Heather Dubrow Reveals She Almost Quit RHOC Because Of Kelly Dodd


In this preview for part two of the RHOC reunion, behind the scenes footage reveals that when Kelly Dodd called Shannon a c*** during sushi night, Heather Dubrow was ready to hand in her mic and quit the show.

“Where’s Thomas?” Heather asks as she disappears. “Are you f*cking kidding me? I am done. This is disgusting. I will not be a part of this, absolutely not!”

Heather tried to explain her reaction.

“We’re sitting in a private room at a Japanese room that has paper-thin walls. Everyone can hear you,” she says once host Andy Cohen steps in and tells Kelly to stop interrupting. “That the last time I was at this restaurant was the last time that I saw my brother-in-law alive. So, to go in to this restaurant where I have very bad memories and then be involved in a situation that I can’t believe I’m sitting at a table with someone that is screaming ‘see you next Tuesday’ at the top of her lungs— Whether you think my reaction was overboard or not, I’m telling you, this was my visceral reaction. I was horrified. I took off my microphone. I did not want to be involved. And it was not about saying, ‘I’m better than you.’ It was like, ‘We’re better than this. Our show is better than this. And I don’t want to be associated with this.'”

“OK. Alright You’ve never been around her that cusses all the time,” Kelly said, pointing at Tamra Judge, before moving on to Shannon Beador. “Her that cusses all the time.”

“Not like that,” Heather fired back.

Andy tried to make Kelly understand. “But you can’t stand behind your behavior at that sushi restaurant,” he said. Or can she?

Watch the preview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I would not quit because of Kelly. I would just stay away from Kelly if I was Heather…if that is possible? Then again I would not be on a reality show if I was Heather…and just live in that big home and watch the children grow up before they are adults and enjoy life. Kelly is repulsive with her nasty mouth and no filters out in a public place. What an embarrassment. But, having said that, being on a reality show like this, it always seems to happen that people get loud and repulsive…like it is a requirement to do… Read more »
How are you Sandy ? I saw the clip and the best point that Heather made was ‘ our show is better than this’! Or at least it used to be before LIARFACE and now Kelly! The way Kelly keeps interrupting and won’t let Heather finish a sentence is so juvenile, either that or she’s on something . You are correct, she is repulsive on every level and if she’s the future of the show, then I’m glad I’m bowing out. On a different note, what’s going on with Kelly’s breast? They look huge. Did she have them done or… Read more »
Oh, I cannot stand Kelly. I thought her comments were over the top disgusting, and she is rude and has no manners. I would be repulsed like Heather was, too. I just also would not be on a reality TV show, since this seems to be all too common…drunken, nasty behavior with loud cursing and fights. The show is not really better than that…and aye, there’s the rub. We have seen Vicki topless….etc. They have no filters. This is the show. I am not watching any more, but I did watch the clip. I am repulsed by people like Kelly… Read more »

How are you, Rain? I am well. All is well here.
i am thinking of you and sending hugs your way. XOXO

I believe she took a syringe, filled it with saline, and shot it into her boobs until they were bigger than anyone’s. That way she could say something of hers was bigger
( and better )than everyone else’s. It certainly isn’t her personality, her manners, her ………….anything. Hahahahahaha. oxoxoxoxoxo, I thought you would get a kick out of my perception of the situation!

Kelly’s put on at least 30 pounds since filming the show. I’m only 110 pounds but if I gain even 5 then the first place to plump up on me is my books lol How dare Kelly compare her cussing to Tamra’s? Tamra’s mouth is directed at no one most of the time unless she’s saying F you to Vicki (well deserved), Kelly called Shannon the C word then not 2 minutes later called Tamra a dumb F. There’s a difference between cussing around people and cussing AT people. But typical Kelly, trying to excuse her own actions by saying… Read more »
I see Kelly is too good to write a blog. A few of the many things that prove how immature Kelly is, is that if she admits to any wrongdoing whatsoever, it was because someone pushed her into it. If she is called out on anything, someone else, it matters not who it was, did something worse. Even when it is a friend, like Megan, telling her she shouldn’t have done or said something, she says “was what so & so said ok?” “Was what so & so did OK?” It’s NEVER a sincere, self actualized apology or an admitted… Read more »

I totally agree!!! One thing I agree with Kelly about is that Heather thinks she’s the boss and runs the show. She doesn’t need the money, but she uses this as a big commercial for her husband mainly. I’ve seen some really atrocious behavior on OC with her and her cohorts apart of it. She needs to simmer that attitude down or find a new job instead of complaining about this one. I also read that she said she’s not getting real acting jobs because of RHOC.

I can see why she would not get jobs because of the show. She is typecasting herself as an uptight, bossy, conceited snob, and no one will see her as anything else.

I AGREE!! I think that is the only reason Heather came on the show and why Miss Terry forged her name on the contract–to sell, sell, sell!!! I know I will never buy anything of their’s and I certainly would never go to him for any type of plastic surgery. They have to be the MOST money hungry people–EVER!!!!

omg…. one can only hope….. please Heather – leave the show. Take Tamra with you. Both of you were pretty ladies – but too much plastic/botox has taken the softness from your faces and Tamra looks haggard and Heather looks plastic. Oh yes… take Shannon with you – mean girl. It’s the 3 Mean Musketeers.

Tamra hasn’t had any plastics done sorry – it’s called 14 percent body fat – not uncommon looks for a competing body builder

Just one word from me re Kelly. Trash! I wouldn’t associate with people like her or Vicki either. This show has been ruined, prior to last season there was hope but as far as I am concerned none at all now. I don’t think I will ever watch again.

I think there will be a mass boycott Suze and then MAYBE Andy will get the message. But when agin, I see Kenya and porscha are still on RHOA ask maybe is stupid after all

I think he just enjoys the women tearing each other apart. Hope there will be a mass boycott! Xoxoxoxxo

I agree, Suze.

Me either miss Suze! I would have hidden under the table in horror, I am sorry for Kelly but she needs help. ❤️❌⭕️❌

Hi Lovely Lisa, I hope alls well with you ? Xoxoxoxoxxoxo

2 things: 1. Why does Kelly saying the Cu*t word upset Heather to the point she wanted to leave but Vicki’s LYING ABOUT CANCER wasn’t a big deal to her? So someone swearing gives her the vapors but someone perpetuating a lie about having cancer, lying to her face about it all season, at the reunion and again this season doesn’t seem to phase her. 2. If you read any of Andy’s books, this is not a sane individual who is playing a piano with all the keys. Obsessed with glamorous women (susan lucci) since childhood, stalking celebrities like some… Read more »

Sadly I think you are right Gigi xoxoxo


This is either Andy, or Dr. Dubrow! lol I am betting on the former!!!

Kelly ALWAYS goes to the excuse that others have done the same, or in her opinion, worse. Or that she was pushed, that she was instigated…… I have never heard her reaction to be anything but that. Megan said something to her, she says “so, what so & so said was ok?” Was what so & so did was alright?” Never that what SHE did was wrong, or vulgar, or that she used inappropriate language, or that SHE did anything what??? worse that what others have done. Well, with that theory, anything anyone does is OK, because what Jack the… Read more »
Pushed” is her defense !!!!! Grow UP!!! Your “Pushed” because just like Ireland episode Tamara along with all the other girls tried telling Kelly to Knock it OFF . .. your stupid one liner – oh u have something right here (on your chest ) & they flick U in the face -is …. Well past the age of maybe 29, if not younger, SO F””ing ANNOYING x’s 10… And clearly Tamera – being the best Christian she could be at that point – wAs “PUSHED” …. And that is when one Adult may certainly used the words “I was… Read more »
I agree with much of what you said here 3D. Kelly just doesn’t want to accept responsibility for her part of any of the fights’ equation. She has snide knee jerk retorts and doesn’t let another get a word in edgewise most times. Her delivery to me can be more maddening than the content of her fight. She’s so prickly unpolished, raw, and acerbic, that it makes it hard to get past. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, she’s got the mental age of a bratty child having a meltdown. In general, she’s very unlikeable, sadly. Even when… Read more »
What I go back to is her first meeting with Tamra, where she says some vulgar comment about her tits. Then, she picks up Shannon’s phone and says some rude remark implying Shannon’s kids were spoiled brats. Next, whenever she relays a discussion to a 3rd party, she ALWAYS uses mannerisms and a tone of voice that weren’t part of the initial conversation, making it look like a completely different encounter than what it really was. That is how she lives her life, IMO. Before anything untoward even happens, she has done an end run around any notion that she… Read more »
Shannon is probably certifiable in her mental instability; her poor husband. Vicki is plain koo koo; Kelly is a real mystery to me; the C word out of nowhere was pretty much a surprise! She is reactionary, not an aggressive hater. I have to say though I literally laughed out loud when heather said “Leave!” and Kelly just snickered back at her. That was hilarious!!! How can a person say the C word is so offensive to them, and then say “Are you kiddin me? I’m FUCKING DONE!!!” I am surprised the irony of that is lost on so many… Read more »

Again the C word was AT someone and the F word was not as in “you’re a F***er

Oh the holier than thou’s….they are everywhere! “My faith is strong….and my ass isn’t bad, either!” There’s a class act, right there……

Tamra needs to learn a few things, that’s for sure. I use to like her, but not anymore. She is so full of herself. Her face is so tight it looks plastic. Just because you were baptized does not immediately make you a christian, as she seems to think!! She is the biggest pot stirrer on the show. Hears something and can’t wait to tell everyone….then denies it!! Lmao It’s on tape sweetie! Bye bye Tamra

When are they going to get rid of garbage mouth? Kelly Dod is NUTS AND A DRUNK. she is so disgusting.

Kelly was pushed into saying cruel things. I’m not saying it’s ok to do it but she was ganged up on. I personally don’t like hearing the f— word at along but Heather thinks that’s ok. I don’t . I just think if all of the ladies showed some class and respect for each other. None of it would happen. I forget what did she call Tamra a Dumb S— I agreed. Tamra always interrupted Kelly.

Kelly was definitely set up! I think Kelly can be a nice person, she needs to definitely tone it down. Maybe if the girls treated her better, she would. Food for thought ladies!!

They are all very foul mouthed to me. Their dirty language that spews out from them is so classless. For any to point a finger at any, shows how hypocritical they are.
Heather tries to act as though she’s a cut above when actually, she’s a cut below. I have no patience for unkind & unjust people.

I don’t believe Heather for 1 minute. She would never leave the show. Her & her husband love all the attention/fame. He makes enough money, but they both want fame. I’d take Kelly over Heather any day. Heather just pretends to be high & mighty. She thought it was ok for Tamrat to scream FU in Vicki’s face and push and/or hit Kelly. She is no better than Kelly, she just thinks she is. Heather is a POS!

You hit the nail on the head! Everyone was against Kelly from day one and I totally believe Shannon set her up every time. First at her party and in Ireland. Shannon has a dark soul and does all this cupping etc. to try to rid herself of her evil spirit. I bet if Kelly had been given 1/2 a chance she could have been quite funny. Megan would not have been her friend if she had seen her like this before. She was backed into a corner and like any animal when put on the defensive mode will lash… Read more »
Oh cmon! She walked in the first time meeting the ladies and sticks her tit into Tamra’s mouth, looks at pictures of Shannon’s kids and says Oh University of Spoiled Children then the next day she tells them all they have to forgive Vicki and let her back in. Who the hell did she think she is? She’s called fans sluts, whores, stupid bi&&&es, get a nose job, you’re ugly and that was all within the first month of her on the show. Of course the ladies disliked her from the start – I did. The funny thing is on… Read more »
When I heard Heather saying that Kelly was having a psychotic break I was like, when have we heard that before? Two seasons ago when she was trying to bust Shannon down. She is a mean girl who has been caught. The “married to doctor” m.d. “title” she actually uses doesn’t mean crap. Who the f does she think she is to tell people that…and what’s the story with her brother in law? What happened to him? And where the f are those “hypo-allergenic” puppies her family supposedly got in the rental like one or two seasons ago? People who… Read more »

Totally agree. Funny how everyone BUT Heather has flaws. She does take over everyones conversation, so unnecessary! Omg Heather, you sit down, you shut up, etc No one needs your input! Got that! No one. You have nothing to offer the show, so maybe leaving would be a good idea. Bye bye

My 3 little dogs–I got a new puppy 2wks ago (and cat) agree with you!! I don’t trust anyone, who doesn’t like pets. Never have, never will.
The story of Heather’s brother-in-law, is that he overdosed on heroin. He was in the rock band Quiet Riot. I don’t really know of any of their songs, except one–C’MON HEAR THE NOISE. But, according to Miss Terry he sold more records than anyone, ever–or some such nonsense.

Aww, Enjoy your puppy. I agree with you.
I didn’t realize that Terry’s brother was in Quiet Riot that did “Cmon Feel the Noise.” I know that song.
My little pup (still thinks he is) was born on Thanksgiving and is almost 2. 😉

Hi Sandy! Yep, puppies are a handful–I’ve forgotten how much energy they have. I had to sneak out this a.m. and buy her some more chewies, to keep her busy. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I just got my grocery store ads in the mail–WOW!!! I can’t believe how expensive turkeys are this year. Guess I’ll have to shop around.

Yes, they do have energy. Mine chewed a lot that first year too. I bought him Kong rubber chew toys, and he still tried to chew…not furniture, but the bottom of a door.
I did not look at turkey prices, but I should now. I want to buy a fresh turkey and not a frozen one. I have to get it soon. Turkey did get more expensive in recent years, since everyone loves turkey breast as cold cuts, etc., so it drives prices up, but there may be another reason too. I don’t know for sure. 😉

This is one of my favorite housewives shows. I am so distracted by Kelly’s lips!! Those cannot be real. Every time she says “pushed” they sort of just hang up there……very odd indeed. I hope she does not come back next year. She’s just gross.

So Sick Of Heather She Needs To Get Off Her Hi Horse
The Only Reason Way She Does Don’t Kelly Is Because She Can’t Boss Her Around Like The Others
Team Kelly All The Way

I wish Heather would have quit! She’s to self important and stuck up. Kelly has a fowl mouth but at least she’s real. Heather is fake and one dimensional.

If everyone on these shows got along and there was no conflict (real or manufactured) there would be no shows. Simple as that.

Of the many, many crude, childish traits Kelly embraces, one more made itself known during the reunion, that she stacks “winning” malicious comebacks up like a child with blocks. It is a horrible character flaw to be of the belief that these particular defenses are needed when in a group of those who are so far above yourself ( in her case .) Instead of simply being genuine and sincere, things I doubt she has ever been, and likely doesn’t understand, she uses her practiced cruelty to gain what she thinks is an advantage. I have begun liking Megan a… Read more »

KellyDodd needs help —- she has brought nothing to the show except vulgarity — wonder why Vicki never stood up 4 her in Ireland — she supposedly was her friend — KellyDodd and VickI r jealous of the other women who r happily still with their husbands (Vicki especially of Tamra)

By the way Megyn b careful u r sweet——don’t let KellyDodd and VickI destroy u these 2 r very unhappy persons

Wish Heather would’ve left. As she walked out, I personally would’ve given her a standing ovation. Add Shannon & Tamara to the walk of shame.
They all use the most terrible language, very offensive to constantly hear women lower to the ground with their filthy words.

Hey, the above was from me, Starr. Dont know why the anonymous.

What´s so wrong with being a c*nt ?… I don’t get it

Interestingly, there is a video clip, of Heather drunk, being interviewed on some popular entertainment show, saying that same word is her “favorite swear word.” Such a hypocrite.

Well everyone is forgetting this is Vicki’s show but anyways Vicki and Kelly deserve each other

I hope you’re being sarcastic with “Vicki’s show”? That’s the most disgusting thing that comes out of her mouth all the time – it’s not HER show and never has been either. She was an afterthought when they contacted her AFTER Jeanna Keough was cast as the very first HW. Vicki isn’t even a HW anymore.

This show has really given off bad vibes this season. I used to love the o.c. housewives because it was fun, light-hearted, and just wacky sometimes. The vicki & tamara friendship was always entertaining and theres been a constant supply of classic oc crazy ladies: alexis, lynn, gretchen…slade! And when shannon came along it seemed to get back on track to being fun again…But, along came a wave of seriousness, hostility, & anger in the form of heather, meghan and kelly. I do not want to watch a show week after week that’s literally a rehashing of the same argument.… Read more »

Kelly need to crawl back under that rock she came from and bring along Luanne’s one hit wonder “Money Can’t Buy You Class” but I’m sure to words would be lost on her.