Heather Dubrow Says She’s Not Too Hard On Her Husband Terry! Denies Having Any Plastic Surgery!


Real Housewives of Orange County’s Heather Dubrow has received a lot of criticism this Season from viewers saying she is too tough on her husband, Terry. Heather appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night and was asked by a viewer why she is so hard on her husband.

“He is an amazing husband and we have a great relationship. You’re only seeing a piece of it. It’s a portion of our lives. Do I think I’m hard on him? I think when I know everything that happened… no.”

Heather also denied rumors she has had any recent plastic surgery, but admitted she gets Botox “sparingly.”

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6 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Says She’s Not Too Hard On Her Husband Terry! Denies Having Any Plastic Surgery!”

  1. She looks like the Joker (or an alien). She didn’t used to look like this when she was on Jenny McCarthy’s show way back when. She wasn’t too funny either. She was a minor, minor player who was very easily forgotten!

  2. Oh please! Heather is absolutely too hard on Terry. Viewers on not blind! And I say “viewers” because she calls us her “fans”. Trust me – I am no fan of Heather Dubrow. She is way too needy and demands attention constantly. Total turn off. As for plastic surgery – she is doing way too much botox. Her eyebrows are overly arched to her widows-peak hairline! She does look like the Joker – and the Grinch. Very creepy smile.

  3. I think all the ladies are beautiful. Heather is the only One with her real hair color which I think is great. Heather is beautiful! It is personal decision to disclose if they have had work done. To say someone looks like the joker is just down right cruel!! Let see yiur picture “donewithbrovo” so we can judge you and what we think you look like.

  4. Of course she doesn’t think she is too hard on him; but apparently most (not all) of the free world who watches does, and for good reason and so does he! It’s like the audience participation option on Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire…the majority gets it.

    So much pride this woman has, very unwise and very unattractive. So cold this woman is to her husband, some of the ladies, and even to her children. So full of hostility and self importance. Reality will rear its ugly head sooner than she thinks I am guessing.

  5. Ok, really!! All of the ladies on the show are self centered, selfish, and have the all about me syndrome. No just Heather! How can you miss that when watching. They have all had too much work done to us truly “real housewives”. My guess is we too would jump on the plastic surgery wagon if we were reality atars. As for how we think Heather treats her husband, we too would look like complete witches if our lives see filmed. We only see a small clip of their lives and are making asumsions based on the clips. Have mercy on me if I were filmed. What would the “fans say about me”. What would they say about you”. Hunk hard the last tiff you had with your spouse or friend and heaven forbid how would you come across. “Just saying” Something for all of us to ponder as we judge

  6. She is way too hard on him and needs to take responsibility for pushing her husband to the point of mentioning divorce! Shame on her for not taking responsibility for her part in the argument(s).

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