Heather Dubrow Sits Down With Kelly Dodd


On this week’s Real Housewives of Orange County Shannon and David Beador enjoyed their second honeymoon in Cabo. The couple shared their home videos where they laughed and played around as if the past two years never happened, and viewers even got a sneak peek of David’s private parts.

Vicki Gunvalson was celebrating her birthday and she brought Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd and her family to the Merv Griffin estate in Palm Springs to do so. Vicki couldn’t help but take a jab at Shannon for excluding her from her vow renewal, but overall Vicki was happy to be celebrating her birthday along with her daughter Briana.

But Vicki had a big surprise in store for Briana. She had flown Briana’s husband Ryan in to surprise her daughter, because the couple had been apart for so long. When Ryan arrived and surprised his wife, it was an emotional moment for everyone and Vicki said her family was finally complete.

Meanwhile, Tamra was busy planning her husband Eddie’s birthday getaway to the sand dunes. Everyone was invited, along with their families and kids, but Heather was worried Kelly was going to behave poorly around her son. Tamra also told Heather that Kelly had mocked her after she left Meghan’s sushi party so when she told Vicki that Heather had concerns being around Kelly, Kelly flew off the handle.

However, Heather agreed with Tamra that she would at least have dinner with Tamra and Kelly to hear Kelly out. It was obvious that Kelly came into the dinner nervous, and she also didn’t order any alcohol. Along with the previous text message she had already sent to Dubrow she told Heather that she was ashamed of herself and very sorry, because her outbursts weren’t directed towards Heather. She also made sure Heather knew it wasn’t her place to tell her to leave Meghan’s party. But Kelly started breaking down into tears and told Heather that she should never be afraid that Kelly would have an outburst in front of anyone’s child.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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  1. 1. Tamra gossips too much. She is an instigator. And why was she laughing when the anger-issue Kelly was imitating Heather again? Plus, she lied at the table during the sit down. She hasn’t changed. Her talking head get-up and too much make up was clownish.
    2. Anger-Issue Kelly (AIK) reminds me of your garden variety alcoholic. Gets drunk, mouths off, verbally attacks people and then just cuz she cries about it later, everyone should forget and forgive. Ummm, no. 3 strikes AIK, and You Are Officially over. At the sit down she says her integrity was attacked. What integrity? Police reports of violence? That integrity???
    3. Shannon and David were having fun, but it was eh to me.
    4. Meghan is getting on my nerves with this baby stuff.
    5. Icky still can’t understand why Shannon doesn’t want anything to do with her. Icky? We don’t understand why you are still on this show. STFU and go away. Flying Ryan home doesn’t make up for 200 episodes of your lies and shenanigans, not to mention your lying about cancer which, NO, we will not ever stop equating with you. EVER.
    6. Heather was very controlled at the sit down. I gotta hand it to her.
    All in all, I would refuse to bring my child around that AIK. I don’t care how much she cries in that stupid hat and those leather pants from the 80’s.

    1. I still can’t get over the fact that she calls ppl ugly with her botched nose job. It’s 5x too small for her face.

  2. No time to see the episode yet, but was just catching the AfterShow discussion panel before my day gets rolling, there are some interesting points here:


    Hopefully I can watch the show after work- I’m tempted to put it on hold so I can check out the latest franchise “Real Housewives of Auckland”, folks are saying it feels more retro Housewives with the drama still being on the light end.

  3. Difficult for me to comment on some points as I’m still not watching. But I just couldn’t have a ‘Kelly’ in my life ever! Apologising is fine if then you really mean it. I don’t get that with her at all, it seems like a quick question apology then go on to do the same again!
    Still love Shannon but the video was a bit cringeworthy! It hasn’t put me off her as if I did one it would be worse!

  4. I thought last year was boring…. This year is worse!! I can’t watch anymore!! The stupid phony fights…. Can’t stand whiny Brianna and her awful husband! Time to go away Orange County!

  5. What did I think of this weeks episode? Same old BS from Icky and nothing will change my mind about her and her new friend. Why in hell would David invite her to a party that without her turned into a fun fest with none of her screeching drama.

