Heather Thomson: Why Can’t Kristen Let Me Be?


Heather Thomson is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the trip to Montana and her argument with Kristen Taekman. Heather doesn’t understand why Kristen won’t let her be herself and says Kristen wasn’t reading her audience when it came to the geocaching.

Heather writes, “From the moment we even started discussing Montana, some of the women haven’t stopped kvetching. And it’s really starting to get to me. We’re off to fly fish in such a beautiful setting (the water was amazing) and I fall in. What they also don’t tell you is that if you fall in when fly fishing, you shouldn’t keep on swimming! Your overalls fill up with water, which gives a whole new meaning to cement shoes! I was sad my fish got away from me, that I fell in and that everyone was bickering. But we made it, we had some laughs, popped a squat (except for me — I went back at the ranch, people!) and landed ourselves on the porch for a beautiful dinner enjoying the outdoors in peace and quiet. . .think again.

The facialist controversy keeps rearing its ugly head. . .Oy. I understand Lu’s point-of-view and I do think the issues between she and Sonja are bigger than a facialist.

The massages on the mountain were magical. Even being with Ramona and Sonja was, for once, relaxing. All any friendship really needs is a little loyalty and love. I hope Sonja can start to see this whole thing from Lu’s perspective, which I am trying to explain. But we will wait and see. . .for now, I have a little cliff hanger of my own.

Meanwhile, repelling is right up my alley. However it’s not easy, but is so exhilarating. From the beginning, Kristen was game to go and it didn’t even dawn on me that maybe this wasn’t the best choice for her — until we got there. I could feel the tension coming off of her and it hit me, “Why is she doing this?” She was shaking before we even got to the top of the mountain. My first time stepping backwards off a cliff was hard — it goes against human nature and it’s completely normal to not want to do it. I was trying to encourage her, not discourage her. I wanted her to know that if her choice is that this isn’t for her, I support her and am proud of her. If she can’t step back off of a cliff — don’t worry about it! I didn’t get that good by going down a mountain one time. I’m no Spiderman. I rock climbed in my twenties. Everybody has their own limits and when it stops being fun, you should stop doing it. Go do things that make you feel like you’ve achieved something and make you feel great. The only person you have to prove something to is yourself. There is no card that I check once my friends repel off a mountain or compete in a Spartan Race. My friendship requirements are loyalty, love, encouragement, laughter, and forgiveness. . .

After repelling, Kristen’s nerves were shot, and so were mine, quite frankly. So a couple glasses of wine did the trick to bring us back to earth and get us giggling again. And we were in the middle of nowhere. . .no kids, no husbands, no responsibility. Why stop now?
Geocaching may be a little bit more challenging with a buzz on but what is geocaching anyway? On the ride over from the restaurant to the range, I learned.

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt happening at all times, all around you. There are 2,429,407 active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide.

So there you go — happy to enlighten you! Geocaching, as interesting as it may sound, is HONESTLY the last thing I want to do. I’m in woods, I’m in nature, I just don’t feel like searching for a box of treasures that are really trinkets, unless there’s a million bucks in there — I’d rather find a tree to hug! Clearly I’m not the only one that was not into this geo caching, but Kristen was not reading her audience. I’ve been super supportive of Kristen, as I want to be, but what’s the big deal about Geocaching? Why can’t she just let me be? I’m not going to be any help to her — I can’t even say a full sentence right now let alone read GPS coordinates on a tiny machine. Did anyone bring my glasses? I realize that Kristen is not yelling at me, she’s yelling out all the frustrations of planning this trip and putting it together. And I’m not taking it too seriously — it’s a tough group to please and I am not bossy after all, I’m the boss. And this is one time I don’t want to take a leadership role.”

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4 Replies to “Heather Thomson: Why Can’t Kristen Let Me Be?”

  1. I love Heather. She’s such a straight shooter and has no time for bull shit. I love her! Kristen is honestly starting to get on my nerves and I hope she doesn’t come back. I would like for everyone to return except Kristen. Bring LuAnn back and maybe a couple new faces to try to turn the ratings up. This is my fav city and I wish more people got into it! It may not be 24/7 drama but these girls know how to have fun and it’s fun to watch! I understand why it may seem like Heather only does the activities she wants to do but she tried to get Kristen to stop the mountain and would have been fine with her not doing it so Kristen should give the same respect to Heather. It wasn’t a big deal. If I was drunk I wouldn’t want to geocach either. Looking forward to next weeks episode!

  2. I think Heather is a snot nose biotch. She is all ” I’m the athletic one” “why do something that doesn’t make you happy? “. She wasn’t encouraging Kristen on the repel the mountain deal—-it was apparent she wanted to be the ONLY one that was super fantastic & experienced at it and wanted to see K. give up …or fail. She isn’t bossy. She isn’t even “the boss” like she thinks she is. She’s a high school bully attention “seeker”. Got to have the clickish, latest cool thing to say childish snob. (Totally Immature) Get over yourself Ms Holla Yummy. Gag!! Your fake smile that makes ya look like an amphibian isn’t all that attractive either!! Hahahahaha!! Holla that.

    1. Your either extremely jealous or extremely un-observant. There’s been some real clique leaders in the past seasons of
      This show and Heather definitely does not prove to be one of them. Everyone has conflicts on the show so you can’t hate on her for backing up her friend and having more people take her side. As for Kristen, Heather supported BOTH LuAnn and Kristen- she may be competitive but she didn’t give a fuck who did “best” she was just trying to enjoy it unlike Kristen. I don’t get why you have so much mockery and dislike for Heather but I’m sure she’s laughing about it considering she is a successful buisness owner and your just someone bashing her on a website…

  3. I agree with Heather. Kristen has rubbed me the wrong way since the first episode. Even tho I realize her husband can be an ass, it’s hard to feel sympathetic towards her because she just can’t let anything go! She nags and picks before he even has a chance to explain. Pick, pick, pick.. It’s so snnoying! And she does this with all the women as well. Don’t get me started on the PLASTIC wine “glass” throwing incident. She just kept bringing it up and kept throwing. Fit . She’s like a pitbull that latches on and can’t let go until the other person either gives in and apologizes or gets sick of it and tells her to eff off! I realize that she’s probably trying to cause enough drama to make herself relevant and keep her seat on the show but she’s trying too hard. The final nail in her coffin for me was that huge fur coat she wore in Montana. Say NO to fit ladies!!

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