Heather Dubrow: I Did Not Tell All Of Newport Beach About Shannon’s Marriage


Heather Dubrow appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night after a new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. This season has been drama-filled for Heather, who has been feuding with new Housewife Shannon Beador. Heather opened up about this season of RHOC with Andy Cohen.

First, Heather reacted to the scene where Vicki and Tamra were talking about how Heather allegedly “gossiped” about Shannon’s marriage. Heather said, “For me it’s odd. I feel like when someone brings on a storyline as their personal narrative it’s sort of fair game and you can discuss it and apparently that’s not true. There are shades of gray to that.”

Another caller asked Heather why she chose to share the information about Shannon’s marriage with her girlfriends. “You saw Tamra telling me to sort of give Shannon a break. And what happened was I immediately went to a lunch after I was done with Tamra and they said, ‘How did it go?’ I said, ‘Oh it went great, we made up and everything’s great.’ They asked if I had made up with Shannon because I hadn’t seen her since the holiday party. And I said ‘I haven’t seen her, I heard she got this crummy email from her husband. Things aren’t good.’ It was probably a minute and twenty second conversation, it was not said in a mean-spirited way, but unfortunately it got back very quickly. I didn’t tell all of Newport Beach, I feel bad that I said anything, but I sort of thought because she told me on camera that this was common knowledge. And to be honest with you, I mean, I hope that they are doing really well. I saw them the other day and they looked good, The Beadors, but at the time they were having marital problems and it wasn’t really a big news flash. It’s just what was going on.”

Next, a caller asks Heather why she always accuses Shannon of yelling at her when it doesn’t appear that way to the viewer. Heather responds, “That’s a very good question. I think in my mind it’s yelling. Maybe I have a flare for the dramatic but I think if you really watch all the episodes we all do, because as stories get repeated over and over whether it’s me or Shannon or Vicki they become much larger as time goes on.”

Andy asks that if when Heather watches the show back if she still believes Shannon is “yelling” at her. “I felt under attack,” Heather says, using the Christmas party at Shannon’s house as an example. “It felt like yelling to me. I don’t think her voice level was particularly loud but I think I was engaged in something with Tamra and it was just an inappropriate time to jump in. So it felt like an attack and maybe that’s how I described it.”

Photo Credit: Bravo