Heather Dubrow Shares Why She Doesn’t Get Along With Kelly Dodd


Whether they are in California or Ireland Heather Dubrow just can’t seem to get along with Kelly Dodd and on a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Dubrow opened up about why she disapproves of Kelly’s behavior.

“I think we all have our breaking points at certain moments. The sushi dinner is a particularly interesting thing. I definitely got some comments like, ‘Why are you crying so much in the car? It wasn’t even about you,'” Heather told a caller. “But there was other things going on — which will come out at the reunion and I’ll talk about that maybe you’ll understand more — but at some point, when someone’s in your face, when someone’s in your world, it just affects you, and how can you not go there?”

Heather went on to reveal to curious viewers that there have been a lot of mortifying moments for her this season, one of which she plans to reveal at the reunion.

“As far as what’s happened this season and why I have those looks on my face is because at some point, I have four children, three are girls, and I’m teaching them that you’re known by the company you keep, and you want to surround yourself with people who are blue skies, who love each other, who want to lift each other up,” Heather explained. “And it’s really hard to be in a group where people are screaming ‘see you next Tuesday’ at each other.”

However, Heather did apologize to Kelly for bringing up Kelly’s daughter when a caller asked if she felt like a hypocrite.

“I don’t believe what I said and what Kelly said were in the same category. Having said that, you really haven’t seen the scope of what happened on the bus, you’ll see that next week. I think at that point I was thinking about what it would be like to live with her. But having said that, it was 3 o’clock in the morning, we had been drinking a lot and I do regret talking about her child at all and for that I apologize.”

Thoughts on what Heather had to say?

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169 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Shares Why She Doesn’t Get Along With Kelly Dodd”

  1. No one seems to get along with Kelly, and I can see why…but I call bullcrap on this one. She deflected and bullshitted her way through that WWHL episode. She knew she looked like a POS for her pack of wolves mentality, and she tried to gloss over it. She can act classy and is usually the voice of mediation, but not on this trip. It was gross and WHY was she taping Kelly on her phone in the hall? I’m not at all defending Kelly, but they knew she was drinking, purposely excluded her from their own fun at the bar, and THEN sent her texts to egg her on. Come on now….not an ounce of dignity in any of these ladies.

    1. Bottom line Kelly is horrible but none of these ladies have any kind of storyline without her. No one is interested in heathers pretentious life, tamaras fitness schedule, absolutely nothing about Shannon, or viki.

  2. Kelly Over exaggerates things and seems to twist things to make her look like a Victim. However I think these ladies had had it with her psycho ways and probably wanted viewers to see what a nut case she is, was it right.. NO.. but she is physco nut case so I don’t really care. Kelly should be the most pissed at Vicki obviously Vicki could care less about Dodd. kelly should be looking at all the tire marks left across her back by Vicki.

    1. I agree. Kelly is not a worthwhile woman to put up with to me. Wonder what her husband will say to her when he sees this episode and see no one ganged up on Kelly until she had gone after everybody else. Kelly needs a long rest in a mental institution.

    2. I think this show needs a total rewind. FIRST lose Vicki- she’s such a liar. Then get rid of Kelly- she needs psychological help. Tell Shannon and Heather to pull it back a little bit. Tamra? Not sure what to do there.

      1. HI Debbie R. I think Tamra’s conversion to Christianity was real – to her. And I think she tries but the old non Christian habits of her’s keep creeping back. Maybe if she tries harder she will become a good person in her later life. You don’t change overnight but you gotta keep following the right path in whatever religion you follow.

  3. It’s funny reading comments like ‘Kelly is terrible and awful BUT!!!
    There are no butts! She’s aweful , PERIOD! And suddenly making her a martyr because ‘mean girls’ said awful things to her is ridiculous. She’s a mean drunk and she needs help, AWAY from the show.
    Enabling her by giving her cover and making her a victim doesn’t make someone a compassionate person , just an enabler. She NEVER takes responsibility for ANYTHING!!!!

    The issues of HWs ‘ganging up’ in one lady is typical of HW shows and it’s nothing new. Just ask LVP!! I find it hypocritical that everyone cheers when Kenya is ganged up on but suddenly drunk needs our sympathy and help! Her being ‘ganged up ‘ on doesn’t absolve her of her an atrocious horrible woman who class people c**t. So Kenya is not worthy but Kelly is??

    Again, cry me a river .

    1. Agree totally again! I don’t get it myself! She is obnoxious and probably always has been and always will be. These women are all atrocious on OC, Shannon get out don’t end up like the rest of them!

      1. Well Meghan is smart, she’s bowing out lol. I’ve decided I’m not watching again unless another 2 or 3 are gone , which I know won’t happen

        1. I agree, she’s smart. She is taking care of herself and the baby. I hope that no one ever brings up what Heather said about their marriage. She would not deserve that, there’s no proof and would absolutely tear their marriage apart. Let it go!

          1. Miss J have you ever watched this show in previous years. Vicki is the biggest screaming screeching witch of all time. Her keeping quiet while the others were not is just doing what she has always done — turn her back on the only friend she has left. Crazy Kelly has defended Icki from day one and Icky turned on get her by going to Tamra to complain in the Irish Pub about the nose flicking. I am not a Meghan fan from previous shows but she was the only one who stayed out of the fray and even tried to help Kelly calm done and understand her behaviour was unacceptable.

