Heather Says Gretchen Used Malibu Country To Manipulate Tamra!


Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain the situation involving the women and the show Malibu Country. Heather says the women are ungenerous and competitive when it comes to being happy for each other’s success. She writes that the role Alexis and Gretchen were contacted for was written out of the show and says Gretchen used the excuse of the show to try and manipulate Tamra into disinviting Alexis from wedding dress shopping.

Heather writes, “When I announced to the group that I would be leaving Whistler early and why, Alexis and Gretchen’s reactions were frustrating and a little hilarious. As you can see, I told Gretchen the same thing I told the girls at dinner the previous week. I didn’t say anything at that dinner that I wouldn’t have said directly to Gretchen. Had she stayed for dinner I would have told her then.

This whole bus trip is exactly what bothers me about some of the ladies. Completely ungenerous and competitive.

I was aware that casting had called Gretchen, Alexis, and a handful of other ladies to check availability for a small walk-on role, which ended up getting written out of the show.

No one denies that Gretchen was contacted to check her availability. The problem comes to the difference of being “offered” and “turned down.” Gretchen used the excuse of this show to try and manipulate Tamra into disinviting Alexis from wedding dress shopping. It’s not true.

I’m actually sorry I had the information. I wasn’t probing anyone. It was an honest question and when the casting director answered it wasn’t a big deal. I certainly didn’t act “unprofessionally” as Gretchen said in her last blog. This particular casting director is someone I have known for years. Gretchen’s reaction to this whole thing is so big and defensive — wonder why?”

Photo Credit: Bravo