  6. All the previous comments make excellent points so I don’t want to repeat . Few more things, why do most these women not know who Merv Griiffin is?? They’re not millennials and they are old enough to know who he is .
    The annoying way icky kept saying ‘it’s my birthday’ reminded me of Stassi on VP Rules lol. I’m over Brianna and Ryan. Yawn
    I wish Terry would stop whining about wanting to spend more time with his kids and do it already .

    I never thought I would say this but I feel sorry for Meghan. Jim is checked out and they’re living in completely different realities
    As GIGICAT said , Kelly’s excessive crying is typical of alcoholics. Burning down the house then saying you’re sorry doesn’t make it ok! And that outfit in the last scene was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen .

    1. Rain didn’t Terry say in a previously episode that he enjoys what he is doing and didn’t feel guilty about not spending time with his kids or something to that effect? 3D’s you will probably remember that. I thought it was very selfish of him. Also in a previous blog Heather said Terry pushed her into joining the cast. He loves the spotlight but he gives me the creeps.

      1. That’s totally true Aunt Bee. They both love the spotlight . But Heather has ‘expensive taste’ and Terry has to work to maintain that McMansion lol. They play very well to the camera . Plus the editing on that scene was terrible lol, did you notice how her leather jacket was on and off her shoulder every time they cut to her ? 🙂 having said that, I think the 2 of them are perfect for each other and they get along .

        Hearher is wearing a LOT of black this season ! And it’s seems suddenly all these women were given Chanel swag by Bravo. So many C ear rings and belts lol
        Tamras body is banging! Wow! But she dresses like a 15 year old and the make up is atrocious

        Love you Aunt Bee !! Btw this season is apparently super short! Only 4 or 5 more episodes. Maybe Kelly strangled the director lol

        1. Other than the strangling I wonder why it’s short, did they make it that way to see how Vicki would get through or have they cut it short because it’s so boring?

          1. Maybe I’m wrong Suze but that’s what I read. There’s really not much going on. Compared to the online buzz and huge success of this year’s RHONY , this season of OC is a total dud . Vickis apology tour is not resonating with most viewers and it seems most of the women didn’t want to film with her, hence Kelly ! I think Shannon should exit now that her life is back on track and just move on

              1. Even though I agree, I would miss Shannon I liked their home video of the 2nd honeymoon. It was insightful and cute. I may be the cheesiest person on this board. I prefer to watch happy, loving moments than screaming, vile banchees.

        2. I wouldn’t put anything past Kelly – I think she could be dangerous the way her anger bursts out. I didn’t realize this season was short but the less I have to see V and K the happier I am. Good post Rain.

    2. Merv Griffin had a talk show until 1986. I am not saying some of these women were not born yet, but may have been young and not watch it. The name should be familiar as Merv Griffin produced Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and he had Merv Griffin Enterprises with TV shows, etc. He was around he was 83 in 2007 too.
      The show was just okay. Maybe Shannon and David did not want cameras on their second honeymoon, and I was okay with that. I loved that they appeared to be so happy too. Shannon is so real, and she is my favorite.
      Tamra is a number ine troublemaker. Religiin or not, she starts trouble for the fun of it. Heather found out how Kelly made a silly impression of her from Tamra. I cannot stand Tamra though I have tried. She is the Dorinda Meddler of OC.
      Kelly and Vicki should just run away together and not return. They are both awful. Kelly is a phony, just play acting and not doing a good job of hiding her uncoith behavior.
      Vicki is beyind hope, though she did one nice thing by having Ryan flown in for her frazzled and somewhat depressed daughter and her boys. I am repulsed by Vicki and her Crooks love and lies.
      Heather did the right thing by staying away from Kelly and Vicki. She is just not fun to watch, but she did put Kelly in her place and that was commendable.
      I feel sorry for Meghan, but she is just a bit delusional it seems. She wants haappily ever after with children, but her choice of spouse seems questionable. Jim..,maybe the rumors about him have some validity…not sure, but he seems emotionless and cold to me. I find them both boring.

        1. Thanks, Rain.❤️⭕️⭕️❤️ I did make a bunch of typos. Uncouth…and just keyboard oddities. 😮

  7. Did anyone else want to reach into the TV and yank that ridiculous hat off Kelly’s head? She looked stupid.

    I thought the home video of Shannon and her husband was cute but we didn’t need to see it. Or at least we didn’t need to see that much of it.

