Heather Dubrow: Vicki Just Keeps Coming Back; Talks Up In The Air Cast For Season 12

Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County may be over, but Heather Dubrow can’t seem to understand how the current cast is going to move forward to film another season after the explosive reunion. So what does this mean?

“I thought it was odd,” Heather told Entertainment Tonight. “There were a couple of people who were really smug, that really just couldn’t make amends, and couldn’t own up to anything and just felt like they had been wronged. Some of that was very ugly.”

Heather says the reunion was “shocking,” explaining, “I thought I knew how the reunion was gonna go, and it didn’t go exactly how I thought.”

And she’s even more shocked that the fighting has not stopped since the cameras have stopped rolling. “Right after the reunion I would have said, ‘Time will heal things, let’s see how everyone comes back together.’ But honestly, I’m not sure,” Heather admits. “The stuff that’s been going back and forth… it’s crazy!”

So what will Heather do about next season? “If they asked me back, I would assume I would probably say yes,” Heather says. “My knee-jerk reaction [is] I want to come back, yes. I would absolutely love to come back for season 12. But I have to say, given the climate of what’s going on with the cast, I would probably have to think about it.”

“It’s the off-season shenanigans that are going on make me a little uncomfortable,” she added.

“Vicki is like… you know that character in the horror movie that you keep killing and they keep getting up?” Heather jokes. “Vicki just keeps coming back. She just keeps coming back.”

“I don’t even know where I am with Vicki,” Heather admits. “We are not close friends. We are really nice acquaintances. We have fun when we are together. We are respectful of each other, and that’s it.”

Dubrow shares that the friendships fluctuate everyday, but she doesn’t believe that Shannon Beador will ever be able to move on. “I feel like it took a lot for Shannon to open up the door to be friends with Vicki again this year, and then after all the allegations and everything? I just don’t know, and I’m not sure I could either if I were in her shoes. Stranger things have happened.”

“I’m really grateful for everything that Housewives has given me,” Heather concludes. “Terry and I have been so lucky, and we’re blessed, and we owe all of it to being on The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

According to RealityTea, Vicki leaving the show is not option. “We’re figuring it out right now,” he said recently of the casting situation.

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60 Replies to “Heather Dubrow: Vicki Just Keeps Coming Back; Talks Up In The Air Cast For Season 12”

  1. Well I hope they don’t ask you back then !!!!! Or Kelly or Vicki etc etc . I am predicting now that Shannon is fired , which would be GREAT!! She’s losing herself in that goat rodeo and she needs to go and be the good person that she is inside. It’s easier for Andy to fire Shannon then sacrifice the other reptiles , all in the name of ratings

    1. You have saved me a rant! Thank you! Looks like I won’t be watching again! I think this time I will be done commenting as well. I agree Shannon will go. Andy makes me sick! Xoxoxxoxo

      1. Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️I’m done watching unless they completely recast the show, which we know won’t happen

        1. Just for once I would love Andy to stand up and say, this time I will listen to the viewers but that’s not going to happen. Xo

      2. I agree. I can’t watch any more of these shows when the women clearly hate each other beyond repair. Even when they supposedly make up the next season, it appears contrived and never lasts for long. BH is heading in that direction, but not there yet. It seems a shame that you could go for another fun season if you found the right housewives, but they can’t seem to let these hateful dinosaurs go.

        1. There is no fun anymore in these shows, I never thought I would give up but I have paid for it so will watch BH unless it gets to be a gang up again! That will be my last I don’t think I will watch anymore, I will miss you all here that’s the only sad part!

          1. I agree with all of your comments Suze, Rain and Freedomgirl. Suze, you hit the nail on the head when you said there is no fun in this show. There isn’t. What puzzles me most about Fancy Pants’ blog is her comment:

            “I’m really grateful for everything that Housewives has given me,” Heather concludes. “Terry and I have been so lucky, and we’re blessed, and we owe all of it to being on The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

            Really?? You owe all of your happiness to RHOC? Shaking my head…

            Hope all is well with you girlies. 🙂

            1. Hi Janelle, how are those beautiful girls of yours? I’m done with OC as V is coming back, I can’t believe Andy takes absolutely no notice of what fans want! I didn’t watch the last series so I’m def. done now! Xoxoxoxoxxo

              1. I’m done with it too. And we’ll see how RHOBH goes. I’m just not that interested in any of the Bravo shows right now. The girls are doing great, they’re napping right now. Thanks for asking. How are you doing sweetie? Good day I hope?

