Heather Dubrow Talks Current Relationship With Vicki Guvalson


The OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson was under fire during this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. After defending now ex boyfriend Brooks Ayers of a sketchy cancer diagnosis, being caught in lies and having many inconsistent stories the cast has seems to be at odds. Now as more information about Vicki’s knowledge of Brooks’ sickness has come out, cast mate Heather Dubrow recently spoke out about her current relationship with Vicki, and what her thoughts are on this whole cancer story.

On her new podcast Heather Dubrow’s World, she revealed that she had actually invited Vicki to appear on her show. “I just want everyone to know I did invite Vicki on the show, and she declined.”

Along with getting no for an answer, Dubrow also got a “loud voicemail” from Vicki. “We’re not agreeing on things, but we did have, I thought, a good conversation.”

You may question as to why Heather would want to bring Vicki onto the show as as they haven’t been on the best terms, but Heather shared, . “I do believe she should have a fair chance to tell her side of the story and tell her feelings, so I guess we’ll wait to hear if she releases any statements.”

Though Vicki and Brooks have been circling around the press lately and getting a lot of negativity, Heather actually feels sympathetic. “I feel bad that she’s in a bad place. That doesn’t mean I agree with what’s happened this year, but I feel bad about that.”

For her first episode, Heather had fellow cast members Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador come onto the show, and with chat about Vicki Gunvalson critics had called the podcast a “Vicki bashing session.” Heather did have a response to that for this week’s podcast.

That was not my intention at all. I made a point to say, you know, here’s what’s going on with me and Vicki because I didn’t want it to appear that way.”

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  1. Vicki has been caught in so many lies, why would she appear on any show without her attorney present now?

    Fair to say Vicki knew there were some untruths regarding Brooks’ “Cancer” proclamation, and her coverups just snowballed so big she couldn’t keep track and it ran her over.

  2. Vicki needs to go far, far away from camera’s for awhile and get her head together. She needs to be on her own, with NO MAN, no camera crew, no media… for a while to figure out who she is without a man and then, and only then, will she find a good one. Until then, it’s going to be a revolving door.

    1. that she had actually invited Vicki to appear on her show. “I just want everyone to know I did invite Vicki on the show, and she declined.”

      Along with getting no for an answer, Dubrow also got a “loud voicemail” from Vicki. “We’re not agreeing on things,

      She HAD a good man…….DONN and she sent him packing for the lying snake charmer

  3. Her last sentence says it all: “I didn’t want it to APPEAR that way.” That is Heather’s whole mantra. She has actually “stirred the pot” quite a bit, she just does it in a really low-key, subtle way…this year it was her going around near the finale, getting in several of the women’s ears with, “There’s a story going around that Vicki called Terry in the middle of the night…blah blah blah” — basically the IV tale, and her intention seemed to be to broadcast that Vicki had lied. But she didn’t want it to APPEAR that way, so instead of saying “There’s a LIE being told” or “I heard this gossip but it isn’t true” she asks other people if they have heard this “story” — worded like that, she could have been referring to a story on a Web site or in a newspaper! Then both this season and last season in separate episodes, there have been references to how Heather gossiped about Shannon’s marriage, including David sending Shannon an e-mail that he was moving out of their house, and David’s affair with Nicole to an entire table full of women in Newport Beach. One of the women there was friends with Nicole and texted her under the table. Heather tried to tell David and Shannon that gossip came up at the lunch and she “tried to shut it down” last year at Lizzie’s party, and David said, “I’m sorry Heather but I don’t buy that,” outside on Lizzie’s patio at her beautiful beach condo. Then Shannon got so upset and left the dinner party screaming, “You guys will ALL know the truth!” Now Shannon, Heather and Tamra are all besties — very strange. They all seem very fickle with their relationships. And that podcast of Heather’s WAS nothing but a Vicki bash-session, as was the reunion. Tamra says she is “struggling to forgive Vicki,” FOR WHAT? Vicki was lied to – and any lie she told pretty much inadvertently her head was soo messed up last year, she said she was sorry to all of them at the reunion. Tamra’s the one who got the psychic, the birthday cake for Brooks/grilling session at CUT, got Shannon going about being angry he didn’t go to her dr., got Meghan on her dirty work, ETC. Btw, there is a new story out about how Shannon knew about THE AFFAIR last season but she and David decided to air it this season from episode one on through so they could have more control over the storyline and so their kids would be easier for them to face it. Wtf? Do these couples just go around deciding how they want to come across, withhold info from Bravo, decide on the timing, does Bravo egg it on or what? Whatever it is between all of that, it feels like manufactured drama, almost like a soap opera or sitcom, NOT AUTHENTIC. Below Deck is more truthful. And it’s weird Bravo told Vicki before this past season, “If you don’t film with Brooks then you are going to be downgraded to a friend of a housewife.” Like she must have felt pressured to bring him on! I think they knew since he was a con artist it was just a matter of time before Bravo would catch him in something, bring the drama/ratings, he had already been the focus of a scam story on 20/20! Would love to hear thoughts/replies. #SickofbeingliedtofromRHOC

    1. I can’t stand Heather.. I can’t stand any of this cast.. Please Bravo, start over on the casting.. Heather wanted to give Vicki a chance to tell her side.. yah right! You wanted to get ratings and continue to bash on Vicki. Can’t see her podcast lasting all that long.. She turns off ALOT of people..

