Heather Dubrow Sits Down With Kelly Dodd


On this week’s Real Housewives of Orange County Shannon and David Beador enjoyed their second honeymoon in Cabo. The couple shared their home videos where they laughed and played around as if the past two years never happened, and viewers even got a sneak peek of David’s private parts.

Vicki Gunvalson was celebrating her birthday and she brought Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd and her family to the Merv Griffin estate in Palm Springs to do so. Vicki couldn’t help but take a jab at Shannon for excluding her from her vow renewal, but overall Vicki was happy to be celebrating her birthday along with her daughter Briana.

But Vicki had a big surprise in store for Briana. She had flown Briana’s husband Ryan in to surprise her daughter, because the couple had been apart for so long. When Ryan arrived and surprised his wife, it was an emotional moment for everyone and Vicki said her family was finally complete.

Meanwhile, Tamra was busy planning her husband Eddie’s birthday getaway to the sand dunes. Everyone was invited, along with their families and kids, but Heather was worried Kelly was going to behave poorly around her son. Tamra also told Heather that Kelly had mocked her after she left Meghan’s sushi party so when she told Vicki that Heather had concerns being around Kelly, Kelly flew off the handle.

However, Heather agreed with Tamra that she would at least have dinner with Tamra and Kelly to hear Kelly out. It was obvious that Kelly came into the dinner nervous, and she also didn’t order any alcohol. Along with the previous text message she had already sent to Dubrow she told Heather that she was ashamed of herself and very sorry, because her outbursts weren’t directed towards Heather. She also made sure Heather knew it wasn’t her place to tell her to leave Meghan’s party. But Kelly started breaking down into tears and told Heather that she should never be afraid that Kelly would have an outburst in front of anyone’s child.

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Photo Credit: Bravo