Heather Dubrow Tells Kelly Dodd She’s Having a Psychotic Break In Ireland


Tonight on the Real Housewives of Orange County we watched the aftermath of the fight between Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd.

Kelly ate breakfast with Meghan Edmonds and complained about her “emotional hangover,” and since none of the women were speaking to Kelly after what happened Meghan brought Kelly along to get to know more about her Irish heritage while the other ladies went to a farm. Meghan and Kelly went to a town and started tapping Irish people on the shoulder to ask if Meghan could be related to them. The other ladies went to the farm that is famous for making Bailey’s Irish Cream and milked cows.

“The longer I stay away from [Kelly], the better off we are,” Tamra Judge said to the cameras.

After taking a selfie with one person she could have been related to, Meghan and Kelly decided to meet the other girls at the farm. Kelly teared up and finally apologized to Tamra, but Tamra wasn’t very accepting of Dodd’s apology.

“As a Christian, I’m supposed to forgive, but this particular situation is too sensitive, too painful and too new,” Tamra told the camera.

The next night at dinner, Meghan wasn’t feeling well, and Kelly decided she wasn’t going to drink alcohol for the rest of the trip, but Shannon ordered her a drink anyway. When Kelly insisted she didn’t want to drink tequila, Shannon told the waiter to bring the drink in spite of Kelly saying she didn’t want it. Shannon even left the table, found the waiter and told him to make the drink a double.

“Shannon has this mission to get Kelly drunk because she knows if Kelly gets drunk, Crazy Kelly is gonna come out,” Vicki told the camera.

As Shannon ordered Kelly another drink, she caught on to what the women were trying to do. In a bizarre twist, the next scene was a producer asking, “Tell me what happened after dinner.”

There was no footage from what happened in those five hours, just each lady’s version of the story. Apparently, Vicki and Kelly knocked on Tamra’s door trying to make amends, but Shannon came out and asked what was happening. After that, everyone went to their own rooms, but Shannon, Tamra and Heather went down to the hotel bar for a drink, and Vicki joined them, without telling Kelly. In an effort to get back at Kelly, Tamra sent Dodd a selfie of her and Vicki just to make sure Kelly knew they were purposefully excluding her.

Next, there was footage of a confrontation in the hallway from Heather’s phone. It showed Vicki saying, “Really? You’re gonna video this?” Kelly was crying in a hallway and asking what she ever did to be treated so badly, while everyone else screamed.

On the bus ride to the airport at 3AM, Kelly broke. Kelly told Shannon to shave her chin hair, and then Heather asked if Kelly was having a “psychotic break,” and then called her “trash.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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SOOOOO disappointed that Shannon & Heather did the dirty work for Tamra tonight. They stepped right into Tamra’s mean girl club. And very disappointed with Vicki for doing nothing! Also on next week why does Vicki’s daughter always put her down? I would NEVER treat my mom like that! Especially if she bought me a house?? WTF?

I am too!!!

She actually dones that really buy things. Brianna said she pays for them.

I wish they would let Heather, Tamra, & Shannon go. They are all boring. I wish they would bring back Lizzie & Jeanna. At least they have real character and seem to have a good heart. This was a total setup by Heather, Tamra & Shannon. Otherwise, why didn’t they go to the bar by themselves? Oh, I know, it because they are boring.

My gosh, I was thinking the same thing about Briana! She has NOTHING nice to say about her mother! I would never speak about my mother like that! What an ungrateful brat! She’s turning into Tamra – a backstabber.

When Shannon was holding a “crying” Tamra and saying that Kelly did things because she was miserable, then the same must be true of Tamra too since she is miserable due to the daughter situation.

