Dorinda’s birthday dinner! Heather wasn’t the host, though continued to badger Bethenny (with the pretense of ‘trying to be helpful’) about her dining choices. Bethenny said she was fine, and Heather just kept at it.
      Truly horrid behaviour on Heather’s part!!!

  2. I think Heather may have written this as a defense/response to Bethenny’s snide ‘advice’ about Heather might wanting to focus on athletic wear. like Bethenny was totally unaware that Heather is a successful business woman and is already in the athletic market.

    And Heather isn’t evil or fake. Since when is someone evil or fake raising money for a very worthwhile charity? Or helping Sonja for free? What she did for Sonja was way more than Bethenny has done.(And there was no product placement involved)

    1. greebo I have to agree with you and wonder why everyone thinks they have to please Bethanny.
      Bethanny is screwed up, Do her castmates think Bravo will fire them if Bethanny doesn’t approve of them?
      She’s always said she only came on the show to develop her brand so why put Heather down for it?

  3. Loved your blog. It was truly words of encouragement. I don’t mind any of these ladies talking about their businesses. It could help someone else just starting out. I like getting a glimpse into what they do.

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