    2. Hi Rain, I didn’t at all meant to imply that “drunk” needs our help or sympathy. lol. My beef was with Heather’s spin on the events and the pack of wolves. I actually don’t like that on any show. To me (and this is my own opinion of course), Kenya is usually the ball buster so I don’t really picture her as ganged up on. I actually agree with you that Kelly is no martyr, and I hate that she cried to her husband for back up, when she had been running him down for the world to see. I just hated the way that night transpired and I thought it was really immature. I also agree with you that this happens a lot on the housewives show 😀

      1. My deep apologies freedomgirl if you thought my post was directed at you specifically. That was not my intent. I had been reading responses left to me and others from last night and then just happened to read this article and that was the culmination of reading all those posts. I guess I wanted my post to show up on today’s article vs yesterday lol . I completely AGREE that the way this dinner went was aweful on every level . Shannon was WRONG but my point is , this doesn’t make Kelly any less aweful or atrocious. So she met her match ! Karma is indeed a bitch ( or 4 bitches in this case)
        And the Kenya thing was not directed at you either lol. I just know a lot of posters here are giddy when she’s taken down ( which is often) . I don’t like Kenya but you get the idea . Don’t have different standard for different HW, you either hate gang ups or you don’t . Am I making sense lol???

        Also the hatred towards Shannon is unreal. Some people will side with Satan vs Shannon. If it was Heather or Meghan who ordered the drinks , this ‘outrage’ would have been a fraction of what it is now. So sometimes I read posts that seem more about how Shannon hatred than anything else., just a bunch of illogical arguments about ‘poor Kelly’ etc etc .
        Again sorry for the misunderstanding. ❤️❤️❤️

        1. I understand your points. I think Shannon often speaks before she thinks. Shannon is the only reason I watched again this year but after icky came back and now Kelly I can’t stand to watch anymore. I’ll rely on my blog sisters to keep me updated on any ongoing shenanigans. Love you

        2. No worries Rain, I didn’t think you directed anything at me, I just happened to fall into the category of..Kelly is awful..but…lol. So I wanted to further explain. Even if we disagreed, that would be ok too, but I think we are on the same page. I did have to laugh about the 4 bitches of Karma.haha. Shakespeare couldn’t have described them any better 😀

    3. I am surprised by some of the comments on Shannon, some seem far worse than some on Vicki who some posters still think is innocent, it doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I personally think they should cancel the whole show I don’t think it’s salvageable at all. Kelly is appalling she certainly isn’t little miss innocent but then none of them are. If Queenie is right about Shannons secret, if Vicki has told the other women this she is even more disgusting than I thought. What does she think it will do to the children? I really hope it isn’t true. I will read here but I’m not watching and don’t intend to start! That’s my rant over and I’m not interested in anyone trying to justify Vicki to me as has happened in the past. She is scum!

      1. Love you Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You’re spot on as usually , my bonny lass! I’m ready for the assault of the Anti Shannon people saying she deserved it and she had it coming etc. so all the logic they employed to defend drunk Kelly will go out the window LOL. You have to be an atrocious woman to think another woman deserves to be punched. In a way, HW Is like politics now, no matter how horrible the HW is, her fans will defend her.
        Thank God for weed! Love you darling ❤️❤️❤️

        1. Love you too! At least I know you are fair with these women! Xoxoxoxoxxo
          No one deserves that and I really hope it’s wrong xoxoxoxoxxo

  4. I really don’t think Kelly drank her tequila at the last dinner. I believe Shannon that she was trying to help. I have never seen Shannon as a manipulator and I am sure others won’t agree with that. As far as Kelly goes I should feel sorry for her because she obviously has many deep seated issues but I truly cannot stand her. She, just like Kim Richards, needs H E L P. Bravo do her a favor and let her go or this woman is going to go postal on someone.

    1. ITA. I’ve been saying that she needs help. I don’t like bullying in any way, shape or form. There is no such thing as anyone deserving that kind of treatment, regardless of how they conduct themselves. That’s just me. Her daughter seems so grounded and sweet, there has to be a glimmer of something redeemable about Kelly. She needs professional help and pronto. Gross behavior and they should all be ashamed of themselves. That includes you too, Kelly.

      1. You’re right , no one ‘deserves’ to be bullied and I hope no one thinks that . Actions have consequences though and when you run your mouth and hurt and insult people, life will not be kind to you , and that’s Karma. Not that you deserve awful things but more that you contributed towards that in some way and what you put out is coming back to haunt you . Have a great day ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Kelly is many layers of obnoxious.She’s forever blaming her bad behavior on some one else but they usually have no relevance to what she is erupting about at that time.Don’t you love how everything was blamed on a bad marriage and as soon as she started shenanigans in Ireland she calls her husband.She proves over and over she has no loyalty to no one.Vicki is going to get her venom if she continues to be her friend.