Oh come on! Brianna puts up with more overly dramatic self-serving hysteria from her mother than any child should have to. She’s not mean to her, she just doesn’t let her get delusional and completely reframe the truth. Brianna just calmly calls Vicki out when she is being narcissistic beyond belief. That she still spends time with her mother is amazing to me. And she didn’t “buy a house for Brianna”; Brianna clarified on an earlier episode that Vicki simply gave them the down payment, which would be fully repaid when Ryan could move to California and they could sell… Read more »

So, if Vicki didn’t really buy Brianna a house, it’s okay for Brianna to be condescending and put her mother down? I disagree. Disrespectful behavior towards one’s mother is never okay.

ITA Krista. And so true. Brianna does it over & over. I would not love having a daughter like that. Vicki wants her kids to take responsibility & be in-dependent. She gives them a head start, but then they’re on their own. I give her credit for that.

Thank you Stacey. You explained it perfectly and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I second that Aunt Bee, well said Stacey! I have grown kids and if I behaved like Vicki, I would hope they’d call me on it. Kids aren’t just supposed to agree and go along with whatever you do lol

I can’t find one thing I like about these mean girls right now. Not one. This is the worst season where they have to manufacture such ugliness like this. Tamara hasn’t changed a bit and the pettiness the other participated in was horrible. She tried not to drink, you force drinks on her, she’s not around to hang out, you make sure she knows she’s excludes. Seriously, what in the world?! It’s hideous. To say she’s having a break when you guys poke the crazy to the point of breaking when you have no good tv on your own… absolute… Read more »

Im really surprised at these girls! No one should be pushed to drink at all. I feel sorry for kelly but it was coming and Vicki you are not a good friend to Shannon or kelly!

Geminigirl, you spoke my thoughts. They are all trash, that’s what Heather should’ve said, referring to herself as well. A real nasty bunch. I actually feel sorry for Kelly for how she’s been used & abused. Horrible!!

I am with you Geminigirl. (Gemini here too.). I saw mean girls. I saw Shannon ordering drinks (doubles) for someone who said she did not want to drink and clearly becomes a mean drunk when she does drink, Kelly. It was clear that the agenda was to make Kelly drunk and have her act out. Why? Whose idea was it? Was it really all the girls who wanted Kelly to go nuts again? Did production ask them to do that? I don’t know what to think other than these are supposed to be grown women. I am hating this season… Read more »

Sadly I agree with 99% of what you said. Horrible season indeed sandy ! Sigh ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I haven’t been watching, just getting the low lights. This particular episode seems to have sunk to an all time low. Great, pick on the sick girl. What a bunch of awful people, including you too, Shannon, sigh. I’m with you all. Horrible.

OH, and I was blocking out the part when Vicki showed her boobs at the table. Uncouth does not come close enough to describe the behavior. Sickening. Embarrassing. Repulsive.
This is bad enough in the US and just not right, but in another country, on a televised program, in front of cameramen, the people who worked there, etc., V Icky takes her top down and flashes. Even Terry seemed shocked. Heather just giggled. Unreal.

ITA! They were horrible to Kelly. They planned to take her down. I hate Heather, Shannon, & Tamra. From now on when they are on I will put the tv on mute.

ITA! I actually felt sorry for Kelly!

It’s exactly what they did to Alexis a few seasons ago! They are bullies and Heather’s righteous indignation over being tossed out of a store was ridiculous. Who cares? Who does she think she is?

And yes I do believe Tamra & Shannon were involved in trying to get Kelly “naked wasted.” I can still recall Tamra’s delight in doing the same thing to Gretchen. Yeah, the way old Tam’s has always enjoyed humiliating her fellow housewives, I can certainly believe she was at it again!

Disgusting mean girls! Will not watch the show anymore

Gosh, when does being mean and hateful became intertainment?

I’m so disappointed in Shannon. Shannon, what you did there was lower yourself to Keeleys level, that must feel gross in retrospect, yes? I usually hold out hope for Heather to be reasonable and fair but she looked like a happy jackal herself watching the sideshow. This is just nothing more than watching toddlers in heels throwing sand in the sandbox. I mean it. Some program should do a parody of just that; a bunch of 3 yr olds dressed up in a sandbox stealing toys from each other and crying and screaming. These women are honest to God losing… Read more »

❤️❤️❤️Miss M ! Yes toddlers

I was really surprised at the ugliness and how contrived it was tonight. Toddlers, indeed!