    2. Wow Anon…. I thought I was long winded. I get what your trying to say BUT you really don’t know the truth about any of this. Vickie might or might not have known, might or might not lied, she might or might not believed Crooks. The guy is and has always been a con man. I take all this crap with a grain of salt because it’s a storyline that is discussed with the producers and then it is up to the cast to create drama. THe more drama, the more chance of coming back next season and the higher the paycheck. THis entire thing with Brooks could have been scripted no one knows. If Brooks does not have cancer just say, he has lied and lied and lied all season long. Season is over he and vickie are no longer together WHY would they have a Crooks special…. WHY… what is that going to do NOTHING… no one is going to give a crap where he goes, where he ends up and who he screws over in the coming years. It’s all scripted guys……… Sad part Bravo actually paid this guy additional money to show up at the clubhouse and have a one on one FOR WHAT??????? As an intelligent woman it makes no sense and to tell you the truth…. Im not wasting my time watching Crooks continue to lie lie lie. Does everyone think he is just going to come on this special and just all of a sudden he is going to tell the truth about everything? COme On People lets get back to reality. It’s just like the NJ with the criminal Giudices. Who gives a crap that special three episode tre calls from prison…. the ratings tanked because people have decided they are NOT going to give tv time to a con man and woman. You think Crooks is a con take a look at the married couple from NJ who could give a crap about how their children are being affected by being exploited for money…. It’s all just sickening. I’ll be watching Chicago Medical.

    3. Absolutely true. Heather is as much a hypocrite as the rest of the cast. She’s as fake as they come too. Glad she is gone.

  4. That last lengthy comment was from me…Mousie…sorry for all of the verbage, I haven’t posted in awhile and HAVE REACHED MY LIMIT WITH THE FAKENESS! What they are bitching about (the RHOC witches) is actually what WE THE VIEWERS are going through – being subjected to we don’t know what’s true and what’s not! All of their questions and bitching haven’t gotten us any answers. There are vague accusations about lies, but what lies specifically did Vicki tell other than that IV story which sounded like it got twisted?

    1. How about the folder she made for him? I want to know where that is! Of course it’s nowhere because they were both lying. I’m not bringing all the lies she told up someone else can do that.

    2. Mousie, nice story. Good memory. Heather always gets away with everything in the cast anyway. I can’t stand her, and I do think Tamra has had a lot of stuff whispered about her by Viki. Trying to make it look like Tamra is the one who turned Brianna against Brooks. And the psychic, really all she did was say that a friend’s boyfriend had cancer. Things can be spun and manipulated to the degree that a total lie if said enough becomes fact among these women. But that’s just my opinion about it. I think Tamra has done a lot of crappy things, but has tried at least to take responsibility for it, unlike Heather. And I think her rep. was so bad already that all the innuendo whispered by Viki into the ears of newbies made it worse. It is so easy to just blame her.

  5. The season is over and ALL these women need to just disappear for a while! It’s too soon to have reminders of this horrible season! Go be with your kids or sonethng

    1. Ok this is a joke, Rain. But did you conjure up Gretchen for “sonething” I really laughed when I saw that, because I am always hitting the n instead of the m, but not in that particular word yet. So, I hope you didn’t mind that I thought that was just quite ironic and funny.

  6. And I want that fricken poll to disappear. How much longer do we have to put up with this cancer gate poll.????????? DISGUSTING.

  7. Well, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if Heather’s ulterior motive, is to take over as the HBIC. I notice that she already appears in the middle of the others, while holding her orange. She probably wants to turn everyone against Vicki, so she can take her place.

  8. Heather, the eternal false, hypocritical diplomat. She’s the worst of the lot of women, but in such an articulate, to the point way, pushing undercover buttons, putting wrong thoughts & ideas into their ding bat heads & coming across to them as the voice of reason. To have invited Vicki on her show was not an act of kindness, she had some agenda to show Vicki up to the viewers, yet saying that although she does not condone Vicki’s part in the Brooks/Vicki lies, she feels sooo bad for her. That is one venomous snake.

  9. IMO, Vicki has been a ‘bi.atch’ since Season 1 or from the first ‘hello’. She was horrible to Donn and an embarrassment to her kids. Loud, arrogant and a liar……please someone advise of any attribute she might still have. The other ladies, over the years, have come and gone, some have stayed. They signed up for the show and ‘all you haters’ watched it just as I have. If you don’t like the show, well, that is simple…..just don’t watch and stop complaining.

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