  6. There isn’t anything left to say about the overly veneered, buck-toothed drunk. I’m over her. I have no idea how any man could be married to this beast for more than it takes to have sex one time. The other women (except the lying POS) are over her also- so ANY LITTLE THING they do to her it’s fine with me, as long as they aren’t breaking any laws. They want to watch her get drunk so they can sit back and watch the freak show? Have at it. They want to leave her in Ireland? Feel free. They want to buy voodoo dolls and stick pins in it while thinking about her? Go for it. I don’t care what happens to Kelly, she doesn’t deserve to be using up precious oxygen off this planet. I have a feeling Bravo doesn’t do one ounce of due diligence on anyone. And since Andy doesn’t like women, he figures let’s make women look as stupid, annoying, mean, back-stabbing, etc. etc. etc. as possible. He enjoys the shit shows, which says way too much about him than I care to know.

    1. OMG Sandy you just mentioned our groups research Librarian 3D’s and I did not mention her in my list of blog friends. Between you and 3Ds you always find the answers for us. At the end of a rainy Friday I just want to say how grateful I am for this group. Love you all❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I don’t care how much people dislike Kelly. There is no justification for the treatment Kelly has received.

    It is wrong of Tamra to physically assault Kelly and threaten to kill her. Very wrong. So wrong, it is criminal.

    It boggles my mind there were people who continue to support Tamra after the Naked Wasted episode. Tamra sent her own son to date rape an obviously inebriated Gretchen. I still remember the “No, no, no” Gretchen repeated, over and over again, to Ryan. Ryan clearly did not care when a woman says no, she means no.

    Are there still people out there who doubt Tamra’s daughter’s assertion Tamra is abusive? I certainly hope not.

    It is wrong of Shannon to force liquor upon Kelly after she repeatedly said no. It is wrong of Shannon to furtively go behind Kelly’s back and ask the waiter to make Kelly’s drink a double. No = No.

    It is wrong of Heather to condone and support Tamra and Shannon’s unconscionable and violent (on the part of Tamra) behavior.

    It is wrong of Tamra, Shannon, and Heather to bully Kelly. It is wrong of Tamra, Shannon, and Heather to continue their bullying behavior.

    No buts.

      1. Quote from Tamra:

        “We’re gonna get Gretchen wasted. Naked wasted.”

        “We’re gonna try to get her to do something stupid.”

        “Gretchen only wants you to see her in a good light, but there’s a part of her that just is like a dark side. And I don’t know that I trust her.”

        At some point during the episode Tamra tells her son to hit on Gretchen.

        Somehow during the course of the evening, Ryan lured Gretchen into a bathroom and locked the door. Ryan attempted to kiss and grope Gretchen several times. Gretchen repeatedly said no.

        It is difficult to tell what else might have taken place since Ryan had Gretchen in a closed, locked bathroom.

        If Ryan didn’t succeed in raping Gretchen, it wasn’t from lack of trying.

            1. Did Gretchen ever say what happened? I have not watched for too many years, so I am unfamiliar with this story? Is this what you saw and deduced or was it said somewhere? Did she press charges?
              If this is hearsay, then it is just that, however, I doubt that anyone here would make light of a physical attack on a woman by anyone. I believe she may have thought “rape” was a bit harsh, but we all are entitled to our opinions here.

                1. I did not see it, as I said, but I certainly don’t condone violence, and Suze does not either. She may have thought that from what she saw it did not seem to have gone as far as rape, but was some sort of prank that maybe went overboard.
                  I cannot speak for her, of course. I do know her enough to know she is so totally against violence against women that she would not make fun of it in the least, but only interpreted that episode differently perhaps.
                  Have a nice day Ace. 🙂

                  1. Sandy, you are right of course I don’t condone violence. We need 3D to look at this again for us she has all the old episodes. If that had happened as Rain said more would have been said at the reunion! All I saw was too much drink, Gretchen go off with Tamra’s son and then back again a few minutes later. Of course that was filming so it could have been a lot longer. I just think the accusation of rape was exaggerated, that was my opinion end off as far as I am concerned. I am going to stop replying to comments from people who I feel are antagonistic, exaggerated etc etc. Not wasting my time any more! Xoxoxo

                    1. Rain this isn’t fun anymore. So for me that’s it I am just having fun now except for my comments about Vicki, they will never change. Love you sweetie xoxoxoxox

                    2. Gretchen was well on her way to being drunk at the dinner party in question. Vicki and Tamara plied her with a few more shots of tequila to send her over the edge. Ryan saw his chance to put the moves on Gretchen by separating her from the guests and then trying to make out with her; she was aware of where he was headed and said no. At that point Ryan backed off.

                    3. Suze, clearly you saw it differently, and as you said, if there was any rape involved, it would be out there, most likely. 3 D’s has all of the tapes, so she would know as well.
                      Don’t get upset, Suze. It is not worth it. You just relax and please don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing’s going to be all right. (A sorta take on a Bob Marley song…a fave of mine.). It feels good to listen to that song, Three Little Birds, too!
                      LOVE YOU!
                      Enjoy the weekend! XOXO

                    4. Hope this goes in the right place. Sandy those are 2 of my favorite songs. Suze dear sweet Suze please don’t be upset. The way I remember was Ryan was a little pushy. But no attempted rape occurred. G said no and he left it at that

                    5. Daisy, I love the songs of Bob Marley too and have many of them. 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley has those lyrics…Here are some lyrics:
                      Rise up this mornin’
                      Smiled with the risin’ sun
                      Three little birds
                      Pitch by my doorstep
                      Singin’ sweet songs
                      Of melodies pure and true
                      Sayin’, this is my message to you

                      Singin’ don’t worry about a thing, worry about a thing, oh
                      Every little thing gonna be alright, don’t worry
                      Singin’ don’t worry about a thing, I won’t worry
                      “‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright

                      It always makes me feel good too. 😉

                    6. Tamra to Vicki: We’re going to get Gretchen naked wasted.

                      Vicki to Tamra: I thnk she already is wasted.

                      Tamra to Vicki: No, we’re going to get her wasted. Naked wasted. [Insert giggles fr/ Tamra]

                      Tamra to Vicki: We’re gonna try and make her do something stupid.

                      Tamra to Ryan: Ryyaan (shouting) she (Gretchen) needs a Tequila shot.

                      Tamra smiling talking head: Tequila shots always lead to bad behavior.

                      Ryan volunteers to clean/cleanse Gretchen’s palate.

                      Ryan moves his chair close to Gretchen and continues to pour Gretchen Tequila shots.

                      Both Lynn and Jeanna express concern about the amount of alcohol Gretchen has consumed.

                      Tamra insists Gretchen needs to relax and have fun.

                      Jeanna removes the tequila shots and replaces them w/ empty glasses. Ryan proceeds to fill the empty glasses w/ tequila.

                      Jeanna stated Gretchen was so drunk, she had no control over her actions.

                      Frank and Lynn offered to drive Gretchen home. Tamra nixed the idea because Tamra decided Gretchen would be staying the night at her house.

                    7. Gretchen leaves the kitchen to go to the bathroom.

                      Ryan follows her into the bathroom and locks the door.

                      Ryan to Gretchen: I got to get a hug first.

                      Gretchen to Ryan: You can’t hug me and you can’t kiss me, and you can’t make out w/ me.

                      Ryan to Gretchen: Why not? Why?

                      Gretchen to Ryan: Because I’m engaged to a very nice man.

                      Gretchen to Ryan: You are totally cute and I’m totally turned on by you.

                      Gretchen to Ryan: [some type of movement can be heard] Nice try no, no. I can’t make out w/ you. You’re cute and I like you but I can’t make out with you.

                      Ryan to Gretchen: Why? Why?

                      Gretchen to Ryan: CAUSE! CAUSE! No, I like you a lot. You gotta go out of here though. I like you. You’re really cute. You totally turn me on. But you gotta go out there. You can’t come in here (Ryan is in the locked bathroom w/ Gretchen). Because you totally turn me on. And you gotta stay out there. Out there.

                      Ryan to Gretchen: Are you sure?

                      Gretchen to Ryan : Yes.

                      Gretchen to Ryan: You totally turn me on but…I can’t make out w/ you because you’re Tamra’s younger son.

                      Ryan to Gretchen: How about just a peck?

                      Gretchen to Ryan: No.

                      Gretchen to Ryan: [some type of movement can be heard] Nice try. It’s very cute though.

                      Gretchen is finally able to exit the bathroom.

                    8. Sandy, I was more pissed than upset, I just can’t be bothered wasting my time anymore on some of these comments. So I will do what I do with a very few others and just not read that makes life easier. Luckily 99% of commenters are great even if we don’t agree it never gets nasty. So have a good weekend I’m done with this thread so you can catch me on one of the others. I don’t like banging my head against a brick wall for fun! Love you ❤️❤️❤️

                    9. Just to clarify, my two most recent posts don’t exactly meet the definition of ‘comments’.

                      I did not include any of my own opinions in the two posts.

                      I transcribed the information in the two posts directly from the Naked Wasted episode.

                      The dialogue is accurate.

                  2. Just to clarify, my two most recent posts don’t exactly meet the definition of ‘comments’.

                    I did not include any of my own opinions in the two posts.

                    I transcribed the information in the two posts directly from the Naked Wasted episode.

                    The dialogue is accurate.

                    1. No problem Ace. I appreciate you transcribing that dialogue . I don’t remember that but I have no reason to doubt you . I still think though that nothing serious happened or it would’ve been a huge deal

                    2. Ace, no thanks are necessary. You certainly have done your homework. It is not right to try to take advantage of an inebriated individual, and as I said on another blog here, there is no excuse for anyone to force someone to drink alcohol when not only do they say no, but everyone knows this individual gets loud and nasty when drunk, in the case of Kelly, even if Kelly is no favorite of mine.
                      With Gretchen, Tamra’s son was wrong to follow her into a bathroom and all of the rest is just wrong. I never saw that show, but I saw what you wrote. These are supposed to be grown women.
                      It really upset me to see Shannon ask for doubles as well, and I generally like Shannon, but that was not right. It seemed like it was a set up to me. I am just tired of all of the immature behavior. Kelly likes to drink, but when she said she was pacing herself, etc., no one should have given her more drinks.
                      This is the last season of OC for me. I am sick of all of it.

  8. I don’t care how much people dislike Kelly. There is no justification for the treatment Kelly has received.

    It is wrong of Tamra to physically assault Kelly and threaten to kill her. Very wrong. So wrong, it is criminal.

    It boggles my mind there were people who continue to support Tamra after the Naked Wasted episode. Tamra sent her own son to date rape an obviously inebriated Gretchen. I still remember the “No, no, no” Gretchen repeated, over and over again, to Ryan. Ryan clearly did not care when a woman says no, she means no.

    Are there still people out there who doubt Tamra’s daughter’s assertion Tamra is abusive? I certainly hope not.

    It is wrong of Shannon to force liquor upon Kelly after she repeatedly said no. It is wrong of Shannon to furtively go behind Kelly’s back and ask the waiter to make Kelly’s drink a double. No = No.

    It is wrong of Heather to condone and support Tamra and Shannon’s unconscionable and violent (on the part of Tamra) behavior.

    It is wrong of Tamra, Shannon, and Heather to bully Kelly. It is wrong of Tamra, Shannon, and Heather to continue their bullying behavior.

    No buts.

    1. I agree so much with this post. I’m not a fan of kelly, but to see they’re behavior towards her made me sick. I totally felt for her in that moment. Tamara hasn’t changed a bit, she just has new minions. And Shannon has Stockholm syndrome if she doesn’t feel a bit of guilt about her behavior.

  9. I can’t wait for the day, that Heather gets paid back, for the way she has treated others. And she will, believe me, she will. For her to even make a statement, about how she’s raising 3 daughters and wants to be a good role model is unreal. What about the way SHE and Tamra treated Alexis so cruelly, humiliating her on national TV? Or, the way she threw Shannon out of her house, when the poor woman was distraught, knowing her husband was cheating on her? How that ugly–inside and out, pretentious, insecure woman can sleep at nite, is baffling.

    1. Then so do drunk Shannon, drunk Heather, and drunk Vicki.

      However, I put Tamra at the top of the list of who needs to go since Tamra is both drunk and *violent*.

          1. Heck yeah Sandy ❤️❤️❤️ Great idea! I mean even with RHOBH , are we ready for another Rinna season ? 🙂
            How are you today sweetheart? I’m pacing in my living room not knowing whether to watch the debate or not! Last time it left me physically sick

            1. Hi Rain. I watched some debate and then changed to HGTV. It was terrible and I could not watch more.
              Boys are here for an hour and then driving to Florida for a robot competition. Everyone is fine. Thanks.

              I hope you and yours are well. XOXOXO

              1. Good morning lovely Sandy 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️ Oh I’m glad you saw the boys xoxo

                Being the masochist that I am, I watched the whole thing but didn’t feel as bad as last time. I was thinking the whole time that maybe Andy and Bravo were behind this goat rodeo lol. Ah well! But then I unwinded with ‘Younger’ from TV land, about a divorced woman in 40s who has to pretend to be 26 to get a job in th editing world. It’s a fluffy fun show and only half hour episodes . Xoxo RS ❤️❤️❤️

                1. Hi Rain. My sons have left on their road trip. I am back now after walking my little dog, Corey. It may rain later so we have walked a mile today already total. He loves to walk, and if it rains, he is not a happy guy.
                  Oh, my hub said that he was amongst his colleagues at work yesterday and one of them said, I am not voting for president, but for Vice President, since neither of them will survive in office…too many enemies. He said he liked Pence better as far as VPs go. So, that is another take on this election. So many are so fed up with both candidates. I want a third candidate with a chance to win…but that won’t happen.
                  That show sounds like a good one. I still have to catch up on some other programs. Tonight is Designated Survivor…great show as you know, but I hope we never have to resort to that for real…really.
                  Have a great day! XOXOXO

                  1. Hey lovely lady ! Hate to burst your bubble but they vacated designated survivor last night for the debate , so we have to wait till next Wednesday ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    Yes my dogs hated walking in the rain. They kept looking for that dry spot so they can go lol. I’m sure Corey is a very happy pooch 🙂

                    I’m actually not struggling with my vote at all. Is it an ideal candidate ? Of course not, but it beats the alternative . The myth of a squeaky clean idealistic candidate is long expired. No such thing anymore . I think the more flawd our society becomes, the more we demand this ‘goodness’ from our candidates and sometimes it’s unrealistic and unfair . Third party candidates stand no chance and probably won’t for the next 20 years.
                    But of course I get the biggest laugh from those ‘undecided voter ‘ panels who are STILL undecided. Hmmm, ok what more do you need to hear from these 2 ?? Maybe they just shouldn’t vote LOL. In my own cynical mind, I think they just want attention and to be on tv and ramble on about how they need to ‘hear more’ ! Quite hilarious actually

                    Love you ❤️❤️❤️

                    1. I got my days mixed up again. Okay, another week left. I still have to watch the other shows I missed too. Everything I like goes on at the same times.

                      I am sleepy…Boys arrived in the wee morning hours after 12:30. I finally got to sleep after 1:30 and was restless…got up long before 6 since and am tired now. My mind is mush.
                      Love ya Rain. XOXO

                    2. The only reason I know is because I was thinking ‘damn it, why is the debate tonight ‘ lol

                      Take a nap and enjoy ❤️❤️❤️

                    1. I have never seen Madame Secretary. I really like Designated Survivor. It is better than I thought it would be and I am hooked. I saw a bit of that Younger show on TV Land and it looks good. I will start watching that soon.

                    2. You will enjoy Younger Sandy ❤️❤️❤️This season but you binge watch season 1 real fast since it’s only 30 min episode. Again its just a fluffy bit lovely fun show

                2. I watched 3 episodes of the first season so far, but it seems there is an entire second season and now is the third season. I missed this show somehow
                  . I used to watch Hot in Cleveland on TV Land…watched them all. XO

      1. Lol Ace… “then so does drunk Shannon”! Love it, I agree Tamra should be the first to go, she makes me ill watching the show because she claims to be a Christian but she is giving such a bad example, just terrible. She has not changed and I dont think she ever will. She has just tried to package herself as Christian but has no idea what it really means to be one. She’s the worst in the group, followed up by Shannon & then Heather.

          1. I see why you love Shannon so much Rain… you are a mean girl and bully yourself. I guess all you do is comment on this website all day long analyzing every comment about Christians. Just leave me alone already.

              1. I think you need to go look in the mirror and grow up yourself Rain, you’re post sound like an 11 year old is writing them. And the bullying you do is foul… you see my name, just scroll on by and leave me alone. I’m sick of you constantly picking on me because I like Vicky and wanted the other girls to forgive her because I believe in full forgivness. Just drop it and LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

                1. I’ll keep responding as long as you keep mentioning my name. It’s like you’re obsessed with me lol. Stop whining and move on and do NOT mention my name

  10. This whole show needs to go. I liked Lorrie and Jeanna the first season, but now the characters are all awful. I thought it was bad when Lynne was on because she was so incredibly dense, but I would take her any day over these nasty witches.

  11. So Miss Prim & Improper is teaching her daughters that they’ll be judged by the company they keep? she should teach herself first. Children learn by example, not by puffed empty air. Soon they’ll tune her out.
    She thinks she’s cut from the finest bolt of cloth there is, but, to me, she’s even worse than the others, if that’s at all humanly possible. What an atrocious hypocrite, always higher than the sky as she & only she feels she’s has class, dignity, self control, pride & whatever other good stuff she feels she’s made of. All she really is – is a completely stuffy bore, and a champagne mess too. She’s classless like the rest, only worse.

  12. I completely agree with you! Heather has definitely shown her cold hearted mean spirit. She is a spoiled brat with an awesome husband who works his ass off for that family! All’ she does is complain about how hard she works raising her family. Makes me sick. Kelly is real and has a great personality. Sometimes hard alcohol brings out another side of us and it isn’t truly who we are. And shame on Shannon for trying to force it. What a hag! I really feel for Kelly and I think these women are going to catch some heat for how they are treating her. Shameful! Embarrassing! Discusting! If Kelly would stick with wine I think she would be fine and we wouldn’t see that rage. I like her a lot and feel the girls are showing their true colors. Must admit I’m impressed with Vicki this season. She’s beautiful and has shown what a good person and grandma she is.

    1. I totally agree with your post Melanie. I dont think Kelly is a bad person to the core like Tamra & Shannon are, that alcohol is ruling her life & behavior. I do think she needs to get help with not drinking anymore, then she can really shine. I have grown to really like Vicky this season.

  13. Most a fan of any of them but I saw a commercial that showed Heather pointing her finger at Kelly and talking to her like she is a child. Same tone she gave to Shannon last year when she told Shannon to leave her house.

  14. Heather likes to act all prim & proper but this season she has become all high & mighty and very judge mental !!!! She joined the bully Kelly gang with ringleader Tamra & cohort Shannon!!!!! She called Kelly trash, low life, and brought up her daughter then makes excuses for her behavior. But when Kelly tries to take credit for her behavior & apologize it it not good enough!!!! I have lost respect for Heather this season!!!! I did not expect her to be so easily manipulated and influenced by the other ladies!!!! Tamra has proven herself to be a perpetual liar & constant shit stirrer! Her verbal diarrhea is not an accident at All !!!!!! Then she takes a selfie with Vicki & sends it to Kelly to irritate her more – accomplishing kicking Kelly whilst she is down & throwing Vicki under the bus!!!!! She is not a friend to anyone. I have seen Heather, Tamra, Shannon, Shannon’s husband, all yell & say nasty things, no different than what Kelly does. Kelly owns her behavior & apologizes without excuses. The rest behave badly the make excuses for their behavior and half apologize!!! The only two Not screaming & acting poorly are Vicki & Megan!!!!!!

  15. I see why you love Shannon so much Rain… you are a mean girl and bully yourself. I guess all you do is comment on this website all day long analyzing every comment about Christians. Just leave me alone already.

    1. Elolo the majority of us on the site are friends. Yes we voice our opinions on theRHW but we don’t pick on each other, put each other down or call each other names. We appreciate the opinions of all and will be happy to hear yours.

