Heather Dubrow Talks Building New Home & Text Message To Gretchen!


Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to share that she is disappointed in how Gretchen Rossi relayed her text message to Slade. Heather reveals she was actually answering Gretchen’s question in the text message that was shown, and she does not feel competitive with Gretchen at all.

Heather writes, “I was pretty disappointed to see Gretchen read my text message to Slade with that rude “sing songy” voice. It was interesting to me that she neglected to mention that I was answering HER question in that text. Gretchen had asked if I believed the Malibu County producers were intentionally pitting us against each other. My answer was “No, these are two separate roles from different areas of the production. I was called by the exec producers and you were called by casting for a different type of role.” I was trying to explain there was no conspiracy here. When you take it out of context it certainly looks different. So if that was her intention, it worked.

I’m sorry Gretchen thinks I feel in any way competitive with her. This is hardly the case. I’ve always been very supportive of her and her many endeavors. I just didn’t like how she used a role that was written off the show as a manipulative tool against Tamra. Period. Gretchen can keep deflecting this into something else, but that’s the truth.

The site for our new home! Wow, I love this lot! So beautiful! So exciting to build a new house. Terry and I worked really well together (mostly!) last time we built from the ground up, so it’s exciting to do it again!

I love hearing Terry say that he wants to work less and be around more. . .It hasn’t happened yet!!! He seems to be busier than ever. But everyone is happy and excited for our new adventure!”

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13 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Talks Building New Home & Text Message To Gretchen!”

  1. My goodness, is that Danielle Staub? Uncanny picture. I can tolerate Heather but why is she continuing this “Malibu Country” nonsense? Why is she wasting her time debating the likes of Gretchen and Slade?

    Does anyone else notice how fake and staged her storylines are with Terry? Even Alexis’ marriage seems more “real”.

  2. Boy she seems like a yotal b@#*h. I really feel sorry for her husband he seems so nice and no matter what she finds something bad about him. She looks miserable most of the time unless she’s smiling. As far as Gretchen not that I’m a big Gretchen fan BUT Heather made it seem like to all the girls that Gretchen never received any call from malibu country for any part at all. Later she admits they called her just not for the same part as her. She makes it seem like Gretchen completely fabricated the story of any contact from malibu country at all which is false. Jealousy does not look good on you Heather.

  3. This woman doesn’t pass up a chance to try to sound superior to anyone and everyone. Why would the situation with Gretchen be any different? Every comment Heather has made was not about whether Gretchen was called for a job, but whether that job was as “special” as Heather’s. Heather is obnoxious.

    1. I can see a lot of folks on this blog don’t like Heather, but to me she is the most together of them all. She doesn’t pretend to be rich (Alexis) she is rich. She never acts cruss (Tamra) because she’s not. From time to time, she does have real acting jobs (Gretchen). I have yet to see her act nuts (Vickie, sorry girl, still lov ya) when she gets upset. And she never acts, Holier Than Thou, (Lydia). I like her, can’t understand why others on this blog don’t.

      1. Barbara, Let me try to answer that. Heather is condescending, arrogant, and a bore. She treats her husband like an errant child and not a spouse, and others not much better. She complains and whines and wants credit and her husband’s undying gratitude constantly for how hard she works, when she basically has less responsibility or work than almost any woman alive. She’s a know-it-all who inflates her “career” overtly and gratuitously, when in fact she’s just a seldom-seen second string actress who has no comedic timing nor believability. She just HAD to point out repeatedly that the job she got on that now-cancelled sitcom was SPECIAL and Gretchen’s wasn’t. It wasn’t that Gretchen lied, because she didn’t. It was that Heather had to make sure EVERYBODY knew that her role was bigger than Gretchen’s. She schools and scolds her peers, because she doesn’t consider them her peers, but rather her lessors. She’s the self appointed Judge of all that is Right and Proper, telling everybody else what is wrong with them when in fact she’s neither right nor proper, at least much of the time. She hosts parties like a bratty little girl that is only there to honor and please herself, which is the antithesis of a good hostess whose one job is to make everyone else comfortable. She’s just as petty as the others can be (initiating the fake ring story with the new girl and telling the girls Gretchen didn’t have a REAL acting job, to name two examples) and as obnoxious as some of them (calling champagne “champs” as if the word is just too long for her to pronounce with the frequency she needs to use it). None of those women are examples to live by, but she’s like a hemorrhoid: an annoying, persistent pain in the ass. That is a synopsis of reasons I’ve seen or said myself on the blogs about why people don’t like her.

          1. I’m sure Heather did well on her SATS. She’s not the sage or Arbiter of All That’s Right she thinks she is. She’s just unlikeable for most of us. And there’s a part of ‘smart’ she doesn’t have, which is recognizing how she sounds to others.

  4. Okay seriously, who does this couple think they’re fooling? Its pretty plain to see that they need the money desperately!!!! Oh and by the way, if they’re reading, please believe that neither one of you can act. Everything they say when they’re talking to one another is to try and cultivate their “image” as a couple. Heather looks like a cross between Skeletor and the Joker, so whoever is doing her plastic surgery work seriously needs to stop. Its only making things worse. However, a trip to Vicki’s piggy nose doctor may be in order because in case she hasn’t noticed, she’s sporting one heck of a piggy nose herself. Their home is beautiful but they clearly cannot afford it. So, sell the house and build a bigger and cheaper one that you can afford on whatever money you can scrape together with your “acting” career before all of the shows that invite you to appear get cancelled. We all know that Terry’s practice is barely making ends meet and let’s face it, you’re probably not going to be on RHOC that much longer.

    1. Except there house is not beautiful, it’s not warm, it’s not elegant, it’s just pretentious. The 90s faux painted woodwork and cabinets and black and silver are passe’ and tacky. A house that big that doesn’t even have enough bedrooms for 4 kids was just built to scream “look how flashy I am!” not “I am a home that welcomes guests and is comfortable for my family.”

      1. Not how most of the world sees it Debrenn. The house was beautiful and I’m sure that financially they’re fine. Can’t wait to see the new house.

    2. Where do you come from Jeana and how do you come off saying that they need the $$? Heather is smart enough to know she can use her RHOC exposure to help her acting career. Really tired of people who hide behind their comments, making grand statements that can’t be real. They must have some $$ or the property they bought wouldn’t be theirs, or her beautiful wardrobe, etc. She and Terri actually parent and are in their kids lives. Tamra?- no. Vicki-? only as an extension of her needs. Lizzie seems normal. Shannon is a psycho to her husband and kids.

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