Heather and Terry Dubrow Dish on Their New House


For the past 2 1/2 years Heather and Terry Dubrow have been building their new mansion and so far we know that Chateau Dubrow includes; a Champagne doorbell, a custom-designed etched glass window, and even a “throne” for Terry.

The Dubrows have revealed to the Daily Dish that they are very close to moving and and that some furniture has already been purchased for their new home!

While Heather has been teasing fans with photos on social media, she revealed she hasn’t let Terry see the building site of their home for three weeks. “I kicked him out. I wanted to have a big reveal,” Heather shared. “He hasn’t been here in about three weeks. He hasn’t seen the furniture.”

Heather has been in charge of construction, design, and decorating what will be the family’s new home, and Terry is fine with that. “In terms of the home building, Heather does everything, and I try not to be that idiot who comes into the middle of the project when there’s construction gear everywhere and partially painted things and nails sticking out and start criticizing and commenting and judging, just waiting for the finished product,” Terry said. “So Heather smartly said in the last third of the project that I basically couldn’t go there anymore.”

“Oh my God, I can’t wait,” he said of seeing his new house for the first time. “I have to not go there and just see the things that I bump up against immediately because there will be things where I go, ‘Oh. Huh. What do I think about that?’ And that’s all you do. If someone has a perfect head of hair, but they have a couple little hairs out of place, all you see are the hairs standing up.”

But Heather assures us that “there’s nothing that’s not changeable” about the house should Terry not like something. “I just tried to make every room special,” Heather said. “There’s a lot of very unique things that I’ve designed and put into this house that I’m just very excited about.”

But Terry gives Heather props for her talent. “What Heather has done in this house, which is rather than just put sort of expensive finishes that are elegant and nice, she’s treated every sort of millimeter of this house in a very unique way. So the house is really wrapped — it reminds me of a very fancy present — each room has been wrapped individually,” he explained. “She’s done some really unique things that it makes it look like it’s wrapped for a special occasion.”

Heather and Terry are excited to use their new movie theatre. “It’s a 21-seat movie theater that has commercial-level, state-of-the-art A/V equipment and even little speakers in the ceiling that are designed to give you a 360, fully-immersed audio-visual experience,” Terry described. “I can’t wait because we spent a lot of time in our last house in that amazing movie theater.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. These two…. geezzz…. they certainly have larger than life egos. Still remembering how she went off on Alexis for being ”showy” with her money and what it buys. Alexis doesn’t come close to how these two act when it comes to egos…money…etc. I’m turned off.

  2. Overkill, over done, too much is too much. More does not necessarily mean better. Just brings more burdens. Wish them all the best if that’s what makes them happy.

  3. So Terry had no say at all with the decorating. Nice for Heather. Terry is fine with it too, or he just does not want to argue maybe? So, she spends, and he lives with it. From their past conversations, Heather wants no input from him about anything, really. He can just earn the money, and she will spend it as she sees fit. I know the place will be over the top and all Heather, and it seems to work for them. They are still together.
    I just cannot see spending what she did on just a sink, and it is too extravagant, knowing how far that money could go for a family in need. It is just a mindset I cannot get. It is not like I have not been around ultra wealthy people who have things like drapes custom made with Swarofski crystals sewn in, painters on their backs for days, painting the sky on a domed foyer or a master bath ceiling, antique furnishings, art, cars and homes galore, etc. It always seems to be the nouveau riche that take it so far, and for me, and Heather is a real show off, when she mentions how much things cost. Most wealthy people never speak of how much things cost, and she is sickening when it comes to that. I wish her and Terry well. I hope all of his patients are happy, and that all their staff are well treated and compensated, too.

    1. True Sandy, I detest how she has to mention how ‘expensive’ everything else and how much it costs . It’s one thing if someone asks you how much something is, but don’t just how odd excessively like that. What is she trying to prove and to whom?? Oh hello by the way :), I hope you and yours are all well ❤️❤️❤️

      1. All is well here. Thanks Rain.
        It rained a lot and stopped and now it is raining again, and the wind is picking up again….weird. It also feels as cool as SF or cooler after being more summerlike this morning.
        How are you Rain? ❤️❌⭕️❤️

        1. I envy you ;). We haven’t had as much rain as we would’ve liked this year . The last few days were very hot (for us anyway ) but it’s finally cooling off ! I love seeing that fog roll in ❤️ I was preoccupied a bit with our politcal primary yesterday and I was satisfied with the outcome . Woo hoo

          1. You would not envy the wind that came with it. My neighbor across the street has half a tree down in his driveway. On the news, a tree hit a house north of here and a car, etc. I am so glad I had the big tree that was next to my house removed a few weeks ago. It did not look healthy and I feared it would fall on the house.
            Rain is good if not too much. You are always good, Rain…most of the time…. Well, then again…. 😮 Still love ya, Rain! ❤️

    2. Well said Real Sandy. The old rich don’t talk, just the nouveau do. To prove what & who is impressed really? not many. So many who really need help could greatly benefit from the cost of the sink alone.

