Heather Dubrow Reveals Embarrassing Secret On Bethenny


The always conservative Heather Dubrow appeared on Bethenny Friday and while dishing on her marriage and children, she revealed a racy secret. Heather shared that when her son was 7 years-old he walked in on her and Terry having sex. “We did have one very uncomfortable moment a couple of years ago where my son walked in on me and my husband, and it was a very quick recovery!” she says. “He saw nothing…”

But Bethenny is just glad Heather and Terry have an active sex life. “I’m so happy you’re having sex after four kids!” Heather laughs. “The key to a good marriage is separate bathrooms!”

Watch Heather on Bethenny below.

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Photo Credit: Bravo
Video Credit: Bethenny


2 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Reveals Embarrassing Secret On Bethenny”

  1. Wonder how many appointments Heather’s hubby HAD to cancel in order to accommodate her eagerness to be on a barely watched show. Figuring that Bethanny only pays $400 per appearance, and deducting for airfare/hotel/food, I’d say that Heather PAID to be seen by the 2-3 viewers that Bethanny has. I guess desperate people do desperate things.

  2. How inconsiderate it was of her to tell that story about her son. He would be, of course, completely embarrassed that she shared it.

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