Heather Says Gretchen Used Malibu Country To Manipulate Tamra!


Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain the situation involving the women and the show Malibu Country. Heather says the women are ungenerous and competitive when it comes to being happy for each other’s success. She writes that the role Alexis and Gretchen were contacted for was written out of the show and says Gretchen used the excuse of the show to try and manipulate Tamra into disinviting Alexis from wedding dress shopping.

Heather writes, “When I announced to the group that I would be leaving Whistler early and why, Alexis and Gretchen’s reactions were frustrating and a little hilarious. As you can see, I told Gretchen the same thing I told the girls at dinner the previous week. I didn’t say anything at that dinner that I wouldn’t have said directly to Gretchen. Had she stayed for dinner I would have told her then.

This whole bus trip is exactly what bothers me about some of the ladies. Completely ungenerous and competitive.

I was aware that casting had called Gretchen, Alexis, and a handful of other ladies to check availability for a small walk-on role, which ended up getting written out of the show.

No one denies that Gretchen was contacted to check her availability. The problem comes to the difference of being “offered” and “turned down.” Gretchen used the excuse of this show to try and manipulate Tamra into disinviting Alexis from wedding dress shopping. It’s not true.

I’m actually sorry I had the information. I wasn’t probing anyone. It was an honest question and when the casting director answered it wasn’t a big deal. I certainly didn’t act “unprofessionally” as Gretchen said in her last blog. This particular casting director is someone I have known for years. Gretchen’s reaction to this whole thing is so big and defensive — wonder why?”

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14 Replies to “Heather Says Gretchen Used Malibu Country To Manipulate Tamra!”

  1. Heather needs to zip it she sounds so jealous of the other girls getting calls for shows like she the only real actress. I think she stinks as a person and she treats her husband like crap and her son has her stinky attitude! Aye get rid of her already! what rock did she crawl out of?

  2. How many times does must Heather get to refer to the other girls’ offer as a “small” role before she admits she’s the most competitive, petty, and snarky one in the group? Heather’s resume’ is not the least bit impressive for someone that turns her nose up at “small walk-on role[s]”.

  3. Funny how AlexAss had to pipe in too. That woman is so jealous. God didn’t like green envy. Swaskorski THAT

  4. This woman irks me. First, she has to mmasculate her husband and change his personality to properly congratulate her, and now she is ridiculing these ladies for not properly congratulating her. She needs to get over herself. The last two episodes she has said that Gretchen was never called for the show, now she she is going back and saying the part they were offered was written out of the script and it was a walk on role; talk about splitting hairs. Why can’t she be happy for Gretchen and Alexis? Sounds to me like Heather needs to learn how to share joy, maybe my 4 year old can help her with that!

  5. Seriously, Heather thinks she is above all! How about you (Heather) being happy for the other girls being asked to be a part of the tv show? So – they weren’t asked to have a large as a role as you were offered (that is very tongue in cheek – because her part is not a recurring role). I come from a long line of famous actors – people who were humble and would be happy for all you got ANY sort of offer.

    1. Exactly! Or how about the fact that she isn’t famous enough to play herself like Alexis and Gretchen were asked to do!

      1. I hope Terry finds someone to treat him with respect!
        Everything this poor man does offends her and she pouts like she’s some queen getting abused i wish she’d leave the show and take Tamra with her Tamra wants to blame everything on her past , she thinks she’s funny with all the insults that pour out of her mouth she forces herself to cry in every conversation ugh!!!!!!!!

        1. I have a suggestion for a drinking game: Every time Tamra sheds a tear you take a shot. I’ve been watching carefully, and I swear as often as she scrunches up her face and bobs her head as if she’s crying there has been not one tear yet!

  6. Please you thought you were so much better than Gretchen and you came across as petty and jealous. And to think all that and there isn’t even a show anymore. Heather get off your high horse and treat your husband with respect.

  7. Heather acts so superior it’s so infuriating! The big role versus walk on role stuff was ridiculous. She is petty and hypocritical. She is the most competitive one in the group!

  8. For the most part especially when she first came into the group I liked Heather. I thought she was classy, intelligent, had great taste, gorgeous kids and a husband most women would give their high teeth for. Now we see the huge ego which is fine most actors have that but the ugly part is seeing how you treat your lovely husband. Terry is adorable, I love his goofy humor, he is cute and smart and no doubt makes a lot of money! Heather appreciate him more, don’t put him down like that and be miserable on camera in the way you did because he is a lot of fun and funny with it, very entertaining. Keep your soh and don’t take yourself so serious, lighten up, you have so much, pretty near perfection; be grateful and be kind to him or you might go the same way that too many other housewives have…you know, the ‘D’ word. BTW if you and adorable Terry do get divorced please let me know, I’d love a date with him any time and I’m sure a million other women would jump into your shoes for a chance with him too!

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