Heather Dubrow Says Kelly Was The Catalyst Of The Fight In Ireland; Slams Vicki Gunvalson For Being a Bad Friend


Heather Dubrow is taking to her blog to react to Tamra Judge’s fight with Kelly Dodd in Ireland. Heather was not surprised by Dodd’s outrageous behavior and doesn’t blame Tamra for her reaction. She believes Kelly was the catalyst in the situation and calls out Vicki Gunvalson for being a bad friend to both Kelly and Tamra.

“Ireland is a beautiful country and we met some lovely people. How embarrassing to watch the show and see Kelly immediately making fun of the bellman’s accent and say the words “lucky charms”?!?! Absolutely cringe worthy.

The “black velvet” drinks we were greeted with were champagne and Guinness beer. Not something I would usually order, but so fun to start the trip with a local favorite! Especially when it involves champagne!

Powerscourt Hotel was beautiful and the staff was amazingly accommodating! How many people thought Vicki sent the flowers to herself? Seemed a little convenient upon check in. Any time Terry has sent me flowers when I’m traveling they put them in my room. Hmmmmm.

The pub crawl…well we drank and laughed and danced in the streets and had so much fun for a few hours…and then…here we go again with Kelly. The dumb jokes, the judgmental comments and now we are attacking the Jewish people and repeating financial (and incorrect) information about me? I was absolutely over it. We went into the department store at my request because I had heard from a friend who had recently visited Dublin that it was amazing. My friend was right, beautiful store and I was enjoying a little retail therapy when the fight broke out. I don’t blame Tamra for her reaction, the catalyst was Kelly and this was what, the FOURTH time I’ve been around her in public and witnessed some kind of outrageous behavior.

Getting kicked out of a department store is not fun, and yes, I was pissed. Of course I was upset for Tamra, and if I was making it about myself so be it — I was pissed. Also, Vicki can judge me all she wants — she walked away and “didn’t get involved”. Please, so she didn’t stick up for her new bestie Kelly or her old bestie Tamra. Great friend.

Watching Kelly relay the events of the day to Michael is indicative of her problem — revisionist history. Nobody ganged up on her — she attacks people and then cries. Over it.

We were all happy that Kelly didn’t come to Johnny Fox’s — it was SOOOOOO fun and we had a completely drama free evening! Tamra and I got up on stage and river danced with the professionals — so fun!!! We laughed a LOT and learned a few fun Irish words…yes, we were OSSIFIED!”

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  • One Rotten Egg

    Heather will find a reason to make any event all about her, somehow.

    • Cindy

      Kelly has issues. Heather is a class act. She had a right to be pissed.

      • Momto3

        I have to disagree about Heather. She looks down her nose at people. Kelly was wrong without a doubt. But Megan was the one who was truly a class act.

    • JB TEXAS

      You truly are a rotten egg. Heather has every right to be pissed and speak her mind on the subject. Kelly is TOXIC. She drinks, spews crap at the most convenient target and then apologizes. This is the 3rd or 4th time. Enough is enough. Both Kelly and her husband need “AA”.

  • Revisionist history !!!! I love it lol


    I don’t mind this blog from Heather. Actually, she is 100% correct.

  • Jsh8675309

    Kelly troubles me. She yells things to purposely hurt ppl. When someone disagrees with her or tries to tell her to calm down she flips out again. Can hardly wait till reunion.

  • vicki waugh

    wow love that word revisionist ,,,I have had a few of them in my life ,,,,you are great to watch you always cut through the rubbish ,,,,heather has to go off the show unwatchable nasty drunks is not a fun thing to witness

  • Kelly and the fake Vicki need to go.

  • No wonder Kelly and Viki are so bonded. Both cruel bitches. Drunks to, and liars, instigators and passive-aggressive toads.

  • starr

    Well, well well, what’s new? Heather the pontificator has once more spoken.

  • Queenie

    Heather has never been my favorite, but I can imagine how pissed she was, getting kicked out of that store. It happened to me once, too. And it was also because of some idiot co-worker/acquaintance. VERY embarassing.

  • Danet

    This is my first and last time watching this show but let me tell you if I was that Kelly chick I would own what I said.. Especially, if I have 4 girls coming at me I’m going to hit below the belt and then some.. If your old enough to open your mouth and throw shit then expect it to come back in your face.. As for that one lady being a good mom well she must not be a good one because instead of being on this show and body building my priority would rather be on finding a way to get my child back.. So this is why this chick reacted as for the Dubrow chick let me tell you no class especially for being the wife of a surgeon. She has so much plastic surgery she has to exaggerate her facial expressions.. It is sad when grown women have to sell their souls for a buck I guess that comes cheaper to them than a real honest day work… By the way seeing how that Shannon chick behaved I can now agree with why her husband had an affair.. By the way I call these old girls chicks because they are so far off from being ladies…