  4. Once again and I’ve said this a thousand times…. They are building this behemoth structure in a) the fire hills east of PCH; b) in an area where all the other homes are much, much, much lower in value which 1) makes them a prime target for thieves and 2) brings down the value of their home; and c) is so hideously typical of the nouveau riche or new money, i.e., gaudy, over the top, and all for show…. no substance.

    1. Well, if what yoi say is true, they will have to give it away to sell it. I guess theyhope to stay in it a long time then, unless they start a trend and people buy the smaller homes and knock them down to build larger ones. It is not wise. They will be a target, yet, I imagine that not only do they have a state of the art home theater, they have state of the art home security too…and a safe room, etc. Being on TV showing so much does not help either.
      I, myself, could not live in anything that large. It makes me nervous. Her kids will be so far away in the house and not even be heard at all from one wing to the next too. That makes me too uncomfortable. Hopefully they will have full time staff trained in the martial arts or something too…and very trustworthy.

      1. Yes, that is YUUUGE by any standard Sandy 🙂 I find her exhausting! It’s so silly to me that how even women like herself, who are independent and work, can be so silly and fall into this role of the clueless wife who spends her husbands money while giggling and looking all cutesy . How are you Sandy and all your family? I left you a message above that will show as anonymous ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Rain, yes I am thanks I hope you are as well! Many slurpy kisses to you xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Has Heather ever addressed her hypocrisy over bragging? I’ve only ever noticed her deflecting from it.

  6. It’s so true that money talks. Old wealth prefers to whisper, and new money likes to scream it’s head off!

  7. I just flash back to the last house they owned – which was decorated in outdated finishes that were fads in the 80s, years before she had it done. She thinks “expensive” equates to “elegant,” and since her choices don’t reflect tasteful elegance she and Terry have to keep reminding us (as he did in the above) that it’s all “expensive.” I’d be excited to see it if I thought it would be lovely, but I just feel sad at all the wasted money to see her garish choices. Somebody needs to tell them that real elegance is humble, and old money is quiet.

      1. I thought the whole color scheme–black and white was hideous. And *black* FAKE flowers, in a vase, on the dining room table? It looked like something straight out of a cheapy neighborhood craft store. Not something I expected to see, in a multi-million dollar “mansion.”

  8. SHame on these people….. what a waste. IF they were true philanthropists they would build a reasonable house and then help those in need. Heather complains non stop that Terry is never home yet she overspends and overspends. She doesn’t have to show up at work every morning busting his butt to satisfy her ego and her over the top needs. Terry has said over and over he could care less about the house, he just wants to be with his family. Who needs 14 bathrooms for that. I don’t vicariously live through other people, i’m not impressed with “THINGS” Im impressed with people who’s priorities are in line with reality. Heather is a spoiled rotten woman who thinks that her home is going to make her friends like her more, envy her living, and all it does is make her look like a fool.

  9. Americans have a whole different approach to money and wealth, they like to show it off, most of the time ina graceless and/or tasteless manner

    I have nothing more to say on the subject

          1. Prince Harry can flash anything he wants Suze, I won’t complain 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

  10. So redundant. Big house is expensive. Don’t need to be reminded how expensive it is.

    Yes you are absolutely right. They are New money,& they wear it well. However, their money cannot buy them elegance,& class.

  11. I honestly believe that he could care less about what kind of home they’re building, as long as it keeps Mrs. Dubrow happy and occupied. 😉 I find him to be kinda funny in a nerdy nut kind of way. I watch his show Botched with his partner Paul and find them quite entertaining. I’m pretty certain they give to charity too with all their wealth, for tax purposes at any rate. But truth is, it’s their money, they earn it, what they do with it is not my business. But a champagne doorbell?? Gotta love that. 😮

  12. Maybe while she’s at it she can take some cooking classes. Or maybe instead of Terry putting him down, he will allow Dr. Paul Nassif to give him a nice nose job to reduce that big bulbous tip because THAT would make a better model for their practice than all the Botox he injects into Heather’s face.

  13. I’m looking forward to seeing the house. I think Heather has trained her husband well. He should keep out of it especially if he doesn’t have a talent toward this kind of thing.

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