Heather Dubrow Tells Kelly Dodd She’s Having a Psychotic Break In Ireland


Tonight on the Real Housewives of Orange County we watched the aftermath of the fight between Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd.

Kelly ate breakfast with Meghan Edmonds and complained about her “emotional hangover,” and since none of the women were speaking to Kelly after what happened Meghan brought Kelly along to get to know more about her Irish heritage while the other ladies went to a farm. Meghan and Kelly went to a town and started tapping Irish people on the shoulder to ask if Meghan could be related to them. The other ladies went to the farm that is famous for making Bailey’s Irish Cream and milked cows.

“The longer I stay away from [Kelly], the better off we are,” Tamra Judge said to the cameras.

After taking a selfie with one person she could have been related to, Meghan and Kelly decided to meet the other girls at the farm. Kelly teared up and finally apologized to Tamra, but Tamra wasn’t very accepting of Dodd’s apology.

“As a Christian, I’m supposed to forgive, but this particular situation is too sensitive, too painful and too new,” Tamra told the camera.

The next night at dinner, Meghan wasn’t feeling well, and Kelly decided she wasn’t going to drink alcohol for the rest of the trip, but Shannon ordered her a drink anyway. When Kelly insisted she didn’t want to drink tequila, Shannon told the waiter to bring the drink in spite of Kelly saying she didn’t want it. Shannon even left the table, found the waiter and told him to make the drink a double.

“Shannon has this mission to get Kelly drunk because she knows if Kelly gets drunk, Crazy Kelly is gonna come out,” Vicki told the camera.

As Shannon ordered Kelly another drink, she caught on to what the women were trying to do. In a bizarre twist, the next scene was a producer asking, “Tell me what happened after dinner.”

There was no footage from what happened in those five hours, just each lady’s version of the story. Apparently, Vicki and Kelly knocked on Tamra’s door trying to make amends, but Shannon came out and asked what was happening. After that, everyone went to their own rooms, but Shannon, Tamra and Heather went down to the hotel bar for a drink, and Vicki joined them, without telling Kelly. In an effort to get back at Kelly, Tamra sent Dodd a selfie of her and Vicki just to make sure Kelly knew they were purposefully excluding her.

Next, there was footage of a confrontation in the hallway from Heather’s phone. It showed Vicki saying, “Really? You’re gonna video this?” Kelly was crying in a hallway and asking what she ever did to be treated so badly, while everyone else screamed.

On the bus ride to the airport at 3AM, Kelly broke. Kelly told Shannon to shave her chin hair, and then Heather asked if Kelly was having a “psychotic break,” and then called her “trash.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo