Heather Dubrow Talks Possible Return to RHOC

Most viewers found this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County to be dull and it seems like Heather Dubrow not returning to the cast has made fans miss her absence. Heather is revealing if she would ever return to the show when she gave an interview this week.

“You know, I think it was really good to take a break and take a step back,” Heather tells ET. “It’s been a crazy year. You know, I have ‘Heather Dubrow’s World’ and ‘Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig’ podcasts, my YouTube Channel, Heather’s Closet, our skincare line … and Terry and I just finished our second book, a diet book, that’ll be out next year in 2018. So, there’s a lot of fun stuff going on.”

“Of course, I still keep in touch with the girls on the show that were always my friends,” she adds, but notes she did not watch the show this year. While Heather says “oh, dear” to the idea of coming back to the show, she hasn’t ruled out the idea completely.

“Never say never,” she says. “Real Housewives of Orange County was an incredible experience for me. Five years, made great friends, had amazing experiences and, quite honestly, it was a terrific platform for everything that Terry and I have done, and for our family, so I’m very, very grateful. As for the future, never say never.”

She also shared she would not have a list of demands if she were to return. “I think it’s a bigger picture than that,” she says. “It’s not really about any one particular thing. I think it would just have to make sense.”

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  • JerseyGirl

    Yes! Heather was obnoxious but I definitely feel her absence.

  • UnrealHousewife57

    Heather’s intellect seemed to intimidate a lot of people. I liked her and would love to see her back. However, as a show biz person she knows how to be very diplomatic and say things without really saying anything. I don’t think she’ll return.

    • Nina

      i need to learn how she cuts ppl down with her intellect and master her death stare haha i seriously admire that in her and i want to learn that LOL

  • Heather

    No thanks. I never believed Heather liked any of these women. She holds herself in much greater esteem. I wish her well but dont want her back.

  • Amanda Bates Barnette

    I say get rid of Meghan and bring back Heather. I think Heather and Peggy will hit it off. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Nina

      yea meghan is boring and cries too much over peanuts haha

  • Cin


  • missroxmiss

    not No but Hell No she was fired for a reason no filming allowed where she built her house reason why Shannon moved

    • I didn’t watch this year at all, as I said I wouldn’t, unless Viki came clean, told the truth instead of ANOTHER story and asked forgiveness, which of course would never happen, but I do check in here on occasion. We, the viewers, had to go through all the BS about the nickel plated sink, the luggage room, the 14 bathrooms ( God, how obnoxious ) that’s almost 3 bathrooms each and the master is likely the size of my cottage. It isn’t Downton Abbey where they will be having week long gatherings where the guests stay there, the etched tree in the window with the birds and the deep, deep meaning it held. When she asked Terry’s opinion and he gave it she flipped out and got all passive-aggressive. Then, we don’t even get to see the effing house. No matter how much money I had, I would never build a house that huge. How could one possibly enjoy all the rooms in a house that big? Normal people use certain rooms in a home mostly. Kitchen, dining room, living room or den and bedrooms. In my world anyway. I understand luxury. I don’t understand living in an ugly, cavernous place built solely to show others up. Heather is well spoken for sure. The problem is she lords it over others every chance she gets. And Terry is an ass.

      • missroxmiss

        that is why she needs to stay on her side of the fence. waste of money alot could of went to charity,
        I can stand her better than everyone else attitude she has.

  • Aquarius_Ascending

    Please no thanks. She’s nothing but a pretentious pompous prick. Tbh she wasn’t missed by me and a slew of others I know. Orange County is dull even with Heather. It hasn’t been exciting since Gretch and Alexis got canned. Well Lizzie and Shannon’s first season was fun.

  • Max


  • Bryan

    Making sense means “Making $en$e!!!!”

  • Trkguy1638

    Of course she would return. She has no “acting”roles without RHOC. She was on one show because of that. She is an actress who never acts. She is pretentious and self centered.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    She seems to be doing really great things at this point in her branding, so I don’t see it. She’s definitely dealing with a much more traditional film & tv based part of the entertainment industry and it’s a good fit for her, going back to the show would be a step backwards.

  • mary b

    I haven’t watched RHOC in years, so I can’t speak to the interest level of this or previous seasons, but I do follow television ratings – and RHOC does well enough. It is not a top cable show but, with respect to the rest of the franchise, it does about as well as RHBH (perhaps just slightly lower). The only HW show that rates higher is Atlanta, which has always been the case (ATL gets nearly half million more viewers, and in its heyday was averaging over 4m viewers per week). So why change things with OC? Even if viewers are “saying” this season was “dull,” they continued watching, as the season held steady with 1.7-1.8m viewers each week. There is no reason to think that bringing Heather back ( I actually had no idea she wasn’t on this season) would increase the ratings, just as her leaving didn’t hurt them (ratings were about the same last season). This show is at max viewership as far as I am concerned, and no new (or returning) cast member is going to change that.

    The Housewives franchise member that is underperforming is NJ, which is getting around 1.2m viewers each week. The powers-that-be at Bravo will want to consider some casting adjustments there. NJ has steadily declined each season, but even last season performed better than this one.

    The Dallas Housewives are so poorly rated that (around 800k per week) that I can only conclude that this show is still on because the production costs must be egregiously low. The quality of the show must be egregiously low, as well.

  • Nina

    i love heather, her lifestyle is fab. they need to do a superstar edition of the real housewives and bring all the legit rich women on the show not the tamara judge bottom feeder types.

    i would pick heather dubrow, lisa vanderpump, kyle richards, Erika Girardi, lea black, D’Andra Simmons, Cary Deuber, Lisa Hochstein, Yolanda Hadid, Adrienne Maloof, eden sasson (she gives me brandi glanville vibes and i love!), Cynthia Bailey (i dont think she’s that rich but she has clout and is classy and respected in modelling industry), Lydia McLaughlin, Shannon Beador, Peggy Sulahian.

    let’s see which one of these HBIC come out on top haha