                1. OH and Suze, I’ve been meaning to ask you every time you mention the town of Surrey, if you’ve ever seen the movie “The Holiday” with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz Kate Winslett and Jack Black. A lot of the filming is in England – London, Shere, Surrey, Godalming, Surrey, Oxfordshire and Worstershire. It such a pretty little town! And it takes place at Christmas. Whenever they mention Surrey I think of you. I watch it about 3 or 4 times a year. They also mentioned in the movie that Cary Grant was from Surrey. Did not know that before! 🙂

                  1. I didn’t know that about Cary Grant! The village of Shere is near where I worked in Dorking. It is such a pretty village. I was born in Surrey, although Richmond is now classed as greater London! The people who live there still say Surrey! I haven’t seen the film but I will look for it on Netflix. Thanks Janelle xoxoxoxx

                2. Yes it’s a good day, having a few at the moment which is great! Enjoy the girls while they are little! I can’t believe my son is getting married next August! Where has the time gone!

                  1. I’m glad you’re having a good day! I know what you mean about time going by – my baby girls are going to be 4 pretty soon and I can’t believe it at times. I try to remember your advice about enjoying them when they’re little. They can be bratty, they make mistakes, but I always remember to tell them that I love them and how important they are and all of the things a small (and big) child should hear. I think I remember reading about your son getting married – very happy for him and for you! 🙂 xoxoxoxo

      3. Andy don’t care lol ever herd of laughing (at the haters) all the way to the bank? I imagine that’s what he is doing. If He manages to shake things up. I admit the basic sorry line is getting old. your going to keep watching. There are the people who own bars and and the people who go to bars. Which one is Andy and which one are you? That don’t mean your not successful. Shoot i have over 6 figs in my bank at all times but i still get My drink on (metaphorically speeking lol) sip some tea at the bar of Andy with me.. But don’t hate. He is very smart credential wise.

        1. You aren’t making a lot of sense! It was very difficult to understand your comment fully. One thing I haven’t watched OC since the story line of Brooks and Vicki lying about cancer started. I will not watch unless she is gone. I don’t care if she comes back because not watching has made me realise I don’t care two hoots about the programme. The only reason I comment is to keep up with friends here on this blog. I am not the only one and more will follow! now take care and have a good day.

          1. No doubt Suze , what was that , I’m confused . I agree with you on oc. I didn’t finish watching last year and only watched a couple of episodes this past year . I know that a few of us here agree with you

          2. Hey, anonymous, BTW, SUCH a creative handle, don’t break your arm patting yourself wherever it is you pat your body to remind yourself what a brainiac you are. And, to also make sure to remind others how beneath you they must be, bwahahahahahahaha. You must believe yourself such a demi-dieu m.

    2. Do you know what? This I can agree with. There is SO much I like about Shannon. She’s hysterically funny, has great style, I can crack up non-stop watching her for days and she really can put a smile on your face with her sense of humor…but this show brings out something very ugly, manipulative, superior and vindictive in her that I cannot stand and no longer want to see. I would be happy to see her pursue an different avenue that’s healthier for her soul and doesn’t tempt her to give in to darkness and act a plum fool.

      Heather already has a so much going on. Her podcast is doing well, she has joint projects with Terry that have sent their family brand into orbit and to the moon, and now she’s building on her hosting/lifestyle brand with her new Youtube channel. She needs off the show, too.

