Heather Dubrow Reveals She Almost Quit RHOC Because Of Kelly Dodd


In this preview for part two of the RHOC reunion, behind the scenes footage reveals that when Kelly Dodd called Shannon a c*** during sushi night, Heather Dubrow was ready to hand in her mic and quit the show.

“Where’s Thomas?” Heather asks as she disappears. “Are you f*cking kidding me? I am done. This is disgusting. I will not be a part of this, absolutely not!”

Heather tried to explain her reaction.

“We’re sitting in a private room at a Japanese room that has paper-thin walls. Everyone can hear you,” she says once host Andy Cohen steps in and tells Kelly to stop interrupting. “That the last time I was at this restaurant was the last time that I saw my brother-in-law alive. So, to go in to this restaurant where I have very bad memories and then be involved in a situation that I can’t believe I’m sitting at a table with someone that is screaming ‘see you next Tuesday’ at the top of her lungs— Whether you think my reaction was overboard or not, I’m telling you, this was my visceral reaction. I was horrified. I took off my microphone. I did not want to be involved. And it was not about saying, ‘I’m better than you.’ It was like, ‘We’re better than this. Our show is better than this. And I don’t want to be associated with this.'”

“OK. Alright You’ve never been around her that cusses all the time,” Kelly said, pointing at Tamra Judge, before moving on to Shannon Beador. “Her that cusses all the time.”

“Not like that,” Heather fired back.

Andy tried to make Kelly understand. “But you can’t stand behind your behavior at that sushi restaurant,” he said. Or can she?

Watch the preview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo