Heather Dubrow Shocked This Co-Star With Her Exit From RHOC

Fans were shocked when Heather Dubrow announced she was leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County, and that included her co-star Meghan King Edmonds, who is speaking out about her friend’s departure from the show in a new interview.

“I was really surprised,” she told The Daily Dish. “Really surprised, shocked.”

But even though Heather is no longer on the show, her bond with Meghan is forever. “I haven’t seen her actually [since the news]. I know she’s super busy. I’m super busy and with the new baby my whole world has shifted. But I know she’s doing great and we definitely text,” Meghan said. “And she recommended my pediatrician that I have in Orange County to me, so that’s who I use and Heather also recommended the IVF doctor that I used. So she and I definitely still have crossed paths a lot.”

Early on, Heather offered up some advice to Meghan on how to navigate mommy life. And she should know what she’s talking about since she has four kids with husband, Terry Dubrow. “She just said just to listen to my instinct because evrybody’s different but mama knows best,” Meghan revealed.

Check out Heather’s 10 Most Memorable Moments below:

Will you miss Heather?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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well fancy pants got her wish–no more people beneath her like Ms. Liarface and her loud mouth sidekick.

Vicki liarface and gutter trash Kelly ruined the show . Thanks Andy

Maybe they should call it real trash wives of the oc

Oh gawd Vicki and her love tank make me puke. I guess she’s good for my diet. I’m doing good mama how about you

There are many (non) housewives in the RHW franchise. Started as one thing and has morphed into another.

Monday’s are brutal. I spent the weekend getting my house back in order

Well if you can’t remember you must of had a blast

I’m a bit jelly. I desperately need to go on a trip. Haha

Lol. Yes ma’am. But I would always be a Texas girl at heart

Oh so I can be queen of the universe

Thanks honey. Now if I can just get everyone else to go with it

All I ever get is laughs when I try to explain this to others

Mr. Bear just said that I’ll always be queen of his universe

You will always be a princess to me

I’m going to miss Heather this season. She has become one of my favorites. Plus I feel cheated not being able to see her new house.

She shows the house and her extended family quite a bit on her social media platforms. I think if you were a fan of Heather while on the show, you’ll probably like her a lot more in all the other venues she’s working in now. Maybe try her podcast (?), it’s good- the interview she just did with Norman Lear (creator of Maude, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, etc) was excellent. Just go to the Podcast One site and type Heather Dubrow’s World in their search engine there. It’s cool how relatable and accessible Heather is since she left… Read more »

Thanks for the input but wow, I love reading your comments. You write so well! If you are not somehow making your livelihood by writing in some way, you have missed your calling.