      1. Aunt Bee, I get that … but this Rain poster constantly picks on me because I am a Christian and believe in forgiveness. This is the 5 or 6th post where this person has attacked me because of it. And why? Because I like Vicky… it’s getting so old and I’m so tired of it. I would just like to post my opinion and not have this poster attack me.

    2. Yup , you got me!!! Busted! So do you love Kelly becuase you’re a drunk?? Just following your logic

      I don’t care about you to not ‘leave you ‘ alone , that’s such an odd thing to say . Go satisfy that neediness and desire for attention elsewhere . As always xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

        1. Oh my gosh… I have no idea who Sherry is, you accused me in another post of being an anonymous poster talking to myself and I just dont get what your problem is. I am me… my name Elle Lowell and I live in Fresno Ca. I have no other monikers and I done make multiple poster names. This is getting so dang old… JUST LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE!!!!

    3. Leave me alone leave me alone….really? Sounds like something a 5 year old would say. Grow up. Rain I never thought of you as a bully but you can bully me anytime babe

      1. Well Daisy, I’m glad you are fine with her, but she’s very mean to me just because I post positive comments about Vicky and I’m just so sick of it. I just want her to leave me alone, this was the 5th or 6th post where she zones in on me saying something about Christians or Vicky… my gosh I just want her to ignore me and leave me alone. Call me a 5 year old that’s fine, but I just want her to leave me alone!!!!

    4. Grow up, you know nothing about Rain to make these comments, she is one of the kindest people here. I have seen more unkind remarks from you in the short time you have been posting than I have ever seen from Rain. So make your comments on HW’s and lay off commenters!

      1. Suze, I noticed that you are always there right behind Rain attacking me. Why dont you both just ignore me already and leave me alone???? You know nothing about me and I’m tired of you both accusing me of things I have no idea of. I just come on here to read what other people are saying and leave comments myself. But it never fails I leave a positive messge about Vicky and you guys come in like a pack of wolves. My gosh… both of you just give it a rest already.

        1. I will totally ignore you with great pleasure but while you are posting comments about other posters I won’t. I’m not just talking about the comments here about Rain you have done it before several times.

          1. Oh yawn !!! Stop mentioning my name and move along dude. You’re whiny ! This is a blog post and people comment on HW and have a discussion and back and forth. Stop mentioning my name and I won’t respond to you . You can comment on any of my posts and contradict them even, I’m ok with that .

            Now stop the pity martyr act and move along

            1. Anyway Elolo, let’s make peace , even though there was nothing on my side. Take care, have fun , let’s not mention or respond to each other and God bless !

              1. Awwww, good on ya Rain for posting that and hopefully this Elolo poster can do the same. If you two could agree to disagree, there might be hope for Hilary and Trump. hehe. Love and good vibes to all!!!

                1. I’m a hippie through and through freedomgirl ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Peace and love

                  You know what? My autocorrect kept wanting to change hippie to hippo LOL! Maybe it’s trying to tell me something

                  1. Lol..I’m sure that’s not anything telling about you physically, but maybe Hippos are your spirit animal. They are actually fun loving and gentle, but don’t piss them off…

                    1. To Elolo, please understand. Quite a few of us here are over 50 and fighting family tragedy or physical illness. I myself am mostly home bound and not very fit and theses groups are like family to me and the others so we do take exception when one of us feels attacked or we feel someone is being attacked. We all don’t always agree with each other but we do respect their opinions about the Housewives. I am sorry if you felt attacked but I can say jfrom personal experience that Miss M, Rain, Daisy, Real Sandy, Gigicat and the others, especially Suse are very kind and sweet ladies. (Sorry if I missed anyone but my old fingers are tired). Oh, and sweet Starr, you and I have very different opinions on a lot of these characters but I love seeing your comments. So to end, please Elolo be with us and let’s smoke that peace pipe.

                    2. Well said, Aunt Bee. I fell honored to be among all of you wonderful, caring, intelligent friends. Though all of us have not always agreed, we have learned how to agree to disagree and respect one another. Coming to the defense of a friend is part of the program here for many, and it is wonderful. ❤️❤️

                    3. What a beautiful post Aunt Bee ❤️❤️ Thank you and very well said xoxo
                      And you’re right Sandy , we don’t always agree but we work on being civil and polite.
                      Looking back , I shouldn’t have engaged but I slipped . But we live and learn

                      Happy Friday ladies xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️

                    4. Bee you are a very special lady and much loved here on the blog, especially by me as you very well know xoxoxoxox

        2. I have had the same thing happened to me by the same group of people in the past when I post an opinion that differs from theirs. They don’t even realize they form their own little mean gang. Moderators obviously don’t pay any attention to their attacks. I get sick of having to read through their love fest between themselves that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Wish they would all just form their own FB group and give the rest of us a break. I don’t want to read all their waxing stories, etc. I know I will be attacked for doing the same thing they do, but unless you own this sight stop making others feel uncomfortable about posting or sharing our opinions. I am also 60 and have had many life tragedies, but tend to share them privately with people that mean something to me.

