Heather Dubrow On Vicki Gunvalson: We’re All Over Her


Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow is speaking out about Vicki Gunvalson’s apology in her interview with Andy Cohen last week in a brand new interview… and Dubrow is holding nothing back!

“We’re all over her. We are over the lies and we are over the propaganda tour and we are all over the whole thing,” Dubrow told RadarOnline of how the cast feels about Gunvalson.

“It really sucks what she’s done and I will tell you what I really don’t like. What I don’t like is the bullsh*t apology that isn’t really an apology,” she continued. “It’s an apology for being duped.”

“I agree that she was probably duped herself at some point,” Heather added. “At some point she knew. I wish she would just say, ‘I’m sorry. I lied.’ Then we could heal. We could all move on. There isn’t any doubt in my mind, however, that she knew about this lie.”

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  • apple

    And that is why I like Heather…she may be all “fancy pants”, but she and Terry tell it like they see it.
    Icky lied…and she always lies…she probably even lied about the threesome Laurie claimed she caught her doing.
    Donn is a fool if he goes back with this wackadoodle.

    • Sally

      I totally agree Vicki lied, in my opinion right from the start, but, what happened to the gagging order? Is Heather exempt as She is Andy’s cash cow? Or was the story wrong and they haven’t been gagged?

      • CassyJ

        That was a made up article from radar. Who is known to post stupid made up stories.

        • Sally

          Most of Radar of lies are just that but I believe I picked it up from here, if you are right I wish this blog would stop using their stories. I hadn’t realized that’s where the story came from.

          • I thought they were on Gag- guess her clout doesn’t have to follow rules- shes a very entitled stuck up better than woman- Hope Terry never figures out he may wak and then alittle air may come outta Ms Heathers blow heart Azz- she has such a better than anyone else – yet hangs with trash –Tamara and her bonded so well- Two of a kind JMO

    • Zep

      Hear, hear. Heather is bright. decent, ambitious, funny. and hard working. She’s also a shrewd assessor of the human condition. Vicki was a fool to disrespectfully try to manipulate others by invoking the Dubrow name in a lie supporting the Brooks fraud. Heather is not going to let anybody abuse the good Dubrow name and reputation twice.

  • myst7

    Honey we are all over Vicki and her lyin’ and her Tour of Lyin’

  • VaNonna

    I agree with Heather! I’m so over Vicki. Anyone who is such a fame whore and needs a storyline and uses/lies about cancer is just a low life. Won’t watch show if she returns.

  • We’re all over Vicki, that’s why all we do is talk about her….

    • Real Sandy

      Well said!

    • Judge Judy

      Haha, good point, sidewinder.

  • naynay

    Fancy Pants is absolutely right. Vicky should just come out and be honest and do something else she has never done before Apologize with no “buts” attached, be sincere, and maybe show some remorse? Is that to much?? How can anyone move on including the viewer’s, if she just ignores what she’s done, and is hunting Don down to try to save her image. OMG..why am I still talking about this!

    • One Rotten Egg


    • Sally


  • Rain

    I’m sorry, wasn’t there a gag order in these hefers from Bravo, not to talk any more about RHOC lol???

    • Sally

      Hi Rain!! Xoxo this is what I thought, Cassy said it came from Radar so who knows but if it did start there it’s all over the web and blogs now. So who knows!!

      • Rain

        Or maybe it’s a quote from an earlier interview that radar is recycling ! Xoxo

  • Cin

    oh suck it up Heather and get on with you obnoxious life…..

  • starr

    I’m so over them all.

  • Lisa

    I am glad Vicki is being shunned. There ought to be consequences for deplorable behavior that she and Crooks engaged in. Vicki lied all the way through AND ATTACKED ANYONE WHO QUESTIONED HIS DIAGNOSIS. She is no Victim (tho she plays one on TV).

  • Lisa

    Bravo benefits by the ongoing conversation, No way is there a gag order.

    • Over and Over- and the previous topics come back every new season till a new Victim is selected- my Hope they leave Yolanda alone –

    • Sally

      We can only wish!!!!!!

      • I always say what comes around goes around – for the rich/ well off -its a harder fall- Heather is due. JMO

  • anonymous

    Well Heather, I am over your snooty, pretentious, holy-than-thou attitude. Who cares if you don’t like Vicki? Many of the viewers do.

    • anonymous

      “Holier” not holy

  • The Countess of Hootersville

    Heather looks constipated,,,now I see why she would need 17 bathrooms….and by the way, a house in the hills of nowhere in the OC will never be up to par with The Hamptons…

    • naynay

      Ouch!! 🙂

  • Prettypinkie

    I agree with Heather an i’m sure everyone that watches the #RHOC is so over Vicki an with all her lies it’s very shameful.

    • Sally

      Agree, plus the majority of this blog and others as well!

  • Joy Rengaw

    I just hope Vickie will not be back next season I am tired of her lies and whoohoos. So childlish.
    Her and crooks deserve each other. Commonsense dictates Vickie was in on the lies. I feel sorry for Brianna . At least Michael has had the sense to distance himself.

    • Hi, Joy. Haven’t seen you for a while. Nice to see your name in “recent comments.”

  • Joy Rengaw

    Hi 3Ds been in Australia for a couple of months

  • krista

    I guess I have an unpopular position here, but I have always liked Vicki. In fact, she is one of my favorite housewives and I feel bad for her with all those inauthentic shrews going after her. I am not a Gerth Brooks fan, however. Or Meghan. Or Tamara.

    • Sally

      Krista! Sorry but that’s it we are done finished caput!