Heather Dubrow Talks Tamra’s Wedding & Admits There Was Some Drama!


Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal she and Alexis Bellino have made up and enjoyed each other’s company this weekend at Tamra’s wedding. Heather talks about being a part of the bridal party, and even admits there was some drama during Tamra’s big day!

Heather writes, “This past weekend, I was honored to stand up as a bridesmaid in Tamra’s wedding to Eddie. From start to finish, the event was such a beautiful weekend filled with love, family, and friendship. Children laughing, champagne flowing, couples dancing. . .and well, there’s always a LITTLE drama. Sadly I can’t give you any more details. You will have to wait until September 2 to see the special series Tamra’s OC Wedding. It’s an event you will NOT want to miss!

I’m happy to report we [Alexis and I] danced, laughed and enjoyed each other this weekend at Tamra’s wedding! (Oh, and Jim, I have a video of you rapping at the reception! Could be a YouTube sensation!!!)”

Photo Credit: Bravo