Heather Dubrow Reveals Where She Believes Kelly Went Wrong at Lunch With Shannon


Heather Dubrow is sharing her opinion about Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd’s explosive meeting. In her blog, Heather writes that she appreciates Kelly’s sentiment in reaching out to Shannon first, but she doesn’t think it’s appropriate to drink a whole bottle of wine while discussing such a sensitive topic at lunch.

“I’m so proud of Meghan and our trip to DC was incredible! The people we met, the amazing survivor stories and watching the #FightCRC team in action was a moving experience.

Meghan may have been nervous, but she pulled off an amazing motivational speech! There was a celebration that night where Meghan was honored for her work with #FightCRC and it was wonderful to be there and support her and this worthy cause.

Shannon and Kelly: Well, I thought Kelly’s mom gave Kelly great advice. In the same situation, I may have balked at my mother and said “you don’t understand.” But Kelly took her advice to heart and reached out Shannon. Difficult situation when you meet up and you’re both expecting an apology from the other one.

This lunch did not go well and I’m not sure where they go from here. I appreciated Kelly admitting she has an anger problem, but I think she should also realize that drinking a bottle of wine at lunch when you’re discussing a sensitive situation is not the best idea.”

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How the hell does someone drink a whole bottle of wine at lunch? Don’t they have things to do for the rest of the day? Is Big Mouth Dodd a functioning alcoholic or just a plain old mean and nasty drunk?

Im not going to call anyone an alcoholic, but , yeah, orobably not the best move on Kelky’ s part. It was another shit show.

Both are wrong. Some people are not meant to be friends.

@ Gigicat. Tell me how u really feel. 🙂 Lol

2 cra cra well Shannon forgives everyone why not Kelly. Boy Shannon has a lot anger build up inside from her husband cheating on her. She has b**ch face soon she walk in the talk I use like Shannon not so much anymore find new story line instead being mad at everyone

Both are wrong. They should’ve discussed the problem like adults. Instead, they both acted like bratty kids Which is what they are. They will never be friends, 2 dumb hot heads. Still, I will take Kelly any day over Shannon who carries a ton of bitterness & hatred on her shoulders, not becoming at all.

Pump the breaks…Heather judging someone for drinking? I’ve rarely seen her without glass in hand or calling for champs! And who said she drank a whole bottle? Judgy Shannon noticed she was drinking wine and of course made a judgy comment. Kelly offered some wine to Shannon when she sat down and sheepishly said I already opened it which led me to believe she ordered it for them to toast apologies but got nervous. I’d be nervous too meeting the holier than thou never did anything wrong n my life you are not worthy to lick my bowl sucked back… Read more »

It’s also a bad idea to treat wait staff like crap after one bottle of champs or one sip Heather…..


I’ve never understood the theory that “well, I’ll apologize if they apologize too!” Isn’t that just plain insincere? You should apologize sincerely and without strings, or it’s not worth the breath. I also don’t understand someone saying, “sorry….but….”: ?!?!?! Again……………..it’s not sincere! Another pet peeve of mine………………….apologize not for the deed or words, but for making someone unhappy…..again….?!?! Kelly should have just outright said to Shannon how shitty she was for saying such a vile thing like, “no wonder he cheated on you!” No matter how angry someone “makes” you, you are still responsible for the spoken words. I can’t… Read more »

Totally agree Michelle, hope alls well with you?

Hello there Suze……I see up there in the Highlands it’s been a little nipply but down in London town, it’s been really nice. I’m guessing you’re in the “in-between”? Fish and chips dinner…..Yum! Any time any where is good for that. Enjoy your outing. I’m crossing the pond again in September but this time only to Chelsea and looking forward to it. So much nicer weather than ours.

You missed the gales at the weekend 50mph winds. Weather really mixed at the moment but lovely in London. I love Chelsea, such a lovely area of London but so expensive now. Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

I missed out that I am in the Borders so only just in Scotland! Xoxo

These gales are not unusual for you guys, is it? When we were up in Inverness they talked about winds of hurricane strength of over 100 mph…..crickey! And we put shutters up and stock up on water when we hear that kind of wind speed and you guys…………well, what do you do? You brave it out like real Scotts (that’s according to my Scottish husband!) Yeah we love Chelsea too. We get a great deal from a friend who owns a flat so we take advantage of the situation. And right now our US dollar to your pounds sterling is… Read more »

I wish they were unusual! They do so much damage to the garden. Yes we do just get on with them, no choice and hope we don’t lose any more slate roof tiles!
I’m sure you will do lots of shopping in and around Chelsea. My favourite place for lunch is Fortnum and Mason! I miss it living up here. My kids live in and near London and love it, too busy for me these days apart from the odd visit! Xoxoxoxox

I just looked it up…………I didn’t know the parlor/tea room had a different name to the Kensington Hotel. We love that place and have tea there every time we visit. About 4/5 times now. We have a lovely picture of our grandson (3 at the time) sipping tea from his beautiful blue teacup for the very first time sitting in that lovely place. I do have to pay better attention.

It’s also my favourite shop as well. The most amazing selection of teas!

Good day sweet Suze. Hope all’s well with you. My hubby’s Dr appointment went ok. There has been a little improvement but, he still has ckd. Now they also think that he has problems with his circulation. So more drs. This will make 4 that he has to see. Poor guy is only 47. Much too young to have as many health issues as he does

That’s a real B! I’m sorry, he is so young to be going through all of this, it’s just not fair!
I’m having my first day out tomorrow since March! Going over to visit my sister in laws. Exciting we are having a fish supper by the beach sitting in the car if the weather is bad! It doesn’t take much to please me!

Fish supper is Fish and Chips!

Oh heck, you’ve got me craving that now…hope you had a lovely time!!! <333

I will really enjoy it. The only time we have it is if we go over to the west coast. Not so nice here!

I’m so happy that you’re getting out. That’s great!!!. Have a wonderful time. Fish and chips sound yummy


Daisy….I am sad for you and your husband. I am new to this board but I’ve ready so many stories here of struggles with ailments and funnily enough, the HW franchise keeps everyone fired up and energized. I guess there’s ONE good thing coming out of this wicked reality world of ours.

Hi Michelle and welcome. It’s nice to have you here. I’ve only been here a few months myself. It’s the best place with so many wonderful people. Please don’t be sad (But thanks very much ) we will find out what’s going on then kick it in the ass.

Thank you and good luck with that ass kicking. It will build muscles!