Heather Thomson Discusses This Week’s RHONY Episode, Shuts Down Exit Rumors


In this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, we saw some “uncool” behavior with all of the ladies and a ton of drama. Heather Thomson was in the midst of it, fighting with cast mates Dorinda Thomson over the F-Word, and LuAnn De Leseepes about a strange naked man sleeping right across from her bedroom. Its safe to say, a lot went down in the Turks and Caicos and Heather dished all about it on New York Live.

Heather first discussed why she was so upset about finding a random stranger sleeping naked near her bedroom. “I think I was incensed that they didn’t see any issue with that…they didn’t know who these guys were, they picked them up at a club that night, which is by the way fine, I say live and let live, do you! I’ll do me, and you do you, just don’t leave the remnants in my bedroom. Like, I don’t want to have any part of it.”

She also got into more details about the night everything went down, “They were partying. It was 3:30 in the morning, the music was blasting, Carole and I were woken up, Dorinda was loaded, she came into my room, woke me up, wanted to sleep with me because she felt bad about the F-you dinner….and I was like well we’re kind of crowded in here, and she was like, the music is so loud, let me tell them to turn it down, and I said don’t worry about it, we’re leaving tomorrow.”

As for finding the strange naked man, “And then when I woke up, I went to the bathroom, and did my thing…and I’m brushing my teeth, and we were in a connected kind of enclave…we all shared this kind of suite, so the doors were wide open. And I grabbed my robe, trailing behind me, and I stop, and like, there’s a dude in the bed…. By the way, if he had been with one of the women, it would have been a totally different thing…this guy, they didn’t know his last name, barely knew his first name, had just flown to the island that night, I found out, you know, our belongings were there, to me it’s just irresponsible. Yes, nothing happened, thank god nothing happened, but we’d all be singing a different tune had something happened, or we were robbed, or pictures were taken of us and put on the internet, so it just wasn’t cool!”

Thomson also had quite a bit to say about Luann’s song ‘Girl Code’ and if she thinks she violated her space that morning when going into her bedroom to find out what was going on.

“Well it’s a little hard for me to be objective about it, to be honest, because we’re not girls, we’re ladies, number one… and Carole and I were the ones who were violated.”

“Luann brought all this attention to herself. We went into the room and were like, Lu, we’re waking you up, do you know anything about this dude, she’s like.. no, I walked my dude out. Perfect, end of story, we’re done! Ramona was irresponsible, she admitted to her irresponsibility… Ramona came to me and said, it’s the first thing I’ve always told my daughter Avery not to do, and I did it, and I’m sorry, and that was it and it was over. And I was like thank you for acknowledging it…Luann made this whole stink about being uncool…because she was worried I was going to open the door and catch her with somebody.”

So is Heather ready to leave RHONY? “We have so much to talk about on what’s happening on the show right now, we just shot the couch [reunion show]… I mean, who can even think about next season, let’s stick to this season.”

What do you guys think of what Heather had to say? Comment below!

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46 Replies to “Heather Thomson Discusses This Week’s RHONY Episode, Shuts Down Exit Rumors”

  1. I like how she totally downplayed the situation. She was frantic and on a rampage. The guy was 60 feet away in another bedroom. He wasn’t in her room, but she has repeatedly said “the naked guy in my room”. Come on! What a load of bull. It seems to me that between Heather and Carole they have fought with damn never everyone this season. 2 people walked out of Kristens little party because of her. She’s been on for 3 seasons and got really self righteous.

    1. I disagree. If I woke up in my room connected to another room by a bathroom, and in the other room was a naked stranger alone, I’d be a bit freaked out. I think she had every reason to be mad, not because Ramona got her groove on, but because she just left a total stranger there by himself. That is dangerous!

      1. Totally agree Christopher. I would have beaten ramona and Luann to next week. I get that these women are single and partying having a good old time but for Christ sale! Be responsible and think of the others, for once!

      2. I agree, and IF you ever want to let a stranger crash in a room, let the person who is sleeping with a connecting bathroom know at least! We the person up and tell em. Of even more be considerate of other people and tell the person to sleep on the couch in the leaving area or to call a freaking cab! How rude to impose that kind of situation on a so called friend!

      3. I totally agree w you! This was a “girls trip”. You’d think Ramona and LuAnn could control themselves for a few days!! I guess it’s not ladylike to say F… But it’s okay to do it with another woman’s husband ! Classy indeed!

      4. Precisely. I would have been P.O’ed to the Nth degree. We also have to remember that these women are public figures, not just via the show, but some of them have actual businesses with real professional interests they have to protect: you don’t leave your random hook-up stranger dude UNACCOMPANIED, passed out BUTT NAKED in in a connecting room to theirs: the girls who brought them back admittedly didn’t even know the man’s last name, let alone if he was a potential thief, would tape or record anything to sell it to tabloids, ect. It’s simply less than smart behavior with no regard for the overall safety of your flat-mates. Therein lies the REAL breaking of the “girl Code” and Luann needs to give her fake witch hunt accusation a rest. If you want to get your sex groove on, fine, but monitor the mess you’re getting into and be sure to escort it out to the curb when you’re done.

        1. I’ve worked on film crews before: if anything would have gone wrong it still would have taken a minute for someone to get to the guy, and by then who knows what he could have done and what the ensuing fallout would be. Ramona’s actions were less than smart, period.

      5. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bravo crew takes info on anyone who enters the film set. They can agree to be filmed or opt out. I doubt if any of them are anonymous after being in a house chosen by the production company. The whole thing was to up the ratings because H is so boring.

        1. They would have to sign agreements as well. It shows in the UK in six months, Andy has said he wants to go to Scotland when it’s showing!!

    2. I’m not saying she has no right to be startled, but the reaction didn’t fit the action. Luann had an issue with how she handled it after the fact. She can be pissed all she wants, but the hysterical crying and yelling at whomever she came into contact with was out of control. And in my honest opinion, if Heather didn’t react the way she did, I don’t think Carole would have cared as much. Carole wasn’t ripping through the house yelling at everyone.
      And just for the record, I have stayed at a cabin with friends and they have brought people back who passed out all over the house, even the bedroom across from me. I didn’t freak out or cry or place blame on anyone. To me, it wasn’t a big deal. They had a good time, some folks came over, there was some flings, and I understood that even if I didn’t participate. They put money and time into making this trip, I’m not going to police their behavior anymore than I would like to be policed. The rooms were separate. Nothing was stolen. No photos were taken. Heather and Carole were not touched. Heather just took the worst case scenario in her head and magnified it. She could have gotten her apologies sooner if she wasn’t so manic at the moment.

      1. Well that said, there is no accounting differing priorities or morals in a group of women, clearly there are some behaviors that work for some, and clearly don’t work for others. also, I think there is a MARKED difference between bringing “friends” into your living quarters, or even “a friend of a friend”, that’s been VETTED and you have a reference mutual friend that can vouch for their trustworthiness, vs. some random penis whose last name you don’t even and have no idea where his intentions and tendencies truly lie. Frankly, I also think that this was a situation where there plenty activities, arguments, unresolved issues, and unspoken tensions amongst the group, and by the time this all happened Heather was likely emotionally overloaded and had enough and snapped. I get her reaction and am surprised that in 2015 people are this lax with their safety when traveling.

    1. Agreed. Heather is a know it all and if I see your fake smile with you showing your teeth on more time I will vomit in my mouth. You are fake and boring and leave the show to save face before you get fired.

  2. Ramona is a self entitled egotist who thinks she does no wrong. She has no conscience but has learned she can get away with crap if she offers up one of her fake apologies. This woman is intolerable and I can understand Mario a lot better even though what he did was wrong. Who knows how many “turtle times” Ro has had during her marriage to Mario.

  3. I would be furious too. If a person is going to ‘get down and dirty,’ have a good time but don’t jeopardize anyone else. Ramona would have been incensed had her relationship with Mario been in tact. In fact, she would have very loudly exposed the ‘act’ with the audience and castigated her cast mates with pious platitudes worthy of a saint. Ramona is a hypocrite and her indifference to her wreckless behavior resonates loudly.