  8. I am not buying this “Oh, we are so in love” nonsense with the Beadors, so I am not interested in their 2nd honeymoon. Vicky at least has a family story line for a change….Heather crying on the phone last episode was the most ridiculous thing…WTH? And her concrete mansion in my opinion is ugly…..not warm & inviting. Kelly is the mental one this season & her nasty mouth could stand some soap. Tamra is just plain Tamra. Briana is probably on the show to supplement her hubby’s small military salary.

  9. Can’t stand Heather or her fake crying . Say what you will about Kelly but at least she’s real . Crazy but she’s herself

  10. Unfortunately they all are horror stories.
    Terry says only what Heather is nagging him to say/do just to appease her. With her ultra expensive taste, he has to work 24/7, plus he loves what he does & it is apparently more interesting than Heather or the kids.
    Shannon & David, especially Shannon, are trying way to hard to prove to everyone how in love & committed they are. Shannon comes across as though she cant believe her spouse is actually paying attention to her. That’s how it’s supposed to be.
    Tamara is very much a tattle-taler & keeps saying why cant she keep her mouth shut?! Just shut it already.
    Vicki, stop trying, you will never be accepted by this group again. Forgiveness is not in their makeup.
    Kelly Dodd, is not liked & it shows. Drink less, act more sedately & then, maybe. I like her though. As for her mimicking Heather, I’m bad, but could not help laughing.
    Heather is a know it all. A fake. A prude. Her way or the highway. Artificial as they come. Don’t blame Terry one bit. Anyone can only tolerate her in small doses.
    Meghan? never liked her, but I really feel sorry for her now. What can I say, she was desperate for a baby. The wrong guy to have a child with. Her choice though. Still, I wish her only the very best. One cant help that when a baby is involved.

  11. Folks, whatever happened to the pet doggies the Dubrows got when they were at the rental house last year I think – and what is going on with Haley at the Edmonds’ this year? We have heard nothing about either…

    1. Mousie. They rented the dogs. Its all for show. Fake. Heather pretends not to be pretentious, but she was not going to have pound puppies. Believe she said, ” Random child” Might be allergic?

      Haley. I don’t know. Hoping we see her. Bless her heart. Know she had had a hard year. My MIL died last year, & my husband is still processing, taking it hard, so I can only imagine what an 18 year old feels. My heart breaks for her.

    2. Mousie, I’ve wondered the same But after reading Southern Plaids post, I understand.
      To have rented those precious dogs to be used just to impress (who? ) then she is just one ugly hearted human.
      As for Meghan’s step-daughter, I may be wrong, but isn’t she in College? What Southern P said rings true. She’s probably missing & grieving her mom so much.

  12. What a fun birthday Vicki had. The Merv Griffin Estate. Now that’s a party pad.

    I’m glad the “BeBores” had a wonderful 2nd Honeynoon. Sorry Shannon, I really didn’t care to see your aging breasticles, nor your Husband’s testicles. I hope the Honeymoon is over. Don’t care too see any more, but I’m truly happy for you both.

    Wow! What a sweet Mother Brianna has. Fly her husband home for a surprise visit.
    I’m glad that both Heather,& Shannon were not at the party. Who cares that Vicki mentioned the Heather/ Tamara conversation. I saw as Vicki trying to help Kelly, not create drama. ( If you don’t want something repeated, then shut your gossipy mouth. It’s that SIMPLE.)

    I’m glad Meghan went over to Vicki’ s. ( Very impressed.). Glad that she is not sticking to the ” Pact” they made. The pool since was fun. Love watching ” Tipsy Vicki, Kelly, & Tamara” throw each other n the pool.

    The Pompous Liar’s Dinner.? Loved that Kelly just drank water the entire dinner,& was completely, Honest. Glad Heather lied, as did Tamara. Did y’all see the ” I’m going to kill u ( Tamara) stare! Tamara backtracked that story.
    Just can’t with Heather! I’m sorry, but when someone is crying/ explaining to you the entire reason why she blew up at Shannon,& its crickets?! Drives me crazy. Go ahead ,& defend Shannon. Showing your true colors.
    Two face. fake., liars.

  13. By no means my favorite season, but neither was last year. Kelly Dodd is my least favorite HW of all the shows. Intentionally mean, fake and a very bad fit for this show. I mute the TV when she talks. I hope she’s not there next season.

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