Good morning Rain and Geminigirl❤️❤️❤️ Right? Toddlers, more like terrible 2’s! N my initial post I forgot to mention this cause it kinda infuriated me … so much so I forgot to mention it! 😮 This statement that Heather made, ‘a psychotic break’ in reference to Kelly- I’m no Kelly fan, but I think labeling someone this is really going beyond hateful, I think it’s dangerous territory to discredit someone so severely. She may think it, she may stay away from her because she’s unsure of her mental health and what she may do, but if she was really feeling… Read more »

She has accused Shannon of that before s few seasons ago and I’m glad they showed that old clip. So yes I guess she fancies herself a doctor because she’s married to one .
I said this before , I don’t know what Heather is bringing to the show. She pretends to open up her life with the same tired conversation with Terry about how he needs to spend more time with his kids blah blah blah . I read Meghan is leaving the show, hopefully Vicki , Kelly and Heather go too

That’s right Rain, she alluded to Shannon being off the rails at that beach house party. I forgot the name of the pretty buxom housewife that was on for a season. That whole episode was a major S^%* show too. Now Kelly Bensimon, that there is a certifiable hahahaha…nope not gonna go there!

And for me? The common denominator in the worst hysterical poop shows ? Tamra Judge. I’ve been rooting for this woman whom I never cared for personally btw, because she was showing some control and understanding religion or not. She’s fallen back in the hole as far as I’m concerned. Here I go …. Tamra. Shame on you.

The buxom one is Lizzy . I liked her on the show but not anymore . She’s now a Vicki minion and is always doing Vicki’s dirty work on social media, together with Gretchen lol

I DO DO DO miss Lydia!! Bring back Lydia and her mother 🙂

I forgot about Lydia’s mom. She was a hoot. “Don’t make me sprinkle you with fairy dust” What a kind woman she was, truly. So, she was stoned half the time. I’d rather someone smoke’m if you got’m than get slobbery drunk. Thanks for making me think of her and laugh, Rain.

She was lovely wasn’t she 🙂 those are the kind of fun women that I like to watch ❤️❤️❤️

Primrose…it seems that mean and hateful is the only entertainment that Bravo can offer these days.

On WWHL Heather said they were not trying to make Kelly drunk. Then Shannon tweeted in to Andy that KELLY Said tequila was an Uppper and Shannon was just trying to get everyone in the party mood. I am sick of Kelly and her pouty face, crazy mood swings and crying jags. Get rid of her pleeezzee

I am having a hard time believing any of this. I really am. (Not you, but them.) I know what Shannon said about Kelly saying tequila was an upper. Tequila is made in Mexico, and a strong drink that comes from the agave plant. I know it, and it can make you very drunk. It is alcohol, and in no way is it an upper. I don’t think that Bailey’s is an upper or Kahlua, even if there is coffee in it, since alcohol is the opposite of an upper. Clearly Shannon (maybe coerced?) forced drinks on Kelly as much… Read more »

I saw WWHL too Aunt Bee. While I’m not a fan of Kelly I don’t buy Shannon’s tweet. I’ve always liked Shannon but on the episode that aired tonight it was clear she was pushing for another round of drunk and disorderly Kelly.

Agreed! I feel weird feeling sorry for Kelly, but holy hell…that was a bit much.

