Heather Dubrow’s Fights With Husband Terry On RHOC, Is Their Marriage On The Rocks?

Heather Dubrow

Bravo has been teasing a big fight between Heather Dubrow and her husband, Terry, in Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County and the video below could be where it all begins. The Dubrow family is sitting in a restaurant for dinner as Heather explains to her husband that she can’t believe how much she has on her plate since she’s started working again.

When Heather tells Terry she is filming the show ‘Hot In Cleveland’ she says they will have to work out their schedules because she will need help taking the kids to school.

“Kill me,” Terry jokes. “Can I just let them stay up really late at night, and eat what they want and they can go to bed whenever they feel like it?”

This infuriates Heather as she explains Terry’s jokes ruined “her moment,” and it wasn’t the right time to be kidding around.

In an interview I did with Heather she told me her marriage is perfectly fine, despite their fight in Bravo’s previews.

Yes, we are great,” Heather said of her marriage. “As anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows, you have ebbs and flows. Terry and I had a bit of an ebb that was caught on camera. Although Its going to be difficult to watch, I’m glad that the audience sees that you we are a normal couple who fights sometimes, but at the end of the day we love each other very much and we can get through anything.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo