Heather Dubrow: Vicki Just Keeps Coming Back; Talks Up In The Air Cast For Season 12

Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County may be over, but Heather Dubrow can’t seem to understand how the current cast is going to move forward to film another season after the explosive reunion. So what does this mean?

“I thought it was odd,” Heather told Entertainment Tonight. “There were a couple of people who were really smug, that really just couldn’t make amends, and couldn’t own up to anything and just felt like they had been wronged. Some of that was very ugly.”

Heather says the reunion was “shocking,” explaining, “I thought I knew how the reunion was gonna go, and it didn’t go exactly how I thought.”

And she’s even more shocked that the fighting has not stopped since the cameras have stopped rolling. “Right after the reunion I would have said, ‘Time will heal things, let’s see how everyone comes back together.’ But honestly, I’m not sure,” Heather admits. “The stuff that’s been going back and forth… it’s crazy!”

So what will Heather do about next season? “If they asked me back, I would assume I would probably say yes,” Heather says. “My knee-jerk reaction [is] I want to come back, yes. I would absolutely love to come back for season 12. But I have to say, given the climate of what’s going on with the cast, I would probably have to think about it.”

“It’s the off-season shenanigans that are going on make me a little uncomfortable,” she added.

“Vicki is like… you know that character in the horror movie that you keep killing and they keep getting up?” Heather jokes. “Vicki just keeps coming back. She just keeps coming back.”

“I don’t even know where I am with Vicki,” Heather admits. “We are not close friends. We are really nice acquaintances. We have fun when we are together. We are respectful of each other, and that’s it.”

Dubrow shares that the friendships fluctuate everyday, but she doesn’t believe that Shannon Beador will ever be able to move on. “I feel like it took a lot for Shannon to open up the door to be friends with Vicki again this year, and then after all the allegations and everything? I just don’t know, and I’m not sure I could either if I were in her shoes. Stranger things have happened.”

“I’m really grateful for everything that Housewives has given me,” Heather concludes. “Terry and I have been so lucky, and we’re blessed, and we owe all of it to being on The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

According to RealityTea, Vicki leaving the show is not option. “We’re figuring it out right now,” he said recently of the casting situation.

Photo Credit: Bravo