Heather Tells Ramona How Much She’s Changed Since They First Met


During this week’s episode of RHONY, Dorinda, Ramona, LuAnn and Heather had a small dinner party where they toasted to their friendship. After the toast, Heather tried to pay Ramona a compliment by telling her how much she’s changed for the better in the three years they’ve known each other.

“There’s been a metamorphosis,” Thomson said.

“You know what it was?” Singer explains. “Dorinda always saw me the way I was. People like you Heather, and people like you [LuAnn], you do have this evasive wall up. Dorinda is very welcoming. So when she’s welcoming, I kind of bring down my wall so I can be myself.”

Ramona continues, “In all sincerity, Heather and LuAnn, you have this kind of wall up or insincerity towards me and I didn’t want to break it down. I can’t be bothered.”

“Honey, that was your wall,” Heather insists.

“Now you’re being aggressive,” Ramona says. “I’m trying to share something with you and you’re being aggressive.”

“Ramona,” Heather continues. “Chill out a little bit… relax. What I’m trying to say to you is, we did not get off on the right foot together. I have seen a lot of change and growth in you as a person.”

“But, Heather, I was always this way!” Ramona insists.

“Oh let’s not exaggerate,” LuAnn interjects. “You had a preconception about Heather very early on… She’s not Mrs. Innocent!”

LuAnn continues in her interview, “Every once in awhile Ramona slips up and we see the old Ramona coming out. So I think that she felt like, let’s just sweep this under the carpet and move on, because that’s what Ramona does.”

Watch the show highlight below.

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