Has Heather Dubrow Shunned Her Former RHOC Co-Stars?

Heather Dubrow seems to have severed her relationships with her former RHOC co-stars. In a new video, her former friends confess how they haven’t seen Heather’s new mansion amid reports that Dubrow has shunned the women.

“I have never seen Heather’s house,” Shannon Beador confessed. “I was invited to a Christmas party to which I was busy and I was invited to a Superbowl party but I was never given the details. I didn’t make the final cut.”

Tamra Judge, who was very close friends with Heather, had the same to say. “I still have not seen Heather’s mansion yet,” she admitted. “I haven’t been invited over.”

“I thought we were really good friends!” Tamra added. “But no, no invitation!”

“I have not seen Heather’s mansion,” Kelly Dodd also confirmed. “I have asked every single person if they have seen Heather’s mansion and they have said ‘no.’”

“I do have a friend in common with her and they said they don’t have anyone over to their house because they don’t have it furnished and she wants to have the house perfect,” she continued.

“I haven’t — I’ve never seen Heather’s house,” Meghan King Edmonds also confessed.

“I wanted to go on a tour — we scheduled a tour — it’s like a museum, right?” she continued. “You have to schedule a tour to see her house. But then, I don’t know. It didn’t work out.”

“She keeps saying to come over and have a tour,” Tamra said.

“Does it even exist?” Edmonds asked. “Like if a tree falls down in a forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? It’s kind of the same idea!”

Heather left RHOC after season 11 and has been reportedly feuding with her former co-stars since, even deleting them off social media.

Are you surprised Heather has shunned the ladies?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Learjet

    She’s got more class in her pinky finger than all those trashy ladies combined. Good for her. Why be associated with that trash, especially her children? She has all my respect.

  • Bon Vivant

    Seems like the women of the show are the only people who HAVEN’T seen Heather’s house, lol. That said, I don’t think she’s necessarily shunning anyone. If you follow Heather’s shows and interviews, there have been small leaks of OC taping news in earlier months of this year- and in passing as part of her show banter, she always mentions whenever she’s in contact with one of the cast. I think her life has just taken a completely different trajectory now: she balances raising 4 kids with traveling constantly for work, is more deeply involved with the entertainment world & peers from her former life before motherhood.

    • starr

      I completely agree with you Bon. These women are so petty, so just look at what they’re focusing on.

  • Shirley

    I applaud her for making the decision to leave. But in all honesty, I believe the “Kelly Show” was too much!

  • Lady of London

    I have not been invited either…I guess I did not make the final cut either…dear me !

  • Ashley Madison

    I have not been invited…and Terry was one of my most loyal customers, I am wondering if I should drop by to see what´s going on

    • Chow chow mama

      Wow so he frequents your business how interesting does heather know?!!?!

  • Robert

    Am I surprised? Hardly. She’s a snob and a bitch.

    • missrox

      I find it surprising so many like Heather u nailed it i am glad she is gone can Not stand her she is a puppet master and she showed her true Fake nice girl colors

    • Lady of London

      She´s just a shiksa who got lucky

  • Heather

    Heather is snooty. Class and snooty are not the same. I never did buy that she cared about any of these women. She doesnt even respond to their texts let alone invite the to her home.

  • margaret

    Heather has not invited me either. I think she is hilarious and Terry . We could do with him in n.ireland. Botched big time over here Terry but this is about Heather..She does not have to invite anyone to her home . Maybe they are looking for refined people like me ? Ha Ha , I want to see her decor ( when she is sorted) Will miss her on Housewives and her 4 children and even hubby Terry.She did bring class etc but more important ( as a fellow capricorn)she brought empathy ,transparency and NO gossip. Thankyou Heather