    1. I will NOT be watching if Vicki and Kelly are back next season….. This will be the 3rd Housewives I stopped watching (Kim Richard’s being brought back this season on RHOBH was the last straw for me… Also, RHOC very disappointing this season – 2 down in the past 2 weeks).
      Vicki is ruining the OC and BRAVO and Andy Cohen are just too blind… SHE was a part of a FAKE Cancer story, there’s NO coming back from that – This season we watched her lie, lie, lie and then betray the other women with gossip about their marriages. This used to be fun, it no longer is, it’s now just difficult to watch… Smh

  2. I believe the entire city of Orange County should be buried. They could call it RHOLA, since few of the women actually live in Orange County. I’m hoping the moderation problem is fixed, Nki, and this comment just posts. We shall see. I agree that all of the women should be fired, and they should start over. But, as we saw with Dallas, that doesn’t always work either. I heard that was coming back for a second season, though I thought the entire cast was obtuse. The chemistry was sorely lacking, and I didn’t enjoy it at all. One would think….that in the entire population of almost 4 MILLION people in Los Angeles County, that Bravo, ( or whoever it is ) could find 5 or 6 really classy, wealthy, charitable women, and that 2 or 3 groups of them are friends. Apparently that is more difficult than any of us here could imagine, being BH is the only successful franchise in that category.

    1. What r u talking about? They ALL live in Orange County. OC is NOT LA County.

      “real classy, wealthy, charitable women” would not stoop to putting their lives on a reality show. That is not how they roll. Even BH has had a hard time finding women willing to do the show. You are not looking at creme de la creme in case you hadn’t noticed.

      1. No reason to get snotty. I didn’t realize they all lived in OC, just like the BH ladies don’t all live in Beverly Hills. I disagree that classy ladies will not do these shows, as Lisa V. and Kyle R., both do them. There are many wonderful things to be gained from a platform that only maybe 30 ladies are part of Earth wide.

        1. I think she was just letting you know that they are two different counties and not a part of which other. A suggestion may be The Real Housewives of Southern California.

  3. See I’m terrible. I want to see Vicki back solely to watch the other women take her down. I hope it’s all about her crying about how she has no friends, reminiscent of rhonj circa season 2 when nobody talked to Danielle.

  4. Every comment I make is still going into moderation, which is getting really annoying. I know the owner is doing everything she can to fix it, but that really doesn’t make it less irritating. SO, to my friends her who are so lovely that they worry, if you don’t see me for a while, don’t.

    1. Hello 3D’s! I just wanted to say hello while I had the chance. Hope all is well with you my friend…I always enjoy your posts. xo. 🙂

    1. I feel they need a big shake up with the cast. Healther is boring and snobbish. Tamra is a mean girl big time. Shannon… feel bad for her – obviously her insecurities have taken over her. Actually the only one I enjoyed last season was Meghan. Either way I will be watching next season no matter who they shove down our throats…. lol…

  5. I wasn’t in to this season it was boring it’s not as good as it used to be when the show first started. I didn’t even watch the reunion because the fights the ladies have are so dumb. Not saying I agree with Vicki’s actions but they should get rid of Tamra and Shannon they are both toxic and made this season annoying they act like high schoolers. They really need to do a cast shake up for me to watch again.

  6. I would rather see Vicki leave. She is not very supportive of other women on the show. I think the other women would do fine without her and Kelly. I been disappointed in the show the past few seasons but i am really tired of Vicki thinking the world revolves around her and she ‘is the show’. Please move her along.

  7. Vicki’s not going anywhere. She is the show bc she’s controversial. That makes4go TV. Heather is full of sh_t, Shannon has never 4given Vicki. She’s a bully &a snob. They all need to grow the h_ll up. If they want 2move on they need 2let the past go! REALLY GO! This Cancer topic is BS. It’s in the past so viewers getting all pissed at each other is juvenile! It’s just a show& practically scripted 4ratings! Listen2 some of U!! OMG! I’m out. Peace! Happy Holidays To All!

    1. Please speak English. The cancer lie was just last season. How you say “listen to some of you” please specify. It is almost impossible to “listen” to you. Who taught you to use numbers for words? If anything about housewives or this blog, is juvenile, it’s you.

  8. Well I hope Vickie does come back. It will be worth it to see how everybody acts towards her. If they all do come back, it’s cause they need the money or can’t live without the fame. Honestly, I can’t wit to see who comes back. lol

  9. Can’t stand Heather, Tamra, or Shannon. Hope all 3 are gone. I’m not a Vicki fan, but I will take her, Kelly, Jeanna, Lizzie, & maybe Gretchen any day over the 3 stooges.

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