Heather Dubrow Takes On Steve Edwards’ Jokes On Good Day LA


Heather Dubrow appeared on Good Day LA Monday, and she must have a thick skin because the show’s host, Steve Edwards, mocked Dubrow again. Heather and Steve are old friends, RadarOnline reports, so she endured his insults with a smile. “Every time I catch the show invariably there is a moment where you have your arms crossed and you’re looking at a blonde woman in disgust and contempt and saying ‘You didn’t support me’ and she say ‘You didn’t support me.’ Every time I turn it on somebody’s crying!” he said of RHOC.

“The truth is it’s a slice of life,” Heather said of the show, but Steve quickly dismissed her thoughts saying, “It’s not a slice of life!”

“It is! It’s a slice of life of that life. It’s entertaining. It takes people out of their lives,” Heather insisted.

“Is it wrong that everybody looks the same except you?” Steve asked Heather. She replied “that’s why I’m different and on the show.” Adding that her husband is no stranger to reality TV. “Terry comes from a long line of reality television, with the Swan and Bridalplasty,” she says.

“What does that say about your husband?” Steve asks and when Heather gets the joke and asks him if it isn’t very prestigious he says: “No, It doesn’t sound prestigious.”

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3 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Takes On Steve Edwards’ Jokes On Good Day LA”

  1. Heather has a very tough exterior, but she is very sensitive and her feelings are hurt easily. She has had several outburst on RHOC where when her hubby teased her in the slightest, her response is of anger and hurt feelings. Even the in episode where she asked some friends to debut her performance, because Slade and Gretchen missed one of her small bit of acting, she was angry and the hurt has not let her put it away. Andy Cohen made mention about this last night on part 3 of the Reunion. Yet, she is quick to slam any of the girls, except Ms. Vicki. I wonder is it because Vicki is an OG OC or is it because Vicki will give it back times ten.

    1. More to the point Heather is sensitive when it comes to her feelings and insensitive when it comes to others. There are better words for that, including self centered, egocentric, a selfish bitch.

  2. It’s funny that no matter whether you’ve watched the show a few times for a few minutes or whether you watch it all, you can’t miss that all this woman does is scold and lecture everyone else, and complain that they haven’t acknowledged that it’s all about her. She’s like a miserable old school marm slapping everybody on the hand with her ruler.

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