Heather And Terry Dubrow Dish About RHOC On WWHL


Heather and Terry Dubrow appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after a dramatic episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County to dish on the season and the drama that happened in Bali.

After showing a clip for the season finale of Terry getting into an argument with David Beador for saying sexual remarks to Heather in the beginning of the season, Terry said, “I was pissed. This was a challenging season for us. This season was characterized by a lot of misrepresentations and mischaracterizations and I was told things before I actually saw what happened that were sort of an exaggeration of what he did. That’s why I was so upset.”

“I think a lot of what happened this season was not captured on camera and it was a huge game of telephone,” Heather added. “And then you react to things you’ve heard. If there’s a lesson to be learned it’s don’t believe everything you hear.”

A caller asked Heather after watching the footage this season and after Bali if she can see now that Tamra has manipulated her for the last three years.

“Wow that’s a heavy question,” Heather says. “Tamra and I are friends and when you have a friendship you have to believe what they tell you. Do I think that things can get twisted and games of telephone can go on and become something they’re not? Yes, but I don’t feel she lied to me.”

Another caller asked Terry why he seemed to give Eddie a pass for the alleged vulgar comments he made towards Heather when she was riding the bull at their Hoedown party.

“I totally understand that,” Terry responds. “I was told about this. I didn’t hear David or Eddie say anything. I was told David said everything, I was not told Eddie said anything. So, from my understanding that’s why.”

“So when we watched it we went, ‘Huh?’ Heather added.

“And I didn’t watch it until after we had the final party,” Terry said.

Another viewer asked Heather why she apologized to Shannon but in the same breath made it about her looking for another apology from Shannon about the sexual remarks David made.

“I know it looks like I brought it up, but I actually didn’t,” Heather clarifies. “Vicki told Shannon that I was upset and that Terry was upset about the comments David had made and it was brought up at the table. That’s why we discussed it. We didn’t really have any intention of bringing it up. I thought Terry was going to bring it up with David and I wasn’t really going to be involved but it got brought up and I was annoyed that Vicki had told her. So that’s why we talked about it.”

Lastly, a caller asked both Heather and Terry where they think the “take the Beadors down” comment came from.

“Did we talk about going to Australia or something? Take them down under? I couldn’t figure it out. I have no clue. I barely even knew them when that happened,” Terry said.

“It’s not even something that we would ever think to say or say,” Heather said. “So it didn’t come from us. Do I think Tamra pulled that out of the sky and said that? No. I feel most likely what happened is they were probably out drinking and people make comments and stories get blown. I don’t’ know.”

“Tamra is a straight shooter,” Terry adds. “She says it like it is. I don’t really believe she said it.”

“I just can’t imagine her picking it up from the sky and throwing it out there for no reason,” Heather said.

72% of viewers took the Beadors side in the WWHL poll.

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35 Replies to “Heather And Terry Dubrow Dish About RHOC On WWHL”

  1. So another husband can’t tell Heather to spread her legs around a bull, but it’s perfectly appropriate for Terry to ask Tamra’s husband point blank if he has anal sex with Tamra on national TV where her kids will hear about it. I see. Tamra is trash, but that doesn’t give Terry a free pass.

  2. “Tamra is a straight shooter” ?!?! MAN!, the DuhBrows got a lot of things wrong this season, but to say that after the disastrous season Tamra had, makes me think they’re just as “fictional” as Tamra is. Redick(s)!

    1. I would just love for one of their friends not on the show to do some interviews about Heather and Terry. It seems they don’t have friends around them much other than the paid ones on the show. Even at that stupid ground breaking howdown they didn’t really mingle much with others. I bet the REAL HWs not on this show are laughing their butts off at how stupid Terry and heather both are acting just to be on tv.

      On a good note………at least she had those bangs pulled back. OMG that pic of her online for awhile with those bangs made her look worse than ever.

    1. As I recall, it was something like, “ride it like you ride Terry!” It looked to me, as though Terry was right there, I find it odd that he “didn’t hear it, himself.”

      1. See, I thought Terry did hear them both because he had that stupid smirky smile of his when it was said, like he was ‘proud’ of his wife as if Eddie and David were jealous. I think he just has it on now for air time only, he wasn’t upset then!

        1. I saw Terry smirking too during all of that! He heard it alright & he thought it was funny then. Now he wants to fight David over something he laughed at, and Eddie gets a pass? Please, I don’t care if he is a plastic surgeon. This is a very weak and stupid man. And to call another grown man a penis??? That’s what a little boy who just learned the word would do! They both just keep making themselves look utterly foolish!

  3. Tamra is a straight shooter only in the sense that she will happily take out a gun and shoot straight at one of her fellow cast members.

    1. Tamra may be a straight shooter but she best watch her mouth when it comes to her future daughter in law who sells and handles real guns. I loved the looks that woman (Sarah?) was giving as she watch trashy act at that family meal. I think she could teach Tamra so lessons real fast. OMG just realized that her 3 daughters are going to have tamra as a step grandma. Talk about embarrassing for them.

  4. I think Heather and Terry are trying to save face and the only thing they could come up with is David saying spread legs along with Eddie, no one wants to see you spread your legs Heather there’s probably broken dolls heads and old Christmas lights there anyway!! Oh and just saying your pretentious tag line NO I don’t think you have everything that would mean a personality!!

    1. Boy, do I agree, Lia. David made a comment that needn’t be taken the wrong way. Eddie made a comment that could only be understood as sexual in front of the DuBrow kids, and Terry isn’t insulted by that? I know he said he didn’t hear it, but once he did he had no reaction, either. The Dubrows are just trying to shift the negative attention away from themselves and on to the Beadors.

      I also think Heather’s tag line is obnoxious.

      1. DebAnn, geez I hope I don’t upset anyone here ( her vagina is probably like a scary old attic I heard it on a show and it made me laugh)

        1. Hahaha! Ok gotcha! If it’s about Heather, Tamra, Yolanda Foster, Carole Radziwell, or Heather Thompson – ( the best yet is “every time she opens her mouth, I see a great white shark) (HT) I won’t be offended. You know, it’s a good thing I’m done with Rhoc after the reunion- primarily due to Heather & Terry, and now done with RHONY due to Heather T, & Carole, and quit RHOBH after last season ended. I can take Brandi more than I can take Yolanda and her King, Ramona and sigh even Aviva (!) over Carole & Heather T, and I can even take Tamra over the high & mighty Dubrows (Mr & Mrs. Penis). It’s good I’m finally going cold turkey on all of it, because I feel like a real mean girl now myself because they make me so mad.

          1. DebAnn, I have tried to give them up I always say I’m not watching another season and then they suck me inn…Haha it could be in Australia we can make some real shitty TV…and yes I have noticed they can bring out the worst in me but then I think bugger it, it beats watching the neighbors lmao!!

  5. What I would like to know is now that Dr and Mrs HighandMighty know that Eddie said things as well did they berate him also or are they still BFFs? I loved that the Beadors won the pole…the look on their faces was priceless.

  6. @lia

    I totally agree. The whole season Heather never once mentions that she and Terry were really mad because of the comment that Terry heard David made. But it comes up after the season is over? Heather didn’t mention it in her blogs this whole season! Definitely grasping at straws.

    Same as Tamra giving her version of the shag, marry, kill game to Vicki long after it happened on the Bali trip. Vicki who she talks to all the time. Umm, right….?

    Terry probably did make the Beador comment, probably half joking. But it makes sense since they were believing all the crap Tamra said about the Beadors behind their back but now they have to support Tamra even though they know they were duped after the season was over and saw what actually happened because they already denied it before that and they can’t go back on it and look like liars.

  7. heather and terry are sooooo full of themselves and it turns off the viewer’s — as well as their ridiculous support for tampra. the way terry yelled across the dinner table with 12 guests at lizzie’s party to shannon was rude and obnoxious (like him).
    can’t stand these two idiots….
    they deserve tampra (and that is not a compliment)… Although I think they enjoy having the little twit around since she is sooo beneath them (socially & economically), makes them feel so much better—hence is the problem the lobros/dubros have with the beador’s (the beador’s have much more money and that makes the lobros/dubros very jealous)….
    heather and terry have to be on the “top” dollar wise.
    anyone remember how ridiculous heather acted about the bow on her cake at the lame party for her changing her name to her married name……
    sheezzz OC should be history by now…

  8. I so agree. And saying she calls it like it is ……….no she calls it as she sees it. That and her excuse of when she drinks she has no recollection of those nights…..maybe that’s where her comment take down Shannon and David came from. drunk mouth syndrome.

  9. I would have thought Heather would have gotten a clue about Tamra after the way Tamra treated her in the beginning of the season. It was beginning to look like Heather was going to go the way of Gretchen with Tamra turing on her. I’ll give Heather one thing, she is loyal to a fault. So much of the whole fight between Heather and Shannon was caused by Tamra and the two might have gotten along fine if it were not for her. They are both uptight in their own way, but that doesn’t really bother me. Heather’s biggest problem is she put her trust in the wrong person. Sooner or later, she is going to figure that out. Probably later though, cuz with Vicki mad at Tamra, it’s more likely that Tamra is going to do everything she can to be besties with Heather.

    1. There were only 2 reasons that set Heather off on Shannon both having to do with jealousy: Heather didn’t like Tamra, her sycophant, befriending Shannon, and Heather liked to think she had a grander life than the rest of them. You could see the jealousy in her eyes when she walked into Shannon’s house and each time one of the other girls complimented it. You could hear the implication that her new house would be in a better place. How frappin’ childish!

      1. Soooo true! I’ve been saying that all season. That episode when they all were at Shannon’s was the start of Heather’s issue with the Beadors. The Dubrows are very insecure and jealous.

  10. heather dubrow is a 2 faced, marie antoinette, (let them eat cake). she is a 5th class c$$t. Her husband is a limp D$$k. Hope they save their 30 million for their hatred inspired brain cancer, which hopefully will also cover their children’s inherent, parent induced brain cancer – who in the hell let these ignorant people purchase puppies???? pedigree of course, donate $ to the local shelter to euthanize yet more unwanted dogs and kitties. they are EGO personified and a disgrace to what they consider “THE GREAT UNWASHED”. Wouldn’t it be a shame for their children to experience drug, heroin addiction etc.? NO person is immune to the tragedies of life – especially the ones who are well financed, misunderstood and alone in their heart and mind. OCD is not an issue children or adults recover from well


  11. I’m not surprised Heather, Terry, and Tamra made raving asses out of themselves at the finale dinner. How tacky was it that Terry demeaned construction workers as guys that yell obscenities at women? Both of those construction workers at the table have shown more class and respectability in their little fingers all season than he has in any episode. He makes dumb comments, he asks rude questions, he acts like a LITTLE GIRL gossiping with his wife. He makes my skin crawl.

  12. The little clip of all the housewives jokingly apologizing for things was interesting because everyone else comes off joking except Heather. She sounds like a pretentious B going on about her chef and pure bred puppies. She is the worst human being!

  13. Just watched season finale. Shocked. The fight was the Boudrow being condesending and not the girls usual spat. I am not in construction but I am in the Auto Body Repair business. While I am college educated I am in the blue collar industry and a successful business owner. Terry really showed his true colors when he spoke down to the Beadors. Both Heather and Terry need to reflect on themselves. They need to stop being on the defense and realize they are people like everyone else. What they say and how they act is a reflection of themselves. They should be embarrassed for their children for the way they speak down to people. Their words can be hurtful and degrading. I know that cutting the Beadors down was Terry’s intention at the finale. It was an insult to all business owners in the blue collar industry. Shame on Terry Bourow. He has no right as a public figure and a doctor to perform so disgracefully on camera.

    1. You are so right, Paul. The DuBrows are ignorant because they don’t understand much of anything that isn’t directly involving themselves. They are incapable of reflection, so they are also not learning. They have zero social skills, so they are classless. So, basically, what the DuBrows would define as ‘trailer trash’ is actually who they are: ignorant, no learning curve, and socially inept. And on top of all that, they are not nice people, so I can’t see one redeeming feature in either of them.

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