          1. I don’t believe this happened to you before ‘anonymous ‘ !! So maybe if you had a handle , we can discuss this like grown ups. But you you choose to be anonymous so you can be making it all up

            I’m sorry you’re offended by our sharing. Instead of whining and shaming us, you can become a friend and allow us to know you . We are friendly and open and respond to kindness and nobody here is a ‘mean girl’ , no matter how many times you say it. We are all closer to you age , so relax and try and have fun and don’t take it so seriously . We come here to distract ourselves from our day and connect with friends. It’s not CNN.

            If you have trouble with us being friends here, please take your concerns to the owner of the site , she’s the one you can appeal to with these kinds of issues .
            Until then we will share about our illnesses, husbands, tragedies, foolishness and yes ,even our waxing. Have a good evening and I hope you reconsider your position xoxo

          2. I would not call anyone mean here, but what you have posted is so far from a “love fest”, it is positively the opposite.
            Some here are sensitive when it comes to a certain name like Vicki, since anyone who goes along with a lie about cancer when some here are fighting battles with the horrible disease or have family or friends who have it, it is just not possible to look at Vicki in the same light again. I cannot stomach her.
            Of some here have become friends along the way, then why hate them for it. It is not a clan or a clique in any exclusive sense, but people who, over some time, have gotten to like each other, and the personal does happen to be included at times, because, frankly, life is short, it sometimes sucks, and sometimes nice tyings happen. Why not be there for a friend in good times and in bad. Why fight? Is it worth it?
            I have found in the past, I felt like the only one who maybe had another opinion. Even someone who came on strong later became my friend here. We all have had our moments when we just could not agree, but as friends, we kept it respectful. If you give the people here a chance and not continue negativity, you will find acceptance. If a particular individual bugs you, tell them nicely what it is, and they will understand.
            I am not perfect. I accept that. I never want to offend anyone, but if I do so, I apologize. Just don’t attack me please. Life is too short for stress here. This supposed to be fun.

            1. Lovely post Sandy! We responded at the same time ❤️❤️❤️❤️ So anonymous , oth Sandy and I are extending an invitation to you! Choose a name and just try and have fun with us . You can’t say we haven’t tried 🙂

              1. Yes! I saw that pop as I hit post! Mine had more typos than I thought!
                Nice post, Rain!

                Yes, Anonymous, pick a handle/name. Welcome to the fest! 😉

                    1. I love the Diana character (her boss ) also. The show is so woman centric but in a fun and positive way. I’m happy to tell you it gets better or at least maintains the quality .

                    2. Anonymous I am on the way to 72 and I am worried about Joanna a friend here who is older. We haven’t heard from here in awhile and wonder how she is so I guess that is why we share about ourselves and pray for each other and hope she sees this and let’s us know she is Ok.

          3. You can keep your life private. Sorry if we offended you, but as Rain said, if you are that offended, you can complain to the management.
            Just let me say, you are not alone. There are more than a few posters who do not talk about their families or lives here at all and stick only to the topic. Sometimes, though, real life gets in the way. Sometimes, maybe here is a place where you are accepted and people care for real who never even met you. You choose how public you want to be, and make up a name that is not your real name, and it is all fine. Just don’t criticize us here for making friends over the years or months. Some of us do write email or converse on FB. Some do not. Most of us are older here too.

            1. Or there are other sites that are strictly business and people don’t banter. I don’t mean to be rude but I’m not going to apologize for being friends with people.

  16. Don’t feel sorry for kelly. She brings it on herself. She is “the victim” in every show. Hello can you say narcissict, bipolar or just crazy.Every sign is there! Heather nailed ,she is having psychotic episodes. Look it up.

    1. Aunt Bee, on your iPad keyboard, do you have a smiley face next to the ?123 button? Just click on that and search for the red heart. Only the red heart posts at this site…no other color hearts. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️

  17. Tamra is a sociopath ; she stirs up trouble and then tells us how sweet and innocent she is Does She really think we believe her lies? She is despicable actually

  18. The ability to post here w/o a browbeating response should not be predicated upon a dislike or hatred for Vicki or any other HW.

    1. Yes, I agree. I am sorry if you have felt that sort of response. I try not to offend, and if I did, I apologize. Hatred for Vicki is not a reason. I agree.
      If you stay a while, and read the posts, you will realize, however, why some here are as upset by Vivki as they are, and maybe give them a little break, even if it may seem over the top to you right now. I am not making excuses, but I do try to empathize.
      There are a few who post anonymously when any name at all would show that he or she was not the same person, since it is hard to communicate when three different anonymous posters show up, and it appears like the same person but it is not. Also, if the person who runs this site is not offended by any personal chat, then it seems okay, but if others dislike it, they always have the right to complain to ghe manager of the site.
      I am so against bullying. I really am.

        1. I am no censor. We all have free speech. People can respond however they wish. I am only trying to keep the peace. Feel free to start your own war, but I am not going to be in attendance. Have a nice day HWLOVER. Peace and LOVE. 😉

          1. Don’t be dramatic, no war is being started. And nobody apppointed you peace keeper. Ace said something and I responded to it and happened to notice all the apologies you make for him as he insults people . JMO .. No war , so no peace keeper duties needed . You can all be mean girls when you want to , like most of you have been to others . But when you want to ignore what some people say (Ace) you seem ok with that . Makes you wonder

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