Ok!! So was Shannons ‘ trying get Kelly drunk’ silly?? , yes it was ! BUT CRY ME A FRIGGIN RIVER! Kelly is NOT the innocent Mormon girl who just stepped off the bus!! But then Kelly and Vicki knock on Tamras door to go drinking??!!!!!! How does this even make sense??? I thought she wasn’t drinking! Hmmm . Her mistake was thinking she can play with these OGs and she clearly can’t! But I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HER AT ALL … then her outburst on the bus again??! Chin hair?? You want me to feel sorry for… Read more »

Well I do apologize for this rant ladies 🙂 I had to get that out so I can sleep lol ❤️❤️❤️Ahhhhhh breathe

LOL….no apology needed, girl!! You’re spot on from what I can gather reading all the recaps. We love you just the same and sweet dreams 🙂

You’re so sweet What The 🙂
You know I never asked you, are you a man or a woman lol??? ❤️❤️

Hey Rain. No Kelly is not innocent, but it is just plain wrong to ever coerce anyone to drink when they are trying not to drink. Maybe she did have the drinks because she is weak when it comes to alcohol, and I don’t love Kelly, but though I generally support Shannon, I feel she was so wrong to encourage Kelly to drink when she said no. It is worse than ordering ice cream for a diabetic who says they don’t want dessert. Why? Is it okay to get back at her? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Sorry. I… Read more »
I make no excuses for Shannon and as I said on another post, not a good moment for her and at some point she will look back and regret this. Having said that , I still like her LOL, I can’t help it. She’s is not a perfect woman and she demonstrated that she’s flawed and she gave in to a mean streak. But I also agre with GIGICAT that they are adult women and no one can force them to do anything they don’t want to do . Shannon ordered drinks for Tamra but she didn’t drink them .… Read more »
Rain, Shannon has always been the most real to me when I have watched OC, but I have to say, she did let me down with this one a bit. I still think she is fun to watch most of the time and crazy in a good way, but I don’t know if she wanted to be in the popular clique or what, but I cannot make excuses for what I saw when it came to ordering the drinks at dinner. They wanted to get Kelly riled up, and I don’t see it any other way. I liked the Durrells.… Read more »
Oh no excuse for Shannon and yes it could’ve been she wanted to be with the clique or whatever. Wrong either way but the my heart forgives her 🙂 I watched first season of outlander and I loved it. I don’t have starz so I haven’t seen the second season. I haven’t read the books I agree, The Durrells started really awkward and had Suze not said it was a great show, I would’ve tuned out after 15 mins. I thought the Middle son abondong his guns to chase the girl was hilarious lol. Boobies always win 🙂 I watched… Read more »

So pleased you and Sandy giving my little Gerald a chance! Just think about what a great man he grew up to be even coming from such a nutty family! Xoxoxox

Oh yes Suze !! Thank you for telling us about this show in advance. So funny how he tries to get his mother laid 🙂


Yes, Suze. Little Gerry is adorable. I love his wide-eyed curiousity and zest for life…of all kinds! 😉
Thanks, Suze for the recommendation. I saw it and had to watch. ❤️❤️❤️

It is a little slow at first but soon gets going and I love it because it’s just an old fashioned charming show! I can’t wait for series two! Xoxoxxox

She actually doesn’t but them for her. She only buys them for her to pay for. Brianna said that a while back about the house and the car for her birthday a few years ago.

I’m of the mind set that nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to do. Kelly should have told them rightbthen snd there a big resounding NO instead of sitting there and joining in. Shannon was pushing it in her. Where was Kelly’s big mouth and tough guy attitude? Kelly is passive aggressive. She clearly is mentally unstable and should join the cast of other Bravo rejects.

I agree with you GIGICAT . They are all grown women who can choose what to eat or drink or snort or whatever. Don’t tell me she was ‘forced’ to drink, then a few hours later she and Vicki were knocking on Tamras door so they can go for a drink ! I’m saving my pity card for a worthy person

Vicki LiarFACE is NO friend to anyone, especially Kelly. tamara isn not very CHIISTIAN like. (I would have said she is NO Christian, but that’s not for me to say). Heather LOOKS like a psychotic break. Kelly needs to get smaller veneers for her teeth so she doesn’t look so vicious. She is a mean person like the rest. Shannon is HORRIBLE here

I’m Shannon’s number one fan but yes this is not her best moment and I’m sure she will look at this and feel bad. My guess is she’d had enough of Kelly’s big mouth and being called a c**t. The end doesn’t justify the means but hey , we are only human

I am a Shannon fan also Rain and I agree with you 100%. I believe that Shannon was trying to get Kelly in a better mood with the tequila. All that witch did this whole trip was use that pouty face and cry and act like a spoiled child. I am too old to let these spoiled women get to me. I have had it with Bravo and these weird assed shows.

