Heather Dubrow Says She & Terry’s Marriage Is Stronger Than Ever!


The past two episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County have been rough for Heather Dubrow and her husband, Terry, but this week the couple made amends when Terry treated Heather to a romantic dinner and gave her a sweet card. Heather keeps it simple in her Bravo Blog this week, writing she and Terry are stronger than ever and sharing a photo from her wedding day.

Heather writes, “I loved watching this scene. It brought tears to my eyes reliving the moment. We are so blessed in so many ways and we love each other so much. After more than 16 years, we are stronger than ever. Although I know we aren’t perfect and we will have other issues on our journey through life, I know we are strong and we will navigate those times. . .together.”


Photo Credit: Bravo


15 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Says She & Terry’s Marriage Is Stronger Than Ever!”

  1. Her marriage won’t be strong for long…once Terry wakes up from the drug induced coma he is in and realizes she has cut off his balls and has been wearing them for the past 14 years they have been together! lol

    1. Preach! Terry has no clue he is missing his balls because his type is used to being told what to do, how do it and when to do it. It’s almost like Heather is his parent and not his wife. Anyhoot, Heather needs to remember to act like a woman and let her husband BE THE MAN, for once.

      1. I guess it’s not okay for a woman to be in charge lol. Terry obviously has no problems with his marriage so I really don’t see why anyone else would.

        1. I guess. Sado masochism is legal, and if Terry wants to wear an emotional dog collar while his wife carries an imaginary whip it is his business. We’re just talking about it, not banning it.

              1. lol. You’re basically saying that like he’s not a “real man” because he lets his wife make the decisions. But yall would be happy if it was Terry in the lead. nobody would say shit. I just think it’s hilarious.

                1. mktb, I’ll try to put this simply enough for you to get: I think people in relationships should BOTH be respectful to each other. I’m not arguing he should be the asshat, I’m arguing that nobody should. No husband or wife is supposed to treat the other like a child or an idiot. What you are saying makes no sense unless you think marriage is a competition for supremacy.

              2. Deborah…I’ve read all of your comments above/below this reply. You make perfect sense. Someone on this thread just likes to be antagonistic…no matter what is said…or how clearly it has been communicated. You’re entitled to your opinion and the rest of us can see what is actually going on with the repeated attempts to engage you in a war of words. Just know you communicate your thoughts cystal clear and someone else has a big problem. 🙂

                1. Thanks, Another RHO_Fan, I appreciate it. That girl has argued with me on every post I’ve ever commented on. Clearly, she and I would have chosen different circles of friends, so this is the only place we’ll ever have to bump heads.

  2. She needs to take responsibility for putting her husband to the point that he brought up divorce! What he did was wrong, but what she did was worse. Her picture has to be next to the definition of immasculate.

  3. The arrogance of thinking she can change our perception based on her denials. The only real way to redeem herself is to admit she’s behaved with the utmost arrogance and condescension, and that she’s grateful for the opportunity to correct these ugly traits. Anybody think that will happen?

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