Heather And Terry Dubrow Dish About RHOC On WWHL


Heather and Terry Dubrow appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after a dramatic episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County to dish on the season and the drama that happened in Bali.

After showing a clip for the season finale of Terry getting into an argument with David Beador for saying sexual remarks to Heather in the beginning of the season, Terry said, “I was pissed. This was a challenging season for us. This season was characterized by a lot of misrepresentations and mischaracterizations and I was told things before I actually saw what happened that were sort of an exaggeration of what he did. That’s why I was so upset.”

“I think a lot of what happened this season was not captured on camera and it was a huge game of telephone,” Heather added. “And then you react to things you’ve heard. If there’s a lesson to be learned it’s don’t believe everything you hear.”

A caller asked Heather after watching the footage this season and after Bali if she can see now that Tamra has manipulated her for the last three years.

“Wow that’s a heavy question,” Heather says. “Tamra and I are friends and when you have a friendship you have to believe what they tell you. Do I think that things can get twisted and games of telephone can go on and become something they’re not? Yes, but I don’t feel she lied to me.”

Another caller asked Terry why he seemed to give Eddie a pass for the alleged vulgar comments he made towards Heather when she was riding the bull at their Hoedown party.

“I totally understand that,” Terry responds. “I was told about this. I didn’t hear David or Eddie say anything. I was told David said everything, I was not told Eddie said anything. So, from my understanding that’s why.”

“So when we watched it we went, ‘Huh?’ Heather added.

“And I didn’t watch it until after we had the final party,” Terry said.

Another viewer asked Heather why she apologized to Shannon but in the same breath made it about her looking for another apology from Shannon about the sexual remarks David made.

“I know it looks like I brought it up, but I actually didn’t,” Heather clarifies. “Vicki told Shannon that I was upset and that Terry was upset about the comments David had made and it was brought up at the table. That’s why we discussed it. We didn’t really have any intention of bringing it up. I thought Terry was going to bring it up with David and I wasn’t really going to be involved but it got brought up and I was annoyed that Vicki had told her. So that’s why we talked about it.”

Lastly, a caller asked both Heather and Terry where they think the “take the Beadors down” comment came from.

“Did we talk about going to Australia or something? Take them down under? I couldn’t figure it out. I have no clue. I barely even knew them when that happened,” Terry said.

“It’s not even something that we would ever think to say or say,” Heather said. “So it didn’t come from us. Do I think Tamra pulled that out of the sky and said that? No. I feel most likely what happened is they were probably out drinking and people make comments and stories get blown. I don’t’ know.”

“Tamra is a straight shooter,” Terry adds. “She says it like it is. I don’t really believe she said it.”

“I just can’t imagine her picking it up from the sky and throwing it out there for no reason,” Heather said.

72% of viewers took the Beadors side in the WWHL poll.

Photo Credit: Twitter