Yes I’m too old too Aunt Bee lol❤️❤️❤️ Just reaffirms my decision that this is my last OC season

I thought that for a moment…how Kelly looked so down, and maybe Shannon just wanted her to have fun, but why order a double? It may have been meant with fun in mind, but I think it was wrong. Maybe I have seen others force people to drink and then laugh when they make fools of themselves…and I am not tolerable of that sort of behavior. Shannon has always been my favorite and only reason to watch, but these women were an embarrassment in Ireland…so much, it hurts to watch. Kelly should not have gone on the trip, even if… Read more »

I completely agree. I don’t like any of these women, but Bicki and Shannon were extra awful in this episode. They are both so passive aggressive and imagine how the evening might have gone if Shannon didn’t push Kelly to do Tequila shots. Shannon is a lush.

Egg, I totally agree. I will say what you’re too good to say—Tamara is Not a true Christian. She talks the talk, but is definitely not walking the walk. She has a mean heart & is a hypocrite, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I’m an thoroughly disgusted by everyone’s behavior in this episode. Well, except for Meghan. What Shannon did is probably AGAINST THE LAW. What’s next, slipping a roofy in her drink? And Tamaras look on her face when she realized what Shannon was doing made me sick. I’m no Kelly fan, but I don’t like when people gang up on one person. They did that to Jesus Barbie on vacation too. MAKES ME SICK.

I could care less what happens to Kelly the over dramatic crying victim.

Thank you YoYo lol 🙂 so Kelly can get drunk
EVERY DAY of her life and that’s ok, but somebody offers her drinks and suddenly she’s a victim ??!! Not buying it lol

Vicki is not the only bad friend in the group. Don’t leave out Meghan. She watched the whole thing too. Didn’t Say a word. She brought Kelly on board

Did we really need to experience Vicki exposing her boobs?!!! Argh!
Is there ANY man that she met in Ireland that she didn’t dry hump? Even poor farmer Joe was not spared her molesting hands 🙂
Hmmm, I thought she had a boyfriend lol

Vic is so disgusting. Did she really think the farmer was falling for her dramatics. I am convinced she is a nymphomaniac. Those poor Irish people probably think all those women are nutty Americans.

Yes these women definitely didnt do our reputation any favors. 🙂
I don’t know if Vicki is a nympho or just NEEDY!!!! The neediness is oozing out of her pores!

Ugh! I didn’t know about all this….gross. Well, I guess her love tank needs to be filled. Bleech.

Maybe that “love” tank needs to be filled by a concrete truck and dammed up.
Sorry, the “love tank” references make me ill. 😮

OMG LOL! Very funny sandy

Hilarious Sandy! Xoxoxoxo


Wasn’t Tamra pulling Vicki’s blouse open to expose her boobs at Heather’s party? And yelling about a hickey?

Heather is a wanna bee Dr. We all knw she’s pulled this crap on Shannon.Her air of grandiosity is exhausting. These R not girls! They are pre& menopausal women with huge desires2 deflect.They’re very unhappy. They enjoy hurting others in this case Kelly. HD her husband is never home. She’s constantly bi_ches abt it. Tamra her daughter wants nothing 2 do with her! I don’t blame the kid! I find it offensive 4her 2 use the God card. Tamra is so far frm God it’s not funny! She hides behind her body building, chg of life! Ha! Still not fulfilled!… Read more »

Could not agree more, Nancy.