  4. As much as Heather bugs me to death since she’s such a yenta about everything, she is 100% correct about this whole situation. I would have gone BALLISTIC.

  5. Heather was right from start to finish. Only those that approve of Ramona & Luann’s cheap, classless, slut like behavior will disagree with Heather. It was WRONG!!!!!!!

    1. Geez, that’s not a broad generalization. The only issue should be with Ramona. No one even knew about Luann’s man as she didn’t leave him “unattended”, which that was what the problem was, right? Further more those girls were asleep it’s not like they were hanging out with Luann why would it matter to them what she was doing?

    2. I’m confused are you saying Ramona and Luann shouldn’t have had sex with men or are you saying they shouldn’t have had men back to the house while the others were there? Luann is single and escorted her man out of the house so I don’t see why that should be a problem to the other women or you! The man was the one that was married not Luann. What names are you calling him.? Even he Aristocracy have sex!!! Calling someone a slut for having casual sex is unbelievable! A lot of people do it why shouldn’t she?? If you had been calling Ramona out for leaving the man in the house, I could understand that more but you didn’t even mention her at all!!!

  6. I doubt the camera people would stand by 24/7. Remember they need sleep too. More than likely they temporarily installed cameras except in bathrooms that recorded what was going on day and night and then took what the cams had filmed and edited in what they wanted to put on the show. Also remember some of these women wear extremely expensive jewelry. Would you want some stranger in your co joining room without your knowledge considering this stranger could walk away with thousands of dollars of jewels or name brand purses?

    1. and here’s the thing about high class crimes; these girls are all metropolitan New Yorkers, one automatically expects them to have a basic level of street smarts that’s on the same level of a typical Parisian, Londoner, Milanese, or Berliner. The fact that they are all world traveled, most of them with experience of living and working in different countries and cultures, you come to understand that the crimes committed amongst their “set” and their “kind of people” are much more subtle. Okay, they’re out of Gotham and may not have to worry about the typical mugging we see on network news, but exclusive, protected, luxury environments invite an ENTIRELY different breed of criminal or predator: in those surroundings you clearly won’t experience a “smash and grab”, but you certainly have the potential to meet a handsome, well-dressed, smooth talker who is adept at “slight of hand”. While I don’t believe anything outright violent or fatal may have potentially happened (though you never know), I do believe that given T&C is a luxury holiday destination long frequented by EU’ers and Brits (and the fact that certain European based tabloids who own certain American media entities and are doing their best to bringcrossover their brand of sensationalism & go out of their way to really mess with public people), the paparazzi/mole factor is a major consideration for these girls. Also, they’re in a foreign protectorate and may have limited ability for legal recourse if something goes wrong….sorry, Ramona, but it’s JUST. NOT. SMART. We are not living in the age where there is such a thing as picking up a random stranger for romantic trysts anymore, precautions need to be taken to not only ensure your own safety, but the safety of those around you. ALWAYS.

      1. You nailed it. Your points are all valid. In this day and age, you would think they would have been so much more cautious. I was stunned at what happened.
        Also, there is an ever-growing increase in HIV amongst older post menopausal women who are back dating after many years in a committed relationship. I hope these women took precautions for their own health. It is also a good idea to visit the CDC site for information on any vacation site to see what precautions are advised. Some diseases are far more common in certain areas than others. Ramona and Luann really acted without thinking.

        1. O M G! These men were Scottish not from a third world. It is a civilised country! I’m sure they used adequate protection!!!

          1. I am sure you are sure…right. FYI, it is a fact that women who engage in she’s after the fear of pregnancy is over are more apt to not use adequate protection. It is a fact that that there is an increase in HIV amongst this particular age group. (Also certain diseases are more common in certain countries) Here is an interesting article. There is also more at the CDC on the topic. http://www.nextavenue.org/hivaids-and-new-rules-50-plus-dating/

            1. As I said they were Scottish, Britain is a civilised country, we don’t have much HIV, as a percentage less than the U.S.!!! I am British and I object to you saying ‘certain countries as though we are uncivilised! Grow up woman. Single men and women have sex even in their 50’s 60’s and 70’s and some older!!! It’s life!!! Good for them!!

              1. FYI. Please get off your high horse and pay attention. When I mentioned the CDC, The Center for Disease Control on Atlanta, I was giving out general information. If you plug in any country in the world on their website before traveling, it will give thorough travel advice, including vaccination protocol, political issues, water safet, personal safety issues, and what diseases to look out for such as mosquito borne, etc. Some countries, and I am not saying Turks and Caicos, which is not in the Caribbean, but the Atlantic, do have more diseases prevalent than others. They do have mosquito borne disease there, etc. If you said Haiti or elsewhere, there would be more advisories. If you looked at my link, you would see that HIV has risen 59 among those older women in recent years, and that was not pointing to any country in particular, only that older women are not as cautious as they should be and the vaginal wall is more apt to be weakened and much more susceptible to infection. I am a nurse. My spouse is a physician(uh oh…not anonymous) who is very highly informed about infectious diseases. I know what I am talking about. I also am in love with Scotland, and know friends there, and I am not someone who dislikes anyone from anywhere. You are taking everything out of context and as some personal attack. It isn’t. I don’t care of the man Ramona supposedly was with was from Mars. I think that Luann and Ramona put the other women at risk for a lot of reasons and perhaps also their own health. If you knew about how diseases are transmitted, then you would know what I mean. It is easy to have a few drinks and forget about things, and maybe for Ramona, be back living in the 1970s and very early 1980s just before HIV was discovered when free love was not dangerous then since penicillin worked for the STD of most concern.

                1. I meant to say 53 percent. The number is rising for older women getting HIV. That is a fact. It is ignorant to assume that the men from whatever country are disease free. It is better to be safe than sorry. Oh, so even if the disease rate is less in any country, there are always those who are infected. Many don’t even know they are since they don’t get tested. I won’t continue on this subject. I left a link for a good article, and you can just research it. The numbers are staggering among the older women, and the doctors are talking about it. That is how I know. Someone can look fine and still be infected. The article mentions a women who was with a man who was on medication for it but she was not told. She was far from young…and it can hit anyone.

  7. I agree with Heather 100% regarding unattended! unknown people in the same house even. Lu and Ramona are at fault with this situation, although Heather did overreact–person had already left when she made everyone get up.

    1. No one even proved Luann slept with the guy, “a little making out on the patio” was what I heard. It was Ramona’s “date” that must have stumbled up and passed out? What I wonder is why was he naked. When people drink to passing out they usually just fall onto the bed. Not get undressed and get under the covers. So, that begs the question did Ramona sleep with the guy. And Luann’s date was maybe married. No one proved that either. When sex is spoken about in vague terms everyone thinks it’s great. When it seems someone actually had sex then it’s not OK? It is funny how they all react to one situation and the game of gosp starts.

  8. I really wouldn’t be thrilled with the naked guy left to stumble around, but, if that is what it takes to get rid of Heather and Carol, I’m all for it. Holla!!! Bye mama Felicia!!!

  9. Really sad…the Countess has shown her true colors as a class-less, cheap, home-wrecking slut. Nice example to set and put forth to the world, “Countess”… Her own lyrics ring true…Money can’t buy you class…the hypocrisy is astounding. So NOT cool.

  10. I’d be pissed off too—-does everyone forget that a very young (natalie holloway) disappeared on an Island after partying without a trace. Just stupid and irresponsible behaviour, these alleged ladies would not approve of their daughters acting this way so it’s duplicity…
    And luann & ramona “partying” like they are teenagers is actually quite pathetic and gross…
    Let’s be real—this is RHONY not sex in the city…

    1. Natalie Holloway disappeared from the Island of Aruba, A totally different way of life there, not as much tourism as T & C. She wasn’t in a house full of other women and staff and a film crew!!! Why shouldn’t they have sex, good for them!!! I will say Ramona should have done the same as Luann and seen him out! That is all I will say about it!!

  11. Wasn’t it obvious the Countess was naked under the covers when H an C busted in the next morning ? She really was afraid they might catch her